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BHIM app to make India the first cashless society


Here in the UK when we speak of India we may look upon them as a country which is not as highly developed as the UK. That could be a mistake however, in a country renowned for their technical know-how (tons of computer programming is outsourced to India), they could also become the first truly […]

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UK ranks 54th for appalling mobile signals


Britain, the 5th largest economy in the world is ranked a pathetic 54th in terms of 4G mobile coverage. The typical user paying their mobile phone provider for 4G service can only get 4G half of the time (53%) and this was tested by a mobile signal app downloaded by the public to measure how […]

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Android Pay launches in Ireland with AIB & KBC

Android Pay

Android Pay has launched in Ireland with Mastercard and Visa support for cards from Allied Irish Bank (AIB) and KBC Bank Ireland. Irish users will be able to use Android Pay at thousands of retail locations throughout Ireland that accept contactless payments including shops like Eason, McDonald’s, Tesco, Boots and SPAR. All you need do […]

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The case for Mobile Wallets and Loyalty Cards


Prompted by a survey from Veoo that found 95% of UK and US loyalty card holders have anywhere between 1 and 10 physical loyalty cards, I’ve just had a quick dig through my wallet to see exactly what plastic tat I carry around with me. I’m a bit surprised at how many loyalty cards I […]

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EE to report real geographic mobile coverage from January

No Mobile Signal

EE are the best mobile network in the UK for data (joint best with Vodafone overall for voice and data), but now they’ve come clean and decided to be honest about their UK coverage. Traditionally mobile companies have touted something like 90% UK coverage but that actually means 90% of the population. This leaves vast […]

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2016 UK Mobile Network Test Results


If you want to get the best mobile phone signal which network should you choose? The big two, O2 and Vodafone are obvious choices, but what about the newbies, EE and Three – how good are their networks? It turns out that Vodafone and EE are joint best mobile networks in the UK both scoring […]

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New eBay Mobile App and Structured Data

eBay Mobile App

New eBay App updates for iOS and Android include a new browse and comparison shopping experience that personalises the app to you. The latest version of the eBay will also show you products you recently viewed alongside similar products that may be of interest. The app features browse and comparison experiences made possible by eBay’s […]

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eBay ShopBot, artificial intelligence and how to get your products sold


At various talks I’ve given this year I’ve spoken about Amazon Echo and Google Home with some excitement regarding artificial intelligence and the future of the Internet. Each time I’ve stated that eBay as a marketplace don’t invent hardware devices but they do have a fantastic record of leveraging other people’s technology. eBay were quick […]

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34% of all ecommerce transactions take place on mobile [infographic]

Barclays mobile banking

According to Coupofy, 34% of all ecommerce transactions take place on mobile devices and that’s just growing. Interestingly, the top 3 countries with the highest number of mobile shoppers are China (68%), United Arab Emirates (57%) and Turkey (53%). You can find out more in the below infographic.

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New Goofbid Android & Apple Sniping App


There’s a brand new Goofbid app bring their free eBay sniping and search tools to your mobile. It comes complete with Snipeing on the move anywhere and anytime, the ability to manage your bids with ‘create’, ‘edit’ and ‘delete’ functions and connect straight to Goofbid.com to access their other tools. Sniping is the process of […]

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