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Sage launches petition urging an end to SME late payments

Sage UK has launched a petition calling for all business invoices to be paid within 30 days. As part of the petition, Sage has pledged to put its money where its mouth and committed itself to playing fair and paying within 30 days itself. As the petition says: “Businesses should be paid within 30 days, […]

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Top ProfitSourcery opportunities the last month


ProfitSourcery is a UK market intelligence tool for Amazon sellers. They discover products which can be purchased from well-known UK based online retailers and sold on Amazon for a profit after fees. This month ProfitSourcery has launched three new price plans, two of which focus solely on the top 1% of fastest sellers in each […]

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Top 3 Factors Disrupting Online Retail in 2015

Brian Smyth

Wiser is a dynamic pricing and merchandising engine that monitors, analyzes, and reprices retail products in real-time. Wiser enables retailers to boost profit margins and revenue, price with confidence, and improve merchandising through a sound pricing strategy. Today Brian Smyth from Wiser discusses three factors that have changed online retail in 2015: Like a tornado […]

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FSB calls for Small Business Commissioner later payments powers

The government is consulting on plans to appoint a Small Business Commissioner. You can express your views on Here’s what the government envisages the new role to do: “The Commissioner’s services will enable smaller firms to resolve disputes with other businesses quickly and easily. This will preserve important commercial relationships without the need to […]

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Could you bag an HP Go Global Award?


HP is looking to celebrate small businesses who have taken the plunge and started exporting in 2015 with the HP Go Global Awards. To get involved all you need to do is pen 500 words on the market entry strategy that you have undertaken to enter the export market. The entries will be whittled down […]

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Connecting Sage with your courier booking


Cardiff-based Pelican Healthcare has implemented an integrated web-based solution from NetDespatch that seamlessly connects the company’s Sage order management system with their local APC Overnight Depot – Western Couriers. Pelican Healthcare delivers a large quantity of daily shipments of medical devices to the NHS, doctors’ surgeries and chemists, as well as other medical suppliers that […]

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Marketplace focus: WesternMall update


WesternMall say that they are the first unique mobile and web accessible ecommerce site in Nigeria and the first online bidding site in Nigeria, for transactions between individuals and other forms of merchants. Since PayPal launched in Nigeria a year ago, after South Africa it has already grown to be their second biggest African market. […]

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Could pension auto enrolment be a small business timebomb?


It seems like the pension regulator has greatly under-estimated how many SMEs will be affected by the auto enrolment pensions legislation that is coming in to force right now by 500k. You could be affected. Tamebay has highlighted this before. If you employ anyone, you need to be be aware of the changes. Will Wynne, […]

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How to fix slow running Windows file search

Windows Logo

Having recently purchased a new laptop, I was somewhat frustrated that Windows Search stopped working. Not only could I not search any folders or Outlook for files and messages, but it was also making my laptop run extremely slowly to the extent of being useless. Sadly none of the normal fixes appeared to work, the […]

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Legal services tailored for small businesses

Business Law Online

Most small businesses need legal advice sooner or later, it may be that you take on your first employee and need a work contract or you’re about to sign a lease for your first warehouse. You’re also exposed to legal redress from these same people for instance if you sack someone and they consider it […]

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