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Flubit partner with Mighty Deals


If you sell on Amazon then it makes sense to sell on Flubit. Flubit’s main proposition is that consumers can time for money – that is if you find a product you can purchase immediately then with Flubit, so long as you’re willing to wait a short time, you can get the same product at […]

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Millions of email account passwords may be compromised


A security expert claims that the safety of millions of email accounts have been compromised by a Russian hacker. So, if you use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo for you email it’s well worth changing your passwords. According to Alex Holden of Hold Security, the details of 272.3 million emails accounts are being freely traded online […]

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How to sell your goods to government

One of the real opportunities for small businesses is getting a contract to sell to local or central government. It’s not always easy but they really do have big bucks to spend. But how do you go about doing it? There’s an event coming up in Swindon that will be of interest and check out […]

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A simple pricing tip for selling to Germany


Andrew Rushbury is the e-commerce manager at Internet Ink, a manufacturer and retailer of high quality compatible printer cartridges. Internet Ink, as well as offering free delivery within the UK, naturally sell overseas. From all their vast selling experience, Andrew has one very simple pricing tip which I’ve not heard before so thought it worth […]

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Unboxing is when you win a repeat customer

Datec Packaging

The moment that your package is delivered is the first real touch point that you have with a customer when selling online. We all stress about listing products accurately, getting products shipped and doing out utmost to ensure that we don’t get hit by a fraudulent transaction and at the same time our reviews an […]

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iContact en Español


iContact have launched iContact en Español, a complete Spanish-language email marketing experience — everything from a fully translated email marketing product to Spanish-language marketing and training materials for new and existing customers. just as important, technical support is now available in Spanish. Customers will be able to pick up the phone, chat live online, or […]

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Whistl partner with Jersey Post


Jersey Post has partnered with Whistl to offer business customers a new class of service that will reduce postage cost for mainland deliveries. Historically Jersey Post, which is the Island’s licensed universal service provider of mail services, has offered a one to two day service and a tracked service. The new three to five day […]

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Four steps to export your fashion brand to Germany

enterprise nation

Ahead of a fashion mission to Berlin, Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation outlines the steps to exporting your fashion brand into Europe’s largest ecommerce market. The case for Germany When it comes to economic standing, Germany stands tall. It is Europe’s largest economy and the fourth strongest in the world. This means it’s a […]

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How to choose an International Domain Structure

how to choose a domain name

It’s easy to forget, when selling on marketplaces, that localisation for your website involves a lot more thought than localisation for your marketplace listings. For a marketplace listing you translate, you map item specifics and then change the currency and postage methods. For your own website there’s so much more to think about including something […]

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