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eBay Australia delays implementation of Product Identifiers

eBay New Logo Feat

eBay Australia has contacted sellers down under with news that their long-trialled introduction of Product Identifiers will be delayed from February 2017 until the autumn. We’ve written about this before. The new rules would have made it compulsory for sellers to include a product identifier in every listing, with a few exceptions. The email reads: […]

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eBay partner with AOL BrandBuilder’s new Advert Formats


AOL have launched BrandBuilder by AOL, a new ad creative framework which will bring a less intrusive way to build brand awareness and drive sales. eBay was one of the first to join the program last summer and helped influence AOL’s Player Up experience. Player Up, unlike traditional video pre-roll ads prior to content (think […]

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New fax based ‘eBay Money Back Guarantee’ Phishing Fraud


There’s a new style of eBay phishing fraud doing the rounds via email that we’ve not seen before on Tamebay. We’re hoping that not too many people fall for it, mainly because it bizarrely relies on fax and we’re guessing that not too many people have fax machines laying about these days. Be warned however, […]

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eBay Australia hikes fees to discourage auctions


eBay have a not so loving Valentines Day treat for their Australian sellers – A pricing update comes into effect on the 14th of February 2017. eBay Australia disincentivise Auction Style Format eBay Australia are jacking the insertion fee for an auction up from $1 to $3 for items with a start price of up […]

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Meet the company: ListSmart


We would all love to have the perfect listing on eBay that appears highly ranked in eBay’s Best Match with a great conversion rate. eBay themselves have a ton of advice on optimising listings which includes sections on choosing a category, titles, descriptions, item condition, photos, format, postage options, mobile optimisation and even tips on […]

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eBay wins Golden Flannel Award for 2016


From ‘euphemistic’ to ‘plain moronic’ is the scathing summation of the Financial Times’ Lucy Kellaway as she hands out her annual jargon awards to companies more at home with obfuscation than clarity. If you’re a company who want to dress up a couple of thousand redundancies to make it sound like the best thing since […]

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eBay give out brand new feedback stars


In news which is definitely not of the earth shattering variety, have you noticed that eBay are using redesigned feedback stars on some pages of the site? The change isn’t particularly recent, but sometimes we don’t spot these things straight away. You’ll still find the original version of the feedback stars sparkling across the site […]

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Changes to Terapeak’s eBay competitor analysis tools

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Ecommerce analysis supplier Terapeak has emailed users explaining changes to their services and tools. The exact timings are unclear but it seems imminent. A lot of eBay sellers who rely on Terapeak will be interested in the changes which largely relate to competitor analysis. Here’s the text of the email in full: “To safeguard privacy […]

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