eBay officially announce expansion in Europe

By Chris Dawson February 23, 2010 - 10:40 am

eBay European ExpansioneBay have just officially announced their expansion into the 6 new European territories revealed last November. Around 180 million shoppers in Russia, Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are now able to use an eBay site tailored for their own language.

Users in these new countries will see all of eBay translated into their own language, with the exception of the seller’s item titles and descriptions. They’ll be able to search across all eBay sites globally, but will only see search results from sellers willing to ship to their location. Prices will be displayed in local currency and they’ll be able to access customer support in their own language. You can see the new site at

If you want to translate your listings to make it even easier to attract new customers Gumtree might be the place to go. Gumtree currently has over 6,000 ‘Skills & Language’ adverts live on the website, and has seen a 15% increase in the number of people looking for language lessons since the end of 2009. There’s a range of offers from lessons and interpreters, to simply translation services which would enable you to add shipping information etc in the new eBay users mother tongues.

It’s becoming increasing difficult for eBay to increase sales in existing territories, especially in the UK which is one of the most heavily penetrated eBay countries, so cross border trade will become increasingly important for growth in the future – however a potential 180 million new customers should do the trick in the near future.

  • Linda
    12 years ago

    A shame that they are excluding auction items…

  • JD
    12 years ago

    The announcement has now been pulled.

    • 12 years ago

      Wonder if it’s the website isn’t yet ready… I used the link to the beta site 😉

    • JD
      12 years ago


      My stuff is not shown despite the fact that I ship worldwide and have rates fully set up.

      ‘Beta’ still shows auctions.

      Looks a long way off ready to me!

    • JD
      12 years ago
    • BigPoppa
      12 years ago

      Scroll down to the bottom of that page and you get to see some stats…

  • northumbrian
    12 years ago

    Russia is worse than Italy for missing post,

    • Lino
      12 years ago

      Correct. Might as well throw the parcel in the bin.

      Orders to ‘Russian Federation’ have negative feedback written all over them.

    • John Pemberton
      12 years ago

      I have shipped many items to Russia, and they have all arrived. Used Int Signed For – essential.

  • JD
    12 years ago



    strange that .no/ .se/ .cz and .dk all default to the International Site, but not .ru

    Small oversite.

  • I’m waiting for …. 😯

  • 12 years ago

    It must be my childish sense of humour, just discovered ebay shops on the Dutch site are called eBay-winkels. 😆 🙄

  • 12 years ago

    It’s good that somebody at eBay has bought an atlas.

    I still have the email from Powerseller
    support that informed me that eBay regarded Russia as being in Asia.
    And that was why eBay UK checkout correctly charged the Russian buyers Rest of World rates – despite Royal Mail charging Russia as European rates for small packet.

    Let’s see if the one eBay hand now knows what the other hand is doing

    • eg
      12 years ago

      Russia is in Europe and Asia strangely enough!

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