Skype enables UK premium rate numbers

Skype has (apparently but popular demand!) introduced the ability to call premium rate numbers starting 09 in the UK. They state “The 09 series is particularly popular with the likes of purchasing mobile ringtones and advisory lines such as love, relationships and astrology“. Also they helpfully have a calculator on the Skype website so that you can determine which 09 rate your call will be charged at.

I tested a couple of numbers on the calculator out of interest – Millions of people check their horoscope with Mystic Meg from the Sun Newspaper. Mystic Meg helpfully has a number for her Live Psychics, from a BT landline call costs are £1.50/minute. With Skype it’ll cost you £1.73/minute. I tried again, maybe I could get lucky on Who wants to be a Millionaire? Potential contestants will be charged £0.60/minute from a BT landline but £0.86/minute from Skype.

I guess if you’re not in the UK and want to phone UK premium rate numbers it could be useful, but for most people I’d suggest you log into your Skype account and block calls to 09 numbers. Stick with BT for your quiz shows, horoscopes and what Skype describes as “love and relationship” phone lines. The only reason for using skype is if you don’t want the calls to appear on your phone bill, in which case it’ll cost you more for the privilege of anonymity