John Donahoe and the eBay circus

Talking at the Catalyst conference at Pinehurst Scot Wingo today revealed his thoughts on how eBay will change under JD. When asked how eBay would change from a buyer and sellers viewpoint under JD, specifically in comparison to Meg Whitman and Bill Cobb, Wingo explained that the site is likely to become more business orientated.

Speaking of eBay Live!, due to take place in Chicago this June, Wingo likened JD to taking the “CEO of a fortune 100 company and seeing him run a circus”. Mentioning a square peg and a round hole he said one of JD’s challenges will be engaging with eBay buyers and sellers – something that Meg Whitman and Bill Cobb have excelled at.

Whilst Meg and Bill are exceptional and talented business people, they have always connected with the eBay community and appeared to enjoy contact with eBay buyers and sellers. This is something which to date JD has appeared uneasy with; eBay Live! in Chicago will be his first opportunity to set the tone for the eBay of the future.