Cold War spy bunker for sale on eBay UK

Looking for a country pad? Something unusual, maybe even historical? Are you, perhaps, a survivalist, or even a crazed Bond villain looking for a new base? Look no further, eBay has your solution.

You are bidding on this Cold War nuclear bunker, complete with panoramic view over the Derbyshire Dales as well as desk, chair, siren box, enamel bucket, rope for hauling heavy items up the shaft, sump grill and sump pump, cupboard with some domestic items. Access is via a metal hatch and 15ft ladder, which lead to two rooms: one for the chemical toilet. The other is a 15 ft x 7½ ft room formerly intended to be used as a monitoring post in the event of a nuclear attack. Best of all, there is no Council Tax to pay on this property.

In all seriousness, this is a wonderful bit of history. The bunker was opened in 1959, and was fully operational until 1991, run by three personnel working in shifts. It comes with a small piece of land and its own stile for access. I can’t imagine who’ll buy it or what they’ll do with it – the seller suggests “limited living accommodation for short periods or adventure holidays” – but if the eventual winner is reading, please do get in touch!

The BBC estimates it could go for £25,000, but with seven days left, bidding is already up to £17,389, so I’d guess this could go a lot higher.

ROC Nuclear Bunker - Master Post - Peak District on eBay (end time 07-Mar-10 23-08-08 GMT)