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eBay give out brand new feedback stars


In news which is definitely not of the earth shattering variety, have you noticed that eBay are using redesigned feedback stars on some pages of the site? The change isn’t particularly recent, but sometimes we don’t spot these things straight away. You’ll still find the original version of the feedback stars sparkling across the site […]

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2016 Review of changes announced on eBay

eBay New Logo Feat

Over the last 12 months eBay has made some significant changes, from an overhaul of the feedback and defects system to the Product identifiers requirements, and has provided some notice of further changes to come in the next few months. As 2017 looms, Laura Mathieson from Selling on eBay UK has put together a recap […]

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New eBay System Status and Community Boards


eBay.com have rolled out a new System Status board as part of a wider ranging upgrade to the US Discussion Boards and a new unified seller news portal. New eBay System Status Board The main difference is that the new System Status Board shows real time live updates whereas the older System Announcements relied on […]

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Charities must Re-Register by 1st June to sell with eBay for Charity

PayPal Giving Fund

If you’re a charity registered to sell with eBay For Charity, then you need to re-register for the new PayPal Giving Fund by the 1st of June in order to continue receiving payments. £37 is raised every minute on eBay for UK charities. That’s some £19 million each year for worthy causes with over £100 […]

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Amazon EU titles’ new limit is 200 characters

Amazon Maintenance

Amazon UK are to limit product titles to no more than 200 characters (including spaces) from the 6th of April. We’ve already seen this in the US on Amazon.com but now the shorter title limitation is coming to Amazon’s EU sites. Chris Dunne over at RepricerExpress warns that this will impact existing listings as well […]

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Product Identifiers are now Mandatory on eBay

Product Identifiers

eBay’s Product Identifier requirement has now gone live. This means that you may find ‘Good til Cancelled listings’ are failing to renew if you’ve not already updated them. You also won’t be able to list new products without adding the required details. eBay have a list of impacted categories available. Product Identifiers may include a […]

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eBay update Promotions Manager in time for Black Friday

eBay Promotions Sale Offer

eBay’s Promotions Manager is getting an overhaul this week, with an improved setup for order size discount promotions. This is intended to make it much easier for first timers to get their promotions live. Other offer types accessible from Promotions Manager remain unchanged – Codeless Coupons, Accessory Discounts and Sale Events. If you’ve not used […]

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eBay Product Identifiers: Multivariation listings & categories

Product Identifiers

eBay have just posted which categories they’ll be requiring product identifiers in from the 31st of January 2016. As promised in the latest Seller Release they’ve given 90 days notice of the change which thankfully takes us well past the busy Christmas period. The categories which will require product identifiers on multi-variation listings for all […]

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eBay tests reviews on eBay.com

eBay Review feat

Way back in the last decade eBay had reviews. They allowed buyers to review products that they’d purchased and displayed them in product pages. These disappeared from the site and reviews have been absent from eBay for many years. Now it appears that reviews might be on their way back. In that looks like a […]

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eBay App version 4: Review technical insights

eBay App v4 feat

A week ago eBay unveiled their latest eBay App version 4 for Android and Apple iOS. I’ve been holding back on reviewing it for two reasons – firstly it was a phased roll out and I didn’t actually get the latest eBay Android app until a few days ago and secondly because having read reams […]

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