vzaar launch off-eBay video service

By Chris Dawson November 30, 2008 - 6:30 pm

vzaar powering video Some nice news from our chums at vzaar: you can now embed their videos on sites other than eBay: if you’ve ever wanted to use the same video on your website or another marketplace or auction site, you now can. Better still, vzaar are now offering an unbranded video player so it now looks like a seamless part of your own website.

vzaar’s Business Man, Jamie Parkins, says “the new player focuses solely on the video content and there are no 3rd party links or pre roll adverts to distract the buyer.” The unbranded player can be seen in action on

vzaar are also offering improved video management: you can now replace videos onsite, for example, so if you want to update the vid that’s on your eBay listings, you don’t need to edit the actual listings. And if you change your mind about the video altogether, you can also remove it from your listings via their site.

There are now a range of pricing packages to suit everyone from the smallest seller to the largest, starting at $10 (about £6) per month for around 700 video plays. A free package is also still available for casual sellers or anyone who wants to test out vzaar’s service.

  • We’ve been using Vzaar for nearly a year to power our video messaging service to go with flowers (read more here) and the team has been great support throughout. I got in early as I know the guys from vzaar from my eBay days. Great to see the service rolled out more widely.

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