Adwords ads show multiple physical locations

By Sue July 10, 2010 - 12:26 pm

If your business has a physical presence as well as being on the net, here’s a neat trick from Google: location extensions allow you to add your business’s address to an Adwords ad, and those close to the user will be show in map form. Until now, only a single location has been shown to the user, but now multiple locations can be shown to allow shoppers to choose what’s most convenient for them.

Google illustrates this with a map of Toys R Us stores near San Francisco – I think I might have used the Toys R Us store finder for that. Where this will be really useful for smaller merchants, is in highlighting retail outlets off the beaten high street track, or perhaps a trade counter you have in your warehouse. And, like the “man with van” ads in my Ikea search, we’re also going to see some canny people using it rather more cleverly.

Use with caution though: if you don’t have an outlet open to the public, this is only going to make people assume that you do.

There is currently no additional charge from Google for location extensions.

  • JD
    7 years ago


    ‘tour de france’ in a google search is returning a restaruant in SW16, complete with map, at position 2.

    3 weeks or so of incredible exposure,
    accident or design?

    If the latter, very very clever.