Weekly Deals page gets a makeover

By Chris Dawson October 28, 2011 - 5:34 pm

Logging in to check the Daily and Weekly Deals on eBay I’ve noticed they’ve changed the format for the offers.

Up until recently the Daily Deals and have been displayed in sliding galleries which meant you had to scroll in the section of interest to you. Now there are the two Daily Deals at the top of the page in static spots. Six more deals highlighted below which expand with a mouse over, and then more deals in selected categories which are shown in gallery (not scrolling) views.

I really like the new format, the images are larger and the prices and offers are clearer. What is immediately obvious is that a couple of sellers on the Deals program could do with improving their images. Those with a white background are much preferable and look so many times better than the few with a coloured or grey background.

I see that Christmas has also come to eBay with the “Winter and Christmas Preparation” deals tab. Doubtless this will be expanded in the run up to Christmas, but in the mean time if you’re after a 6.5′ there’s a bargain to be had at £24.99. Personally I’m all in favour of making Christmas as painless as possible and a pre-lit Christmas tree like this is so much quicker to put up and more importantly take down at the end of the holiday season.

  • 10 years ago

    Does anyone know the email address needed to submit new proposals to ebay?

    The one I had seems not to be working?

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