Which Amazon products and services do you use?

By Chris Dawson October 9, 2011 - 12:24 am

It would seem logical that most people that sell on eBay would also sell on Amazon, so which Amazon products and services do you use? Do you sell on one or more Amazon country sites? Do you use Fulfilment by Amazon? What about Amazon webstore or do you offer Checkout by Amazon as a payment option on your website?

Let us know which Amazon products and services you use and tell us why you use (or don’t use) them in comments below.

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  • Gary
    6 years ago

    Amazon don’t do collectables and don’t do auctions. No good for me.

    Single stock images are hopeless for collectables. Those who sell “used” can describe something as “used” and thats it.

    The bottom line is if the item does not have a barcode and is imperfect then it is not Amazon friendly.

  • Bunchy
    6 years ago

    I sell on Amazon but wouldn’t consider FBA as my items are of such that require packing before sending to Amazon. If I am packing them already then sending them to Amazon to be sent to customer seems a bit redundant.

    I will be looking into Checkout by Amazon for one of my websites in the next few months.

  • 6 years ago

    I sell on Amazon but not on eBay. I have considered FBA several times and am just not comfortable with the idea although it would probably make sense as FBA is not just for Amazon sales.

    Amazon Payment is available on Bonanza, which I have found to be a nice fixed price venue for both collectables and new product.

  • Peer
    6 years ago

    I use FBA and it has made a significant difference in sales. Today I came across a new service being offered by Amazon, list on .de, .fr and .it and your goods fulfilled by your UK fulfilemt account. Called up and enquired, was told that when I initially signed up I chose “sell a little” and not “sell a lot”, hence my account cannot be upgraded to sell a lot. I would either have to close my acccount, remove all my goods from FBA and lose all feedback then sign up again. Or, I could apply for an exemption and give Amazon good reason to allow me to have 2 selling accounts but I would not be able to sell the same goods on the 2nd account that I am selling on the 1st.

    To me this was absolutely ridiculous considering that Amazon is a market leader in online retail and with all the tech at their disposal, the best option is to reboot my account…

    • 6 years ago

      Hi Peer, I’m told that you should be able to upgrade in your Amazon seller account:
      1) Login to your account
      2) Select the settings tab
      3) Select Account Info
      4) Under selling plan (which should currently say individual plan) select upgrade to Pro Merchant.

      Let me know if that doesn’t work

    • Peer
      6 years ago

      Hello Mr. Dawson,

      thank you for that bit of information, but I already have a pro merchant account. I will look into it further and update this post.


    • Peer
      6 years ago

      I spoke to Amazon again and the gentleman confirmed what his colleague said. When I signed up I chose the “sell a little” option as opposed to “sell a lot”. the new European service is only available to users that chose “sell a lot”, hence I have to cancel my account, get my goods back and so on. The rep said it is something they are working on but he can’t tell me exactly when it will happen.

      It is ridiculous but if I want to grow I will have to cancel, lose my feedback and start from scratch listing each and every product.

    • 6 years ago

      If you forward me your Amazon account details and name & phone number to I’ll forward them to Amazon – they’re pretty sure they’ll be able to help you :-)

    • Peer
      6 years ago

      The earlier phone call still left me confused as when I went to the link that compares “Sell a lot” and “Sell a little”,, and from what I understood I am a “sell a lot” user.

      Called them again and got further clarification. “Sell a lot” and “Sell a little” are 2 entirely different platforms. When I initially signed up a few months ago, I selected “sell a little” then upgraded to a pro merchant account(which if you look at that comparison link, has the same features as “sell a lot”, but without having access to the combined European account which I am chasing) within the same platform.

      So at the moment I am trading on the “sell a little” platform with a pro merchant account that allows some of the perks of a “sell a lot” account but if I want a combined European account I need to sell on the actual “sell a lot” platform. This would require, as expressed before, closing my account and so on. I have been informed that I can in fact apply for an exemption and get a 2nd account and, contrary to what I was told yesterday, I can in fact sell the same goods on the 2nd account that I am selling on the 1st account BUT I am only allowed to this for a 2 month transition period. I have also been advised that I should only migrate after Christmas as FBA removal will take around 3 weeks and this will affect 3rd quarterly performance.

      I certainly don’t look forward to doing this but overlooking a larger customer base would be foolish.

      Thank you for your offer of assistance Mr. Dawson, greatly appreciated.

    • 6 years ago

      Drop me your details anyway and I’ll put you in touch – they might be able to help you more than first line support