New seller standards on eBay: how will you perform?

As we’ve reported before, eBay will be reforming their seller standards and defects system come next Spring.

As of today, the 5th of November, you have the opportunity to see how you’ll perform against those new criteria that come into force in February 2016. To find out more, visit this page.

As eBay say: “We’re updating our seller performance standards to recognise when you deliver a great buyer experience. This means relying more on objective data instead of subjective buyer inputs, making it easier for you to manage your performance.” Here’s eBay’s new policy explained in a graphic:

new ebay postage deal

We broadly support the direction of travel from eBay on seller standards. It has seemed in the past that sometimes eBay has sought to unreasonably punish sellers doing their best.

So, let us know. You can now check out what your Seller Performance will under the new standards when the new system arrives. But you’ve also got to live through a Christmas rush under the old regime. How will you be faring next Spring and is it a move in the right direction?

Only one question remains. If they can judge you now on the new system, why will it take nearly nearly 4 months to implement it?

Edited to add:

We’ve spoken to eBay and the new dashboard is definitely coming but not live yet. We’ll let you know the minute it is live so that you can check your stats!