Rakuten Acquires Tradoria in Germany

Rakuten are fulfilling their aim to open a UK and German site this year with the acquisition of Tradoria in Germany. They have acquired an 80% stake in Tradoria which was was founded in 2007 and employs a unique business model that encompasses a web store, marketplace and checkout in a single product for small and medium-sized merchants.

The acquisition comes one year after Rakuten took its first step into continental Europe with the acquisition of PriceMinister in France and sets the stage for continued expansion across Europe.

The German e-commerce market is expected to grow 12% in 2011 and with 61 million online consumers, Germany has the biggest online population in Europe, 13 million more than the UK.

Next stop for Rakuten will be the UK… which platform will they purchase? Is eBid a contender or are Rakuten only interested in platforms which are generating significant sales? Tradoria has over 4,400 shops offer approximately 8 million products so there’s a chance Rakuten might choose to expand Tradoria or Priceminister to the UK or build a brand new site in preference to buying an existing UK marketplace.

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I think eBid is not working well because it lacks direction. If Rakuten are a company that knows what they are doing, they will easily turn eBid around. I'm begining to be getting traffic from the far east on my website, so it will be interesting if Rakuten have their own payment gateway or if they will make if available to websites in the UK as I would like to convert this traffic into sales.

Warren • 1st August 2011 •

eBid have a great clarity of direction. It's how many lifetime memberships can they flog to unsuspecting victims. Until they start to drive traffic it's a waste of time - Rakuten could drive traffic and have pockets deep enough to do so, but would they want to inherit a site with a couple of thousand sellers who are never going to pay a single penny more in fees? The longer eBid's life time membership with free fees thereafter is being sold the more unattractive the site becomes for a potential investor - after all investor aims normally are to make a profit. If you're thinking of paying for an eBid lifetime membership look at your monthly eBay invoice and decide how much you'd be willing to pay for a lifetime eBay membership - maybe five years worth of fees? Add it up and compare with how much eBid value themselves at and it's laughable, which is sad but true.

Chris Dawson • 1st August 2011 •

in our case it would be 250/300 grand for five years of fees and would be a great deal but there are stories circulating that ebays finshed LOL LOL LOL

northumbrian • 1st August 2011 •

Thats my thing with eBid, they don't drive traffic to their website. I seem to remember eBid saying, now tell all your friends about your listings. Considering eBids platform is not user friendly at all and is very hard to navagate which will only turn customers away from their brand. The only place I will drive traffic too is my website. But you can still use eBid as a yardstick, and thats to make your website the complete opersite and learn from eBids mistakes. And if you are going to give life time members a free t-shirt, you should give them a free t-shirt.

Warren • 1st August 2011 •

I think Rakuten payment gateway could help anyone trying to sell in the far east. Theres supposed to be another EKMpowershop website owner on this Sundays Dragons Den. I've heard that this will be the third one on the program

Warren • 1st August 2011 •

eBid are pretty hopeless, I signed-up for lifetime membership about a month ago and managed to make one sale... that's one sale. I have since restructed my website so that you can "buy-it-now" via links to eBid and that seems a lot better... For the stuff that I have no idea what it's worth (that's the beauty of collectables), my website directs people to eBay to have a bid and that's okay too. I suppose eBid have improved but they really need to get their pages up the Google listings and do some proper marketing. I never got the T-shirt.

Mike • 1st August 2011 •

I've sold 1 bath in 5 years on eBid, not that I'm bothered I just joined to make sure our user name was secure. As an aside you guys should check out http://shoply.com/welcome/ I'm not an employee just fan, great site, great chaps running it and you sell stuff.

whirly • 1st August 2011 •

Many moons ago I decided to look at ebid. So I went on as a potential buyer and I tried to find something(I seem to remember looking for a few specific Book titles and then browsing Books in general). I was soon totally lost so I tried a few other categoties and decided that if I was totally lost it was likely that other buyers would be. So I never went on as a Seller. We might all have issues with eBay but on the whole(unless you try their "Search" (totally misnamed) you should be able to have a reasonable chance of finding what you are looking for. As an example of "Search" I was looking to see if anybody had a particular Book listed. It came up with no listings but offered me all sorts of rubbish(by this I mean not books with anything to do with the title I was looking for). I often tear my hair(not that there is much anyway) out when I use "Search". The one I like is when it tells me that it cannot find what I am looking for then offers me 4 or 5 of what I am looking for but only by misquoting the title(yet the seller has it correctly listed)

Chris • 2nd August 2011 •

There are sites in some countries that are far superior to the the amount of traffic they get , when compared with Ebay . In New Zealand , the sited called '' Trade Me '' is rated number 5 while Ebay in New Zealand is only rated 27 in the amount of traffic it receives. Ebay has never been able to successfully compete on the same level as Trade Me in New Zealand . '' Trade Me '' is a very successful site and anyone interested in how a website should look when competing with eBay , should take a good look at this site . Also the owners of the site spend nothing on promotions when compared to the amount Ebay spent on Google to attract traffic . Trade Me was bought by the Fairfax Press Australia awhile ago for a high price , I am hoping that Fairfax does bring Trade Me to Australia because Ebay does need good competition so sellers get a good deal with added competition .

rooftop • 2nd August 2011 •

Aside from the lack of traffic I always thought one ebid's biggest errors was not owning the domain name ebid.com. It currently directs to something that has nothing to do with ebid.

paddy • 3rd August 2011 •