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New Royal Mail international large letter format

Royal Mail feat

A year ago Tamebay reader Mark bemoaned the lack of large letter pricing for Royal Mail Interational postage. Now it appears someone at Royal Mail was listening and his wish has been granted. From the 30th March 2015, a new category of International Large Letter is being introduced with four weight bands from 100g to […]

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Insanely funny YouTube ads you won’t skip

Skip Ad on YouTube

You know those annoying ads on YouTube that you have to wait for the first five seconds to play before you can skip them and watch the video you really wanted to watch? They’re rubbish aren’t they! They’re rubbish because they weren’t created for YouTube. Generally they are just ads created for different media that […]

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Building the Support of your Customers’ Dreams

Customer Support

“Good morning. This is your Customer Service. Please select what you would like to talk to Customer Service about from 10 options that we will give you in a minute. Then hold for 10 minutes listening to Bach and then find out that your customer service host will be available in 10 minutes. We are […]

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Shipping Wars UK boosts eBay uShip shipments

Shipping Wars UK

The latest series of Shipping Wars UK ran in February and has seen an explosion of buyers picking up unusual auction wins on eBay and then turning to carriers like (Tag line: “Get Ship Done”) to get them delivered. The programme follows a group of delivery trucks and vans as they criss-cross Britain, competing […]

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ReplyManager adds support for Linnworks users

ReplyManager Linnworks Integration

ReplyManager is now available with Linnworks integration, allowing mutual customers to search Linnworks order data without leaving ReplyManager. ReplyManager offers software solutions to consolidate messages from multiple selling channels (eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, etc.), automatically sorting, tagging and distributing messages to relevant folders and users. Features like auto-responders, standard replies and category tags help staff respond […]

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Enterprise Nation calls on energy firms to help SMEs

enterprise nation

Energy regulator OFGEM recently announced that there is an estimated £204m in business closed accounts lying dormant in energy firms’ coffers. That’s cash paid by businesses that have moved on or gone under that has been paid but can’t be used. It’s a tidy sum. And SME advocate organisation Enterprise Nation is calling on the […]

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Structuring domains and sub-domains with Moz

seo feat

If you are willing to get past his silly beard and funny name, Rand Fishkin talks sense. What we used to call SEOmoz is now just moz but they remain the industry standard straight talkers on making your website attractive to search engines. A recent blog post from moz focusses on domains and sub-domains and […]

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Sell on Tmall in China with Neteven


Neteven can now offer to sell on Alibaba’s Tmall Global in China.They now offer a fully managed solution which includes the technical integration of the Tmall Global marketplace within Neteven’s platform and tailored services. Overseas companies without Chinese business licenses are now eligible to apply to sell on Tmall Global via Neteven’s end-to-end solution. Using […]

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Some interesting numbers regarding Growth Vouchers

enterprise nation

Last week we wrote about Growth Vouchers, a UK government scheme to provide SMEs with match funding for business development. Subsequently Enterprise Nation (who are administering the idea and managing the expertise marketplace) sent over some numbers about Growth Vouchers and it does seem that there has been good success. A total of 20200 applications […]

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