eBay feedback DSR calculator from Auctiontrax

By Chris Dawson June 27, 2008 - 11:16 am

If you’re wondering how many 5 star DSRs you need to raise your score, Auctiontrax have released an updated version of their DSR calculator which will tell you.

It will reveal 12 month and 30 day DSR scores for any eBay user ID (even if it’s not your own). You can also calculate how many feedbacks are required to raise or lower your DSR by a tenth. This is especially useful for those with low volume as you can see the impact that a single low DSR rating will have on your overall stars.

The DSR calculator currently only reveals DSRs to the nearest 1/10 (an eBay limitation), but nonetheless it’s a useful tool. I’ve been able to calculate that on my current feedback if just 5 buyers leave me 1 star ratings that star will drop 0.1, or in other words a 1 star DSR lowers my overall rating by 0.02.

The DSR calculator is free to use and is available on

  • GeorgeJungle
    9 years ago