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Bigcommerce and Xero hook up


Small business accounting software firm Xero recently announced that they will be working with eCommerce platform Bigcommerce. What that will likely mean for sellers is improved accounting and data info for ecommerce sellers using the popular BigCommerce platform. You can read all about the benefits on this blog post from Bigcommerce. In particular, according to […]

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Icahn sells out of eBay and doubles down on PayPal

eBay PayPal Split sm

In 2014 Carl Icahn said “Over the last week I have had a number of conversations with John [Donahoe]. We both strongly believe in the great potential of eBay and PayPal, and I have found a number of his ideas to be extremely compelling. However, I continue to believe that eBay would benefit from the […]

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Volusion now allows Amazon Payments on US webstores


Merchants who sell using ecommerce webstore platform Volusion can now enable Pay with Amazon. This means that Amazon buyers can pay on third party websites with Amazon Payments, using payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon account. You can read about the new facility on Volusion shops here. As they say in the blog […]

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PayPal reported strong results in Q315

PayPal feat

PayPal reported their results last week and you might be interested in some highlights. You can read PayPal’s press release here. Here are the basics: revenue clocked in at a record high of $2.3 billion, That’s up 15%. And it was up 19% on a foreign currency (FX) neutral basis. “Net income for the quarter […]

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Payoneer for Amazon disbursements to China


Amazon have selected Payoneer as the featured payment solution in Amazon Seller Central to assist with cross border trade on their EU and US marketplaces. Sellers in 24 different countries around the world can now use Payoneer as a simple convenient way to their receive Amazon disbursements. This will most benefit Amazon merchants in countries […]

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iZettle launches mobile payments in Italy


iZettle has launched its mobile payments service in Italy. It now operates in 12 countries: the UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Finland, Mexico, Brazil and now Italy. The company will offer two products: iZettle Lite and iZettle Pro Contactless. iZettle Lite is a free device which connects via cable to smartphone and […]

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Travelling Pole to Pole completely cash free

17 Standing at the End of the World South of Ushuaia at the completion of his Pole To Pole Adventure powered by PayPal (Credit Steve Booker) sm

Can you travel the world without using any cash? PayPal challenged lifestyle and travel vlogger Steve Booker to travel to the ends of the earth completely cash free. Eight countries, three continents and two weeks later, Steve has successfully completed his marathon journey travelling from the north to south pole without a single bank note […]

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PayPal confirm the existence of Father Christmas

Santa Feat

Following on from the Daily Mail complaints that PayPal are spoiling the magic of Christmas by daring to suggest that parents might actually do some Christmas shopping. Most kids expect that mum and dad might buy them a gift on top of what Santa delivers and PayPal have responded. PayPal told us that “We just […]

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PayPal: The Grinch spoils Christmas

PayPal Checkout

PayPal’s Christmas message this year is that you can “check out before they know it” when you pay with PayPal. There are a series of ads, both online and on TV, one of which aired during X Factor and appears to have riled up Daily Mail readers having dispelled the myth that it’s Santa who […]

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PayPal Working Capital lent $1 billion in 2 yrs

PayPal feat

PayPal, through PayPal Working Capital has lent over a billion dollars to around 60,000 small businesses since they launched PayPal Working Capital in September 2013. That’s not only one heck of a lot of money, but it would appear that their loan book is increasing with half the money loaned within the last five months […]

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