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Snapchat is not moving to the UK (but their adverts are!)


According to much of the mainstream media, Snapchat announced this week that they’re moving their international headquarters to London. Naturally the press hailed this as a major post Brexit vote of confidence hailing the attractiveness of the UK as a major tech centre for the world. Unfortunately, as confirmed in a blog post by Snap […]

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AWS London Region launched at ‘Webminster’


“What’s all this about?” asked confused Londoners passing through ‘Webminster’ tube station today. Hitherto it was named Westminster and the stop where you’d get off to see Big Ben, or rather (just to confuse things even further) the Elizabeth Tower as Big Ben is the bell inside. What's this all about? #webminster #westminster #london pic.twitter.com/2Q8DD6IvgM […]

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eBay partner with AOL BrandBuilder’s new Advert Formats


AOL have launched BrandBuilder by AOL, a new ad creative framework which will bring a less intrusive way to build brand awareness and drive sales. eBay was one of the first to join the program last summer and helped influence AOL’s Player Up experience. Player Up, unlike traditional video pre-roll ads prior to content (think […]

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eBay: The ultimate “that’s Christmas sorted” shop


In their latest TV advert eBay are promoting themselves as the ultimate “that’s Christmas sorted” shop. Featuring a father and son both waking up, shaving and dressing with similar but different tastes even down to the devices they listen to music on, the ad hits home that 80% of products sold on eBay are brand […]

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eBay’s Black Friday highlights Small Businesses


eBay say that they are the home of the small business and never more so than on Black Friday. They are getting set to welcome an anticipated 20.7 million visitors on the weekend of Black Friday 2016. As in previous years, eBay have once again committed to giving prime deal space to smaller businesses, placing […]

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New Amazon gifting TV advert


In today’s troubled world, Amazon have taken a bit of a risk with their latest TV advert which features a vicar (a real one from Paddington Green Church, London) and an Imam (principal of the Muslim School, Oadby). Amazon say that they consulted the Church of England, the Muslim Council of Great Britain and the […]

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eBay UK 2016 Christmas TV Advert


Want to know how to survive the year 11 school disco? eBay have the answers in their Christmas 2016 TV advert which is aimed at young shoppers. In a string of heart achingly awkward scenarios, eBay’s “Survive The Disco” 2016 Christmas TV Advert shows how products available on the site can help youngsters navigate the […]

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Notonthehighstreet Christmas 2016 TV Advert


Notonthehighstreet.com brings the magic of gifting to its customers by giving them a sneak preview of its highly anticipated Christmas advert – ‘Magic is Real’ – ahead of the official TV launch on Sunday the 6th of November 2016. The first marketplace to release a Christmas TV advert in 2016, notonthehighstreet’s ad campaign aims to […]

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eBay.com’s ‘Emma’ back to school TV advert

eBay Emma TV Ad

eBay.com have launched their summer TV Advert campaign which follows ‘Emma’ as she grows up from a cute child to a young adult. There’s a lot more to Emma than her classic round glasses. She grew up loving the colour green: from the green belt she earned chopping bricks in karate and riding her green […]

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API management and reporting for Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products sm

“Amazon Sponsored Products“, somewhat reminiscent of Google Adwords, they are a way to promote the products you sell on Amazon.co.uk with keyword targeted ads. When an Amazon shopper searches for one of your keywords, your ad is eligible for display alongside the search results. You pay a fee for this program only when an Amazon […]

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