eBay launch off site offers on Daily Deal emails

By Chris Dawson May 19, 2011 - 4:37 pm

eBay are launching an additional item to the Daily and Weekly Deal emails in the form of an exclusive offer for email subscribers.

The RAC are the first brand to advertise a deal and are offering instead of their normal £144.50. If you’re subscribed to Daily Deal emails then you should start seeing the new offers from today.

eBay say that the emails offer an “exciting opportunity to connect with an engaged audience of purchase-ready consumers who are actively looking for special deals and offers in a relevant context across various sectors”.

The way that the offers have been constructed is that the email links directly to the on eBay, and clicking a link from there takes you to a landing page on the RAC website. Once on the RAC website you can sign up online for the discounted service or telephone the RAC to join up quoting an eBay discount code.

The racmotoringservices eBay User ID was only set up this year and had no feedback to date so looks as though it was set up purely to facilitate this deal. One wonders why user’s can’t click directly from the eBay Daily Deal email to the offer on the RAC website, but I guess it confirms to the user that the offer is promoted by eBay.

It will be interesting to see what other deals are offered to eBay users in this manner. The transaction doesn’t take place on eBay and in this case isn’t a service that would normally be sold on the site so isn’t taking business away from other sellers.

If eBay can build a reputation for great deals at the best online prices then that has to be good for the overall brand image, but if they start diverting buyers to off-eBay deals that could be fulfilled by an eBay seller I’d expect there to be more than a few complaints.

  • JD
    10 years ago

    Interesting move.

    However the saving here is actually just £24 when compared with the RAC online price for the same 3 options.

    Still a saving nonetheless but the headline is a tad delusory.

    Get any of these badly wrong and the companies involved, including eBay, will get severely bitten.

    • Chris
      10 years ago

      Do RAC still have the Salesman who sets up his stall in such as Supermarkets and Motorway Services? I seem to remember that the RAC Salesman was always the most expensive way of buying RAC Membership. So it probably the Salesmans price that is being quoted hence the large “Saving”.

    • JD
      10 years ago

      The wording is not particularly clear but they seem to be comparing the offer price with the renewal price. ie what you would pay for year 2.

      The RAC website price for the same bundle as in the ‘via eBay’ offer is £99.

      When I’m out and about today I’ll look out for the Salesman and his stall!

    • Paul
      10 years ago

      The normal/current price for the same level of breakdown cover from the RAC website is £95.

      You can bring that cost down by using a cashback site…

      So I don’t think the RAC eBay deal is that great. It’s just another way for eBay to make money.

  • Gary
    10 years ago

    An exclusive Royal Mail offer for email subscribers would be handy. Say pay £100 for £200 worth of vouchers that could be used at post offices when you buy stamps.

    Or how about for £59.99 eBay offering £100 vouchers that could be used to pay eBay fees?

    Cash up front for eBay. Good for cashflow. Can’t be bad!

    Or a buy 100 listings up front get 50 free type of deal?

  • 10 years ago

    On the Deals page I see a link to subscribe to Daily Deal alerts, if you click subscribe it just signs you out of eBay. Am I on the wrong page?

  • JohnC
    10 years ago

    I just don’t understand ebay’s thinking at all!

    Why allow a zero feedback seller to put off-site links on an about me page so as to secure sales not on ebay? I can see that there is some ebay revenue here, but it’s short-termism to seek to gain it this way. It’s exactly what ebay shouldn’t be doing if it wants to bring big businesses to the site as done with outlets, and to keep them trading on the site in the long term.

  • Chris
    10 years ago

    I was told years ago that there was a 24 hour delay built into joining RAC. This was to stop the bloke who had broken down(and was not a Member) and been told by a Garage what it was going to cost to rescue him to just sign up for RAC Membership and immediately call to be rescued(and long before the paperwork had gone through the system). I wonder if the same delay is built into signing up via ebay?

    • Gary
      10 years ago

      Terms of cover state:-

      “Except for Roadside assistance You are not
      entitled to any benefits in relation to Vehicles
      broken down within the first 24 hours of effecting
      Your Membership”

    • Chris
      10 years ago

      So it looks as if Roadside Assistance is allowed but nothing else. That is an improvement over what was previously available as if I am correct the Roadside Assistance was also not available for 24 Hours. While it will obviously provide ebay with income it is probably more benefit to RAC. Years ago the RAC was essentially a “Club”. Over many years and numerous takeovers the Roadside Rescue side of the RAC is very much Big Business. As such it needs to maximise its income and that means signing up as many New Members as possible. The Internet is often quoted as being the future so it would be more surprising if the RAC was not looking at all the alternatives and that must include such as ebay. What would be interesting would be to learn did the initial approaches come from the RAC or ebay and how hard was it necessary for either side to push to get the other side to agree.

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