Flickr flames Only-Dreemin

By Chris Dawson May 18, 2007 - 2:43 pm

Icelandic photographer Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir has claimed that photographs were stolen from her Flickr account, and subsequently sold on eBay by seller Only-Dreemin. She also discovered that Only-Dreemin’s website was selling her pictures. When she contacted the seller, the photographs were removed from the website, but the compensation Rebekka demanded was not paid. She told the BBC that Only-Dreemin had said they bought the pictures from a third party in good faith, and had been shown “official-looking documents”, but that when her lawyers had requested copies of the documents, “we heard no more from them”.

Supporters of the photographer reacted angrily: comments had to be removed from the Flickr site as they contained personal information about and threats towards Only-Dreemin’s owners. News sharing site Digg and several bloggers also featured the story.

Steve, a partner in Only-Dreemin, told us today that he was unable to comment as the matter is in the hands of his solicitor. As of today, their website is closed, though their eBay Shop remains open for business.

Updated 9pm to add: Though Only-Dreemin didn’t want to talk to us, they did talk to another blogger earlier in the week and go into quite some detail as to the backstory.

  • steve
    10 years ago

    More to come soon folks………..

  • solgrasso
    10 years ago

    canvas republic, the new name

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