PayPal 21 hour holds are just a technical glitch

Far from money appearing in PayPal user’s bank accounts in the blink of an eye (and eight months after the government says it should have happened), many PayPal users have been complaining that transfers were taking anything up to 24 hours. PayPal 21 hour holds on Faster Payments was one of the most commented on article on Tamebay last month.

Now the BBC reports that PayPal have been hit by technical issues, (thanks to Andy of Little Sunflowers for the link). A PayPal statement reads “We have recently experienced technical issues that have resulted in more transactions than usual being reviewed, although most withdrawals are not subject to review, a minority of customers have been told it may take up to 24 hours for us to review the transaction. We expect to solve the technical issue by the end of the week“.

Apparently it wasn’t planned to increase the number of transactions subject to security reviews, so if you’re one of the people who have been caught it’s just bad luck. The system overloaded and couldn’t cope and you’ve not peronally been singled out for persecution by PayPal… it’s business as normal, just another glitch.

With a bit of luck within the next few days your Faster Payments PayPal transfers should be, well… Fast! If you’ve been hit with 21 day holds let us know if your money starts to magically appear instantly in your bank accounts. PayPal have promised the glitch will be fixed “by the end of the week”, but seeing as today is Friday that might mean it’ll be next week before you notice a change.