Terapeak reveal British is best for value

By Chris Dawson May 20, 2009 - 7:19 pm

Research by Terapeak into average selling prices for music albums has confirmed that prices in the UK are currently the best in the world. Doubtless this is in part due to the exchange rate, but it does mean that it’s an ideal time for overseas buyers to purchase from the UK.

Average price for a U2 CD in the UK is $8.25 with the highest price being $18.51 on eBay Canada, and that’s typical for the other bands Terapeak researched.

If you’re not already listing on sites other than eBay UK it’s time to do so, or at least to make your products available worldwide. I know sellers who list on eBay France and eBay Germany and are currently (in some instances) achieving prices above the UK RRP due to the currency variations.

Selling overseas isn’t a guarantee of success, don’t forget that overseas buyers may be liable for import duties and taxes, but if your products are competitively priced it’s worth trialling some product lines or at least doing some price research.

Terapeak have recently launched a new International search tool which allows you to compare pricing across the US, UK, Canadian, Australian, German and French eBay sites. Alternatively if you want to focus on one particular overseas eBay site you can use the standard Terapeak or any other eBay research tools to find out how attractive your current UK pricing to overseas buyers.

Disclosure: Terapeak advertise with TameBay.

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