Sky News Technofile features my auction

By Chris Dawson September 24, 2007 - 11:16 pm

Sky News TechnofileSky run a feature called Technofile presented by Martin Stanford from Sky news. The latest installment was of great interest because not only did it talk about online selling but I was featured too!

Topics covered included about broadcasting yourself online big brother style, collaboration online, and advertising online, which is where eBay auctions come in. How to get your message across online more effectively? Well the answer is with video and along with vzaar they used one of my auctions as an example.

Technofile finished up with privacy online, if you’re using search engines or using a wireless hotspot you may not be as anonymous as you think you are. It’s like someone looking over your shoulder online, but if someone really is shoulder surfing consider a 3M privacy filter as recommended by Sky News!

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    Though as a registered pedant, I have to point out that that is *not* the first user generated reality show: Halcyon Styn made “The Real House” back in about 2001.

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