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PayPal President David Marcus talks future payment tech trends

David Marcus

It’s fair to say that in the eBay family, PayPal is the most imaginative wing and payments has the most potential to develop with emerging technology. I also find David Marcus, PayPal head honcho, one of the more interesting people in the eBay Inc. fold. He hasn’t lost his entrepreneurial curiosity having moved from the […]

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PayPal extend UK buyer protection to 180 days

PayPal Feat

PayPal has announced new terms to their Buyer Protection scheme that will take effect from 17th June this year. Buyer protection will be extended to cover services, digital goods, travel tickets and other intangible items. Needless to say, tangible goods have been covered for a number of years. From the same date, PayPal is also […]

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Pay by PayPal at GBK, Wagamama and Prezzo

PayPal Check In on POS

PayPal has announced several rather neat new features and partnerships today that will be of particular interest to the peckish. They’ve teamed up with the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Wagamama and Prezzo to enable payment via their smartphone app. You can now order and pay for a takeaway through the PayPal app. Diners can choose and […]

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Having Bitcoins worth x amount is one thing and all very well. But people with Bitcoins want to spend them and Overstock took the plunge and started to take the digital cryptocurrency at the start off the year. It’s remarkable to note then that in that time they’ve taken payments worth more than a million […]

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Chocks away with a PayPal and Ryanair partnership

PayPal Feat

PayPal and budget airline Ryanair are cooking up a collaboration, it seems, that will make it easier for customers to buy plane tickets online and via mobile. Details are scant but a fair assumption would be the development of a joint app that will make it super easy to find and pay for flights on […]

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Fake PayPal UK phishing email doing the rounds

PayPal Bug Bounty

Thanks to the ever vigilant Malwarebytes for picking up on this story. There’s a phoney PayPal email, phishing email, doing the rounds. The questionnaire offers a “£25 reward” if you complete the survey. I think it’s fair to say that it’s very unlikely PayPal would offer a kickback like that just for a survey. Alarm […]

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PayPal open up SDK to developers in 30 countries

PayPal Feat

Expect to see PayPal integrated into more mobile and tablet apps soon. As of Monday, eBay Inc’s payments arm will open its SDK (software development kit) to geeks and coders in more than 30 countries meaning that they can use it in the apps they are developing. It’s a big step. What it means is […]

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PayPal problem with withdrawals resolved

PayPal Bug Bounty

PayPal have confirmed that this morning there were some problems affecting withdrawals. UK PayPal users were not able to transfer money from their accounts to their bank accounts. It seems that the problem last a few hours and it has now been entirely resolved, according to a PayPal spokesperson. We don’t know how many people […]

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