"I sold my life to a non-paying bidder"

By Chris Dawson July 25, 2008 - 5:47 pm

The buyer of an Australian man’s entire life on eBay is an NPB, reports The Telegraph. Ian Usher put everything, from his house to his job, up for auction. Having been auction-wrecked the listing ended about AU$100k short of the price Mr Usher had hoped for.

Neither the high bidder nor the four or five highest underbidders have stumped up the cash to buy the life in Perth, Australia, though Mr Usher remains sanguine: “It is a bit of a shame, but never mind.” He is now selling his house through a conventional estate agent.

  • FenLex
    9 years ago

    Full marks to Mr Usher for enterprise – it was definitely worth a go and he got a lot of free publicity … but it doesn’t seem to have paid off. I wish him well for his future.

  • Board_Surfer
    9 years ago

    Absolutely no surprise there

    these things always end the same way

  • 9 years ago

    Absolutely agree with both of you, and I think this may pay off for Ian Usher long-term. He seems to have a lot of invitations to visit people around the world who’ve been following the story, and perhaps if he sells his stuff seperately, he might get more like what it’s worth!

  • Absolutely no surprise there,these things always end the same way.