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PayPal announces Visa partnership

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PayPal announced its second quarter results on Thursday evening. They did well and exceeded forecasts by delivering revenues of $2.65bn above the $2.6bn forecast. The PayPal stock price has ticked up a bit in after hours trading. But amongst the various announcements was news of a partnership with Visa in the US. You can read […]

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PayPal launches in Bangladesh

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Payments service Paypal has opened its doors in Bangladesh, according to reports, as it continues to expand its global footprint. A deal with Sonali Bank means it can extend its services in Bangladesh. A formal announcement is expected soon and already PayPal staff have held meetings with the Bangladesh government and financial regulatory bodies in […]

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PayPal “Funds collected for disbursement” confusion

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PayPal introduced Interchange fees which came into effect last month. Interchange fees were an option instead of the normal fixed rate PayPal fees which might save you money but might cost you more. Now the fees have been running for a month we’ve had our first look at some fees and frankly we and the […]

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PayPal Here part of Amazon Prime Day deals

PayPal Here - NFC

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing with 100s of 1000s of items up for sale at discounted prices. As always it’s the hype around Prime Day which is the important thing and whilst you may look at many of the products and think “That’s not a great deal”, or “Please, not another electric tooth […]

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PayPal Working Capital has helped 14,000 UK Businesses

PayPal Working Capital

PayPal Working Capital announced today that they have provided more than $2 billion to over 90,000 businesses in the UK, US and Australia. For the first time they’ve broken out figures for the UK having advanced £185 million to more than 14,000 small businesses, since November 2014. Due to the success of the program and […]

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PayPal extends Return Shipping on Us offer to end of year

PayPal is New Money

Launched a few months ago, PayPal’s Return Shipping on Us was a buyer protection programme designed to drive usage of PayPal off eBay and give shoppers confidence to shop with PayPal. Under the scheme you could get up to 4 claims of £15 refunded if you aren’t entirely satisfied with your purchase. Paypal have now […]

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Stripe launches in France


After a testing beta phase of about a year, payments service Stripe has launched in France. They have also established a Paris office, engaged a French staff and will be offering their full offering in French to French users. Guillaume Princen of Stripe says of the development: “Everyone in France can now sign up in […]

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eBay: We took your money but your order is pending

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I’ve just made a few purchases on eBay though the eBay shopping basket. As per normal I added the items to my basket and then made a single checkout payment (using the balance in my PayPal account) and expected the sellers to be paid and the items on eBay marked as paid. In PayPal all […]

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PayPal is running #mypayback promotion

New PayPal app feat

PayPal is promoting its services and app with a new promotion they’re billing as #mypayback. In particular, they’re encouraging take up of the person to person to person services they have that mean you can send money to friends in GBP for free. The promotion requires you to tweet or Facebook an image of what […]

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Coinbase adds PayPal support along with credit/debit cards


Coinbase now accepts PayPal enabling users to sell Bitcoins and have their funds deposited to into their PayPal account. Currently it’s for US users in US$ only, but they hope to expand to other countries around the world in the near future. You can now also buy Bitcoins through Coinbase with both Debit and Credit […]

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