Fighting Fakes with eBay campaign launched

By Chris Dawson May 18, 2009 - 2:12 pm

eBay UK today announced a new “Fighting Fakes with eBay” campaign to recruit members of the consumer electronics industry to work in partnership tackling the global challenge of counterfeits online.

In an open letter inviting brand owners to sign up to eBay’s VeRO program Doug McCallum, eBay Senior Vice President, Europe, said: “Recent high profile litigation against eBay by a small number of RightsOwners is an all too obvious indication that some brands believe eBay is not doing enough to prevent counterfeit items fromappearing on the site.”

Doug goes on to acknowledge how damaging counterfeits are to brand owners and invites them to work with eBay with the message that as the authority on their brand’s products eBay need their help to identify potentially infringing goods, before consumers are able to buy them.

Whilst eBay have a long term commitment to preventing the sale of counterfeit goods on the site they can’t be experts on every product sold. The recent court ruling in the L’Oreal case emphasised that preventing counterfeits will only be effective through a close collaboration between rights holders and eBay.

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