Video: Lorrie Norrington at eBay On Location Atlanta

By Sue March 29, 2010 - 11:37 pm

I’m absolutely delighted to hear Lorrie tell employees to use the site, because at least half of the current “challenges” faced by both buyers and sellers are really down to the people who make the site not being the ones that use it.

The “we’re listening” message – well, maybe you had to be there. We’ve heard it before, it’s old, and it’s unconvincing to sellers who aren’t in the room.

If you’re not already subscribed to eBay Ink’s You Tube channel, it’s often worth a look. Here’re the highlights from the rest of Atlanta if you missed it.

  • Tim
    10 years ago

    Does she have a clue how far away she is from reality?

    Her favorite part was one person who came up to her to say she was glad eBay is finally treating sellers like customers. How out of touch is Norrington? That comment from a seller should be seen as an indictment, not as an “atta-boy”. But, it’s okay, because, like always, eBay “is listening”.

    My favorite part? I had to laugh as I somehow doubt that eBay execs are wandering down to customer service and taking calls.

    There is a reason that this is the first interaction with sellers (besides their favorites: Outlets and Diamonds) since 2008.

    • 10 years ago

      How out of touch is Norrington?

      This is pretty typical eBay-senior-managment speak, and I do think she means it. The problem is that between Lorrie and sellers, there are layers and layers of disenfranchised CS staff cutting and pasting, people who don’t really care, people who do care but can’t do anything, people who’ve been micromanaged and teamed into tiny corners where they’re responsible only for what colour blue links should be…

      It’s why I and others go to Live or On Location or Backstage or whatever and come home all happy that “eBay are listening”, and then nothing happens after. Because we get allocated one day’s worth of listening every two years. There needs to be a dialogue between people who use the site, and people who make the site. And there isn’t.

      The whole organisation is too big to do anything about anything that hasn’t been put on the agenda by the people whose job it is to write the agendas. And those people don’t talk to sellers (or buyers).

      It’s why Outlets and Diamonds have a better time of it and get things done their way: because they get to talk to people who can actually get things done.

  • 10 years ago

    always when I see pictures of ebay employees they do not seem to me like innovators or is it only my impression? .. without insulting someone … they look more like scient….(tists)…

    feel free to post this or not.

  • Bunchy
    10 years ago

    Like Sue says “we get allocated one day’s worth of listening every two years”.
    Ebay do have the facillities to listen to us via the questionnaires they send out every so often (such as they are). EVERY time I complete one (wherever they ask for this) I always enter my email address and tick the box to say I am happy for someone to come back and ask me questions about my answers. Surprise, surprise no-one ever has.
    I think the plain facts are that it’s just lip service. Ebay will run it’s own way, with or without our input.

  • Ellen
    10 years ago

    ^^ wot #3 said.

    It’s not like Lorrie is going to say: we run the site how best suits us and if it doesn’t suit you, there are plenty more where you came from.

  • 10 years ago

    Speaking of being out of touch:

    Yesterday eBay retweeted a seller who was praising eBay’s new fees. Basically said that her invoice was lower this month and she made more sales. Then said the new fees were working well for her.

    The problem is that tweet went out on March 22nd. 8 days before the fee changes rolled out. I suspect she either got a TRS discount or had benefited from the $0.10 listing promotion through the end of March (a fee that is now doubled).

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