Happy New Year, give us more money

By Chris Dawson January 3, 2007 - 11:55 pm

Only two days back at work after the holidays, and prices are going up on eBay.

  • On the core site, the insertion fee on the US$1 to $9.99 is being increased by 14% to 40c.
  • FVFs on the US$25.01 to US$1000 tranche increases from 3% to 3.25%.
  • Transaction fees for Motors increase by US$10,
  • and the Motors reserve fee switches from a fixed amount to a percentage of the reserve price.

I’d see the first of these as most significant, as eBay continue their campaign to get low-cost items not only out of Stores, but off the core site too. Bill Cobb might “believe these changes are modest”, but they potentially represent a huge hike in eBay’s bite of the turnover for many smaller and hobby sellers. Still, speaking generally, it’s difficult not to feel some level of relief that hikes are relatively limited.

The same fees changes as above are being applied to Changes go live on 30th January.

European sellers, get ready; we are surely next.

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