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It’s time to let the eBay world meet #DAVE

Dave Seller Dynamics

#DAVE has the insider info on the latest release from Seller Dynamics, and you can find out exactly what he knows at MEET #DAVE. Seller Dynamics say that #DAVE, their automatic repricer for eBay sellers is the result of multiple requests from eBay sellers around the globe for an eBay repricer that can beat their […]

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Amazon 1p repricing glitch occured on Friday evening


On Friday evening a software glitch caused a number of seller’s items to be priced at 1p on Amazon. Amazon are having a glitch on their site and loads of stuff is selling for 1p. I just bought an incense holder, don't even need it. — Joely Thompson (@_joelythompson) December 12, 2014 We don’t know […]

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How to snag a bargain over the holiday shopping period

Amazon, Zappos and Macys Holiday Pricing from Upstream Commerce sm

We’re just two weekends away from what’s traditionally the busiest online shopping weekend of the year. For our American readers it’s Black Friday (the date retailers turn from loss to profit) and Cyber Monday – the weekend following their Thanksgiving break. In the UK it’s the last pay day before Christmas for many workers who […]

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Have Amazon changed the Buy Box formula?


Tamebay reader Bernard has noticed some of his listings which previously performed well on Amazon are no longer winning the Buy Box. Some early investigation appears to suggest that Amazon UK listings are now losing the Buy Box when competing other fulfilled by merchant listings offering Free Delivery. It seems the ranking of a fulfilled […]

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If eBay is a Race, Here’s How Sellers Can Win

Wiser square logo

Wiser is a dynamic pricing and merchandising engine that monitors, analyzes, and reprices retail products in real-time. Wiser enables retailers to boost profit margins and revenue, price with confidence, and improve merchandising through a sound pricing strategy. Today Angelica Valentine from Wiser discusses how you can price to win in a competitive marketplace. Selling on […]

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How to use Amazon’s “Build International Listings” with Repricing tools


Eamonn Costello is responsible for operations and product strategy at XSellco, tools for pricing strategy, reputation and feedback management for eBay and Amazon sellers. Yesterday Eamonn read about Amazon’s trial offer to Translate your Products in their Build International Listings tool and offered to tell Tamebay readers how to use their repricing tools on the […]

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Amazon.com makes 2.5 million changes daily

Amazon Feat

If you’re still wondering if you should be using an Amazon repricing tool, then the news that Amazon.com makes more than 2.5 million price changes every day might convince you. Amazon are way ahead of other retailers with just 50,000 total price changes made by brick-and-mortar retailers BestBuy and Walmart throughout November. Profitero who did […]

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5 Myths about Amazon repricing software

scream feat

Seamus looks after Design and Marketing at RepricerExpress. Today Seamus aims to dispel the five most common myths we hear people say about repricing software: I have written many posts about the value of using repricing software when selling on Amazon, offering proven formulae and tips for winning the Buy Box — yet every time […]

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Protect your product review reputation with Bqool

bqool feat

We all know how important feedback is, it can make or break your reputation on a marketplace. Whilst sellers normally keep track of their seller feedback, on Amazon product reviews are just as important. That’s especially so if you’re selling your own unique branded goods. Bqool offer a service to monitor your product reviews. They […]

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Why you need Amazon repricing software


Seamus looks after Design and Marketing at RepricerExpress. He’s also got an amusing anecdote about Baked Beans to share! Today he looks at why repricing software matters and why, if you sell on Amazon, you should consider using it. Next week Seamus will be back with mythbusting tips on how repricing software works. Why you […]

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