TameBay advert auction for Haiti earthquake appeal

By Chris Dawson January 27, 2010 - 1:06 am

Following the fantastic Small Business 2.0 conference last Saturday, The Conference People who organised the event, have donated a months advertising on TameBay to raise money for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal.

The advert will appear on all TameBay single post pages (the pages where you read an article such as this one). That includes not only the articles written while your advert is running but also every article published in the past.

The advert is 468 pixels wide by 66 pixels high and can be for almost anything you want within reason. Maybe you want to advertise your ecommerce business (either on, or off eBay), or it could be an advert for services or products of interest to ecommerce businesses.

If you want to support the Haiti Earthquake Appeal you can , and next month your ad could be on TameBay. 100% of the bid price raised will go to the appeal.

A huge thanks to Small Business 2.0 and The Conference People for their generosity in donating the ad space to support the people of Haiti.

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