How not to deliver a parcel

By Chris Dawson December 3, 2009 - 7:03 am

packet in dustbinYou have got to be kidding me! I’ve been away from home for two days and fortunately returned today. Thursday is the day my refuse is collected and as I have fantastic neighbours they’re always kind enough to put my wheelie bin out at the front of my property ready for emptying – and they have done already today.

Well it’s fortunate that I returned home as otherwise I’d be missing my parcel. I’ve heard of delivery drivers from various companies leaving parcels in dustbins on bin day, but it’s never something that’s happened to me before.

Yes it was raining, but there’s the cat flap for posting parcels through, there’s my neighbours who are always happy to take parcels in, there’s the green house which is just as dry as the dustbin but not nearly as smelly and definitely not as likely to be emptied! Please, if you’re a delivery driver…. don’t use dustbins as a place to deliver a parcel!

  • board_surfer
    10 years ago

    well as a lot of rubbish is sold on ebay maybe the guy was doing you a favour!!!


  • 10 years ago

    I suppose that’s as bad as the time I handed my postman a box (postage paid and everything) and he just took it to the corner of the street and left it there without bothering to tell me. If it wasn’t for a neighbor spotting the abandoned package I’d have lost about $2000.

  • 10 years ago

    could have been worse… at least the parcel arrived.
    We used Fastway couriers and they failed to deliver 60 parcels in time for halloween, eventhough they collected from us on tuesday and could not manage to get them there for Saturday.
    Still quite a few lost in system with tracking that does not work.
    And what makes it worse… they could not care less.
    Royal Mail are not that bad.

  • 10 years ago

    Fedex once left a parcel in one of our customers wheelie bins.. guess what.. yep… it got emptied and the parcel lost forever…

    Account was then closed and another courier chosen (which is working nicely)…

    Shame Royal Mail are not competitive enough….

  • Gerry007
    10 years ago

    Now I know where all our INR have gone…. 😳 !!

  • Gerry007
    10 years ago


    “please check your dustbin”….

  • Mark
    10 years ago

    At least the parcel left the delivery office and the postperson visited your property.

    Every time I have a above letterbox sized item sent to me all that happens is they send a ‘could not deliver’ slip the next day with the standard sized letters.(the large items are ‘delivered’ separately from the small items.

  • ShaGGy
    10 years ago

    I had one last year where the TNT driver left a parcel containing electrical items on the doorstep in the pouring rain which was 2 feet away from the main A road running through the village where any passer by could have opened the passenger door and picked it up without even needing to exit their car, fortunately I had sealed the parcel on pallet wrap and it was water tight and a neighbour spotted the parcel from their house across the road and took it in.

  • Dawn
    10 years ago

    We’ve had parcels left in the bin, – and possibly worse – under our car. But for a sharp eyed child (a bit lower in stature, it can help!) a valuable item could have been pulped!

  • Bigpoppa
    10 years ago

    Sometimes the parcels are delivered fine, it’s the buyer that has the issue, for example:

    We had a buyer recently claim that he hasn’t received his parcel, we contacted someone else he had made a purchase from and guess what he had also claimed to them that he hadn’t received their parcel…

    Reporting to our eBay AM on Monday but expectations are not very high.

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