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PayPal to site servers in Turkey and reopen operations

Turkey Flag

PayPal are aiming to re open their operations in Turkey and have apparently agreed to locate servers in Turkey to satisfy the local authorities, although that might not happen until late 2017. PayPal had to shut down their Turkish operations earlier this year in early June. It looks like PayPal knew that to comply with […]

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PayPal to set up in Azerbaijan

PayPal feat

You’ve probably heard of Azerbaijan, even if like me you’d struggle to find it on a map (It’s a bit to the east of Turkey). Evans Kiplagat from Azerbaijan won their only Gold medal in the marathon at the Rio Olympics, although they did snag another 7 Silver and 10 Bronze medals in other sports. […]

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PayPal has patched hacking vulnerability

PayPal Bug Bounty

Last week it was reported that PayPal has patched a possible hacking vulnerability. It’s not known if this was widely exploited and it does seem that it was a tricky hole to breach. Apparently an ttacker could log in to a PayPal account without triggering confirmation text but it did also require access to your […]

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RBS set to be first bank to charge for deposits


Banks make money by charging interest on funds they lend you (overdrafts, loans, mortgages) and paying interest on funds you lend them (deposits, savings accounts). That’s generally how it works but it may all be about to change with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) set to charge their biggest 70 odd customers for deposits […]

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Tesco’s rolls out own PayQwiq mobile wallet


Tesco are to roll out their own mobile payment wallet by the end of the year. Called PayQwiq, it’s already available to use in London and Edinburgh Tesco stores as well as Northern Ireland and Plymouth. The app is bar code based, not NFC which Apple and Android Pay use. Bar code based payments is […]

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Xero and PayPal hook up to make paying invoices easier

PayPal is New Money

Xero and PayPal are integrating their services to make it much easier for people to pay Xero invoices with PayPal. You can read more on the Xero blog here. Xero will be adding a PayPal Express Checkout option for SMEs using the accounting service. This means you will be able to immediately pay a Xero […]

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First Visa, now PayPal is talking to MasterCard

PayPal new logo

Last month, PayPal announced a strategic alliance with Visa as part of their quarterly results. And now it looks like MasterCard is also looking for a similar deal to keep up with the time. MasterCard CEO Ajaypal Singh Banga, MasterCard chief executive said: “PayPal is actually working to resolve some of those concerns we all […]

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UK services PMI and how it could impact your business


Chief Economist at World First Jeremy Cook has been watching the financial markets today as the latest Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index figures are announced. This is what he had to say long with advice for online sellers who may be impacted by the economic slowdown: Another day, another indicator of UK economic performance falls to […]

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Bitcoin value plunges after almost £50m stolen


Bitcoin has been dealt another blow as 119,756 bitcoins were stolen – a value close to £50 million. Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex announced “Today we discovered a security breach that requires us to halt all trading on Bitfinex, as well as halt all digital token deposits to and withdrawals from Bitfinex”. They went on to say […]

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PayPal announces Visa partnership

PayPal feat

PayPal announced its second quarter results on Thursday evening. They did well and exceeded forecasts by delivering revenues of $2.65bn above the $2.6bn forecast. The PayPal stock price has ticked up a bit in after hours trading. But amongst the various announcements was news of a partnership with Visa in the US. You can read […]

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