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Yaap mobile payment app launches in Spain


Yaap, a joint-venture between CaixaBank, Banco Santander and Telefónica, have launched Yaap money – a mobile app that facilitates the secure transfer of money instantaneously between users’ mobile phones. At the moment it’s only available in Spain, but it’s one to watch for the future. In order to send and receive money, users of the […]

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The Scottish referendum and your Cross Border Trade profits

Scotland feat

Deepak Goyal is Head of E-commerce at Currencies Direct. He’s carefully avoided getting into the Scottish debate on whether there should be a YES or NO vote, but what is interesting is how the debate is already affecting currency exchanges and how sellers can profit, regardless of which way Scotland votes. Here’s what Deepak has […]

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Friday Funny: PayPal release NFC apple watch


With the news that Apple won’t release their Apple Watch until after Christmas, the guys at PayPal have spotted a market opportunity and rushed out their own PayPal Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled apple watch. It’s PayPal’s most personal device ever, featuring revolutionary new technologies and a beautiful natural design that honours the rich tradition […]

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Apple Pay wants to complete with PayPal et al

Apple Pay

As part of Apple’s iPhone 6 announcements they also revealed Apple Pay, a new payments system intended to rival PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, Google and everyone else vying in the digital wallet arena. Apple’s solution is NFC (near field communication). Many credit cards are already NFC enabled and can be used for low value purchases without […]

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PayPal crashes, unable to log in #PayPaldown


We’re getting reports that PayPal is suffering performance problems tonight. Certainly whilst we can log into PayPal at Tamebay HQ, the page fails to load so we can’t see transaction data or make any payments. We’re not sure what the scope of the issue may be, but if you’re not getting paid make sure you […]

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PayPal’s Braintree to add Bitcoin Payments


PayPal have announced that merchants using Braintree will be able to accept Bitcoin payments in the near future. Bitcoins are unlikely to be accepted directly when buying or selling with PayPal in the near future, nor on eBay. However if you run your won website and payment by Bitcoins would be attractive to your customers […]

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Amazon Com Rewards

Amazon recently scrapped their rewards cards which was an Amazon MasterCard provided by MBNA, part of Bank America. Now, in the US at least, they’ve launched a new Rewards Visa card with Chase Bank (J P Morgan). Users of the card will get 3% Back from Amazon purchase, 2% at petrol station, restaurants and […]

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PayPal Here upgrade for 8/9/2014

PayPal Here Feat

If you use the PayPal Here card reader to accept payment you need to be aware that there’s an upgrade planned for Monday evening. After 8pm (UK time) on the 8th of September, to continue accepting payments, a software upgrade to your card reader is required. PayPal have scheduled the upgrade during off-peak hours for […]

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PayPal “Pay after Delivery” live in the UK

PayPal Galactic

I must have missed a PayPal announcement as I’ve only just realised that PayPal Pay After Delivery (or Pay Later) is live in the UK. In fact yesterday evening I used it to buy some socks from Thingimigigs (who we wrote about a few days ago). We noted back in January this year that Pay […]

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Are eBay and PayPal heading for divorce?

PayPal feat

eBay considering a PayPal spin off is once again hitting the news. After four short months since eBay pacified Carl Ichan by giving him a seat at the table, the rumour mills are churning about a separation of marketplace and payments. Donahue has been adamant that PayPal is better off with eBay saying that there’s […]

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