Checkpoint firewall blocks Skype

By Chris Dawson September 25, 2007 - 10:48 am

Mis-use of the Internet at work is a growing concern for many companies. Not only does it fritter away hours of employee’s time the company is paying for but there’s a justifiable of virus and hacking vulnerabilities being introduced to the network.

Checkpoint, a major firewall and security company, have just raised the bar with the announcement that Checkpoint Firewalls can now block Skype. That’s no free calls, no instant messaging chats and no file transfer through Checkpoint Firewall. One of Skypes main benefits (for users) has always been that it can be installed and used behind a firewall and it just works.

With Checkpoint blocking Skype the free and easy days could be coming to an end. Where one security vendor goes others are sure to follow, but doubtless Skype’s engineers will be busy figuring out new ways for Skype to work inspite of Firewalls trying to block their efforts.

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