Skype built into Microsoft beating OS

By Chris Dawson October 10, 2007 - 10:30 am

It’s not every day a revolutionary new operating system comes along, and even rarer that it has Skype built into it. But that’s what’s freshly launched onto the market this week.

Splashtop is a new operating system which boots as fast as you can click the power on button on your PC or laptop. No more waiting while the PC boots into Microsoft or Linux. No more frustration that your desktop has loaded but Windows is still booting in the background. With Splashtop as soon as you hit the power button your PC is up and running with a browser and ready to make calls with Sype!

This is a great utility, although sadly currently only available on the Asus P5E3 Motherboard. It’ll be built into more products in the near future.

Imagine the possibilites though – you want to check your eBay auctions, just hit the power on button and you’re online. Want to Skype someone, you’re set to go in seconds instead of minutes! This will also be fantastic for Internet Cafes, no need to run operating systems that are hard to maintain, in fact no need for an operating system at all, it’s built into the motherboard!

Companies that get their products built into Splashtop are on a winner, currently it’s just Firefox and Skype, but more are sure to be added. Although users can boot into a full operating system if they need to, many will contiune to use the applications immediately available on power up. Microsoft will not like this, they’ve always controlled the desktop environment with Internet Explorer but not any longer.

The burning desire to get online and be browsing the web as quickly as possible is what makes this a real winner. I want it now!

  • jau
    9 years ago


    You forgot to mention, that it is based on Linux ;).

  • Percy Q Tedd
    9 years ago

    And that Splash logo looks strangely familiar – I’ve seen it linked to anothe open source product (can’t remember which one) but it was to do with web building – Drupal? or some other CMS package?

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