eBay local services gets a microsite makeover

In the few weeks since I last looked at Local Services the category has had a makeover and been spun out into a Local Services microsite. No longer do users have to browse through thousands of local services many miles from where they live – the new microsite directs users to enter their postcode up front.

The Local Services category is now set to become an online yellow pages – every local business should be listed in the directory to take advantage of eBay’s 14 million users. Best of all Local Services classified ads are currently free so why wouldn’t you want your business listed on eBay?

I’m predicting that this will become a larger part of eBay’s business model in the future. eBay Australia also have a Local Services microsite in beta and have just announced it will move to a classified ad only format.

If you offer a local service (as opposed to a product), which eBay users could be interested, in get your classified ad listed today.