JD speaks to sellers through Pierre

By Chris Dawson April 30, 2008 - 1:04 am

I’ve looked at eBay Ink a few times, and really wondered what’s the point? Up until today there’s been very little content that couldn’t be found elsewhere, but today RBH posted some genuine insider stuff.

It’s three pretty interesting video clips from a longer conversation between JD and Pierre Omidyar, which was broadcast to eBay employees at the beginning of April. The segments address the level playing field, handling the community especially when they’re vocal, and the eBay marketplace and feedback.

The timing is impeccable, tomorrow is the 1st May and the latest eBay seller strike is due to kick off. It would be easy to think JD might be prominent and answering a few questions on why the changes sellers are complaining about are good for the community as a whole. That’s not what happens in the videos though, JD simply asks Pierre questions and lets him answer and tell it how it is.

I can almost imagine JD thinking “Hey I’m the new CEO and I have these things to say that sellers won’t like – I know… I’ll get Pierre to say them for me!”

The timing could be a coincidence but you have to admit, that on the eve of a seller strike, wheeling out the founder of eBay really isn’t a bad move.

  • northumbrian
    9 years ago

    if ebay were bothered about this so called strike

    they would react to it in a much more public and obvious way
    than some little known blog,

  • 9 years ago

    You’re right North, but you gotta admit the timing is superb! :lol:

  • northumbrian
    9 years ago

    the timing is creepy
    thought only those that believe in fairies will think that Pierre O has any influence these days other than an Icon