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All PayPal, Amazon & iTunes payments from Greece blocked


With the Greek economy as ruinous as their ancient monuments, authorities have imposed sweeping capital controls to forestall a total collapse of the Greek banking system. This not only includes restricting withdrawals to €60 (about £42) per day but also stopped online payment transactions from going ahead using Greek debit or credit cards. We’re even […]

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PayPal to acquire Xoom money transfer company


PayPal have announced that they intend to acquire international money transfer company Xoom for $890 million. Xoom enables customers (in the United States only at the moment) to send money to, and pay bills for, family and friends in 37 coutnries around the world in a secure, fast and cost-effective way, using their mobile phones, […]

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Marketplace Focus: CurrencyTransfer


We often write about traditional marketplaces around the world, some general such as eBay and Amazon, others more niche such as NotOnTheHighStreet and Yumbles. CurrencyTransfer are a marketplace who have found a new niche and have launched what they call “The world’s first marketplace for international payments”. Many Tamebay readers will be making purchases from […]

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PayPal is sorry for text and autodial confusion

Telephone Feat

Recently PayPal hit the media with stories about how they want to bombard you with marketing spam texts and calls from autodialers. Now they’ve admitted that their language was open to misinterpretation, issued an apology for not communicating clearly and further clarification of their intent. PayPal say that the language caused confusion and concern for […]

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PayPal and Uber sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G

PayPal feat

You can already pay for your Uber ride by PayPal in the UK, United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands. And now if you want to take a ride with Uber, you can pay with PayPal in Canada, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland too. […]

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Greece, GREXIT, the Euro and exchange rates


Should we be worried about Greece and what happens if they leave/stay in the Euro? What’s going on with exchange rates which affect how expensive or affordable your products are to our EU neighbours? Edd Hardy, a Business Analyst at Worldfirst has some insights as to what’s going on with the Greek economy and how […]

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Consumers welcome payments choices

Sage pay

According to research by Sage Pay, buyers judge a business on the number and types of payment options available. Apparently, 25% of buyers will choose a store based on the number of payment options available to them. Credit and debit cards were ranked as the most popular payment method by the study. Contactless came second […]

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Problems with PayPal reported today

PayPal Bug Bounty

We’ve had several reports from UK users about problems with PayPal today. Firstly, it seems like email notifications aren’t working and sellers aren’t receiving details of payments received. It seems like these stopped working at about 7am BST this morning. Secondly, we have several received reports of money not being recorded as paid into PayPal […]

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NatWest customers’ money goes missing

natwest little

If you’re a NatWest banking customer you may be missing some money today – payments which should have gone into your account may have gone astray. NatWest have confirmed the glitch saying “Some Customer payments are missing this morning – we are investigating this issue as a matter of urgency. We are looking into fixing […]

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5 Turnaround Tips if Your Company is in Financial Trouble

Cash Flow

Keith Tully from Real Business Rescue is a leading corporate insolvency specialist. He knows what it takes to keep struggling businesses afloat and what qualities are required of company directors and today has some tips for marketplace sellers if they ever find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Falling into financial difficulties isn’t something we […]

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