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Is the weak Euro lowering your profits?


Speaking to Deepak Goyal of Currencies Direct at IRX today, he highlighted how the weakness of the Euro is negatively impacting retailers. The euro has dropped by over 10% against the dollar and by around 7% against Sterling. Online retailers are being squeezed on both sides, as imports from the US and China become more […]

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£40m for UK businesses from EIF and Ezbob

ezbob feat

The European Investment Fund (EIF) and Ezbob have signed the first loan guarantee agreement in the UK under the EU programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME). This is the first agreement with an online SME lender under COSME and will allow Ezbob to substantially increase their loan volumes to […]

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Get £20 off your SumUp handset


Mobile payments handset provider SumUp is currently offering 20 quid off the usual £59 fee if you use this promo discount code: ‘SUMUP20UK’ If you don’t know SumUp, here’s a bit of blurb: “With SumUp, merchants can accept credit and debit cards, using their smartphones or tablets, in a simple, secure and cost-effective way. SumUp […]

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PPRO power alternate payments for AliExpress,

The PPRO Group will collaborate in Europe with Alipay to offer new payment options for online shoppers of AliExpress. On AliExpress, Alipay provides secure, trustworthy and convenient online and mobile payment services. The PPRO Group will now manage payments using credit or debit card alternatives for AliExpress shoppers in Europe. The phased rollout, which commenced […]

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Where would ecommerce be without payments?

Mobile Payments

With UK online retail sales set to reach £52.25bn in 2015, getting payments right is essential to multichannel retail strategies. The Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) which, new for 2015, is co-located with the eDelivery Expo (EDX), is set to open the lid on this growing trend. Retailers from across the globe are set to come […]

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New EU caps on credit and debit card fees

Debit Credit Cards

MEPs voted this week in favour of a cap for card payment charges that retailers pay, 0.2% for debit cards and 0.3% for credit cards. Generally the idea is that retailers will save money and will pass these savings on to consumers. Critics point out that in reality retailers are unlikely to adjust prices downwards […]

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Alibaba, ezbob and iwoca fund China sourcing

Alibaba Ezbob Iwoca

Alibaba have announced strategic partnerships with both ezbob and iwoca to help small businesses access funding more easily when purchasing from China based suppliers on Alibaba.con. Through the partnerships and a new product called e-Credit Line, UK small and medium businesses will be able to overcome a major hurdle in their sourcing cycle posed […]

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PayPal to acquire cyber security firm CyActive

PayPal feat

According to reports eBay Inc.’s payments arm PayPal is to acquire a cyber security firm called CyActive. Details are vague but it seems that they will bag the firm that claims to pre-empt cyber security attacks for $60m. Reuters says of the deal: “CyActive, which says it can forecast future cyber attacks and offer companies […]

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Apple Pay hit by fraudsters

Apple Pay

Apple Pay has been hit by relatively low tech fraudsters according to the Wall Street Journal. It’s not Apple Pay’s security that’s been broken, but it appears that the banks are less than secure. Crooks appear to be using stolen card details, adding then to an Apple Pay account and then spending money in physical […]

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NFC PayPal Here, Paydiant and PayPal Execs

PayPal feat

NFC enabled PayPal Here reader to launch by summer PayPal today announced it is launching a new NFC enabled version of its PayPal Here Chip and PIN card reader. The card reader will be on sale in the UK by the summer. It will also be launched in Australia at the same time and will […]

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