Gumtree sold my car in under 3 hours

By Chris Dawson February 8, 2009 - 4:01 pm

gumtreecaradI guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the speed of the Internet, but it constantly amazes me. Today I listed my car on Gumtree and it was sold, paid for and driven away in a touch under three hours from start to finish.

In fact it was so quick I had to check the times on twitter to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. (I tweeted when it was listed, when the first phone call came and when it was sold).

Compared to the old days Gumtree is simple to use. No sending an ad to the local paper and waiting a couple of days for it to be printed. Gumtree has a much larger circulation area than a local paper (I listed the car on Reading Gumtree and then duplicated it on Oxford Gumtree). Even better as soon as the car had sold I could delete the ads from Gumtree to stop the phone calls and emails.

It was only this morning that I took the photos of the car, around midday the ad went live on Gumtree and by 3pm it was gone. I was asked (prior to the sale) why not list it on eBay Motors? To be honest I’m glad I didn’t – Gumtree is quick, easy, works well and possibly most important of all Gumtree is free!

I can’t promise that you’ll sell your car on Gumtree in under three hours, but I’d certainly recommend giving it a try. An auction on eBay Motors may get you the top price but it’ll take a week to sell and you’ll have fees to pay. Give Gumtree a try, if your car doesn’t sell you can always list it on eBay in a few days time.

  • 13 years ago

    Nice work Chris, think I might give it a go with some cars I have parked at the Snooker Club, I keep meaning to sell them.

    BTW Re. Twitter. Nice Avatar. It’s classy.

  • 13 years ago

    My top tip for selling a car (no matter how you advertise it) – a long MOT and at least six months tax. Might not add much to the price but it sure as heck makes it sell fast!

  • 13 years ago

    Hi Chris,

    Well done on selling the car so quick.

    The only issue I have with Gumtree is its not great if you don’t live in a area it covers, in Northamptonshire we are just that bit to far away from the cities listed for it to work well. When I have placed ad’s on there I get lots of intrest but often people don’t want to travel that far so it tends not to target the right area.

    Although I did meet a nice girl off there from the dating area lol!! So it’s not all bad!


  • northumbrian
    13 years ago

    my top tip for selling a car to quickly, is to ask too little
    no matter where you advertise it

  • 13 years ago

    #3 Not sure how far away your nearest are but the car was sold to a town about 45 miles away. Guess it depends what you’re selling and if it’s worth traveling for.

    #4 If you saw the list of things that was wrong with that old car you’d be amazed that anyone bought it in the first place let alone pay good money to take it away 😀

  • nspf
    13 years ago

    Yes, its nice if you have a gumtreed town nearby.
    Unfortunately for me, it is totally Gumtree free from Cambridge all the way up to Hull.


  • 13 years ago

    i cant believe you shifted that Citroen!! The replacement was impressive 😉

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