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eBay Australia hikes fees to discourage auctions


eBay have a not so loving Valentines Day treat for their Australian sellers – A pricing update comes into effect on the 14th of February 2017. eBay Australia disincentivise Auction Style Format eBay Australia are jacking the insertion fee for an auction up from $1 to $3 for items with a start price of up […]

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2016 Review of changes announced on eBay

eBay New Logo Feat

Over the last 12 months eBay has made some significant changes, from an overhaul of the feedback and defects system to the Product identifiers requirements, and has provided some notice of further changes to come in the next few months. As 2017 looms, Laura Mathieson from Selling on eBay UK has put together a recap […]

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eBay Seller Release: Good ‘Til Cancelled format available to all sellers

eBay GTC Format

From the 1st of November 2016, eBay are making the Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) listing format available to all sellers. Everyone will be able to list using the GTC listing format without any requirements such as having an eBay shop. Benefits of Good ‘Til Cancelled listing Longer item history: Use a GTC listing to build […]

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eBay Seller Release: A new partnership approach with sellers

Hand Shake feat

Having just read today’s Seller Release from eBay, things are looking up for sellers. Firstly let’s get it out there – Seller Releases have traditionally been bad news for eBay sellers. It’s where eBay nickel and dime on fees, give a little Top Rated Seller Discount incentive for some behaviour which sellers don’t want to […]

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eBay Seller Release: eBay finally get Dolphin Friendly


Eight years ago Sue penned what was to become one of the most heavily trafficed posts of all time on Tamebay: “eBay need to get dolphin-friendly sooner“. It’s also one of the posts with the most ever reader comments. In today’s Seller Release it appears that eBay have finally heeded her words and recognised that […]

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eBay Seller Release: eBay to support Amazon ASINs


eBay want to make it easier for you to add listings to the site, so much so that they’re going to start support their arch rival Amazon’s Product Identifiers. From February 2017 eBay will be expanding the types of product identifiers you can use to include Amazon and Google product identifiers, as well as product […]

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eBay Seller Release: New Shutl delivery service


Here at Tamebay we’ve long thought that eBay should get a decent delivery label solution in place along with using their bulk buying power to negotiate some serious discounts on behalf of eBay sellers. In this Seller Release they’re taking the first steps towards doing so. Three years ago eBay acquired UK start up Shutl […]

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eBay Seller Release: Seller Hub to launch this Autumn

Seller Hub Feat

eBay had already verbally told us that Seller Hub is coming to the UK, but now they’ve put it in writing. Bringing together your selling activity and eBay tools in one place Seller Hub will be available and free to use for all business sellers, from Autumn 2016. Bearing in mind that even Selling Manager […]

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eBay Seller Release: eBay to retire TurboLister


eBay have announced that they’ll be retiring TurboLister in 2017 and that from June next year it’ll no longer be supported. TurboLister wasn’t eBay’s first listing tool, up until the early 2000’s MisterLister was all the rage. eBay killed off MisterLister and introduced TurboLister, which at one point was distributed to all new PowerSellers on […]

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eBay Seller release: Active content ban enforced from June 2017


eBay have confirmed that the final deadline to remove all active content in eBay listing descriptions will be June 2017. From June next year eBay will be removing active content including JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins and form actions. eBay say that “This is to help make sure your listings perform optimally on mobile devices, improving the […]

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