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Meet the company: ListSmart


We would all love to have the perfect listing on eBay that appears highly ranked in eBay’s Best Match with a great conversion rate. eBay themselves have a ton of advice on optimising listings which includes sections on choosing a category, titles, descriptions, item condition, photos, format, postage options, mobile optimisation and even tips on […]

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Meet the company: Just Applications


Formed in November 2006, Just Applications was created by eBay sellers (Darren Ardener & Sean Sale), realising there must be an easier way to sell items on eBay and save time in the process. Two applications were born Ad-Lister & Just Ship IT! Just Ship IT! – Order Management (Printing, Despatch, Customer Records) The primary […]

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eBay 101: Listing Optimisation Webinar 22/11/16

Listing Optimisations

It’s easy to throw some listings up on eBay but too often sellers don’t spend enough time optimising their listings. If you’ve got listings which aren’t performing as well as you’d hoped, it’s worth revisiting them and a few tweaks here and there can often work wonders. In a 35 minute webinar you can learn […]

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750 Free ListSmart credits for eBay Optimisation


ListSmart is out of beta and now live. ListSmart’s developer AltViz worked closely with eBay over the past two years to develop their machine learning based recommender system designed for professional sellers. The listing optimisation app allows sellers to input their eBay ID and recommends actionable and category-specific changes to make to their current live […]

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Xpress Lister: An eBay TurboLister Replacement

Xpress Lister

eBay’s TurboLister is going to be retired in June 2017 so if you use the tool you will have to find a replacement. Today we’re going to look at Xpress Lister from Codisto as a replacement option and compare it’s features to TurboLister. We have considered eBay’s replacement listing tool – eBay told us that […]

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Bulk list in seconds on eBay using just a GTIN and Price

Xpress Lister

Using Xpress Lister fromCodisto, eBay sellers can now create full listings from only a UPC/EAN code and a price – just two pieces of data! If the products exist in the eBay catalog, Xpress Lister will complete the eBay title, find images and complete relevant item specifics. This is an incredible time saver for anyone […]

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eBay’s Item Specifics Lookup Tool

Item Specifics feat

Item Specifics are the bane of eBay sellers lives. We all know they’ve got to be filled out and they take an inordinate amount of time to get close to perfect. Most of us are never quite sure what the ideal values should be or what format eBay expects them to be displayed in and […]

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eBay Expert Advice Growth Webinar 21/4/16

eBay Growth Webinar

eBay are launching a series of webinars aiming to help professional sellers grow their businesses with eBay, with expert advice on a new topic every month. This month’s webinar will be held at 10am on Thursday 21st April and the topic builds on last month’s Listing Optimisation: Essentials, which is available for replay if you […]

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eBay’s Gold Standard – The Ultimate Guide


AltViz are announcing today a new tool ListSmart, which currently in private beta, to help sellers optimise their listings. Their aim is to uncover the ‘Gold Standard’ secret sauce of eBay listings. If you want to know how many images you should include on a listings or whether it’s worth completing Item Specifics this is […]

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The Ultimate Guide to eBay Item Specifics for eBay Sellers

Item Specific Feat

Tamebay reader Gary asked “If you sell unique items only to the UK is time spent on item specifics time wasted? If I can save time on listings by reducing the work required it would be great and item specifics seems to be one area which takes up much time for little extra benefit“. Today […]

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