Have you got the new eBay Seller Hub?

Seller Hub Feat

It’s been trailed for more than a year but it seems that it has started landing with some sellers here in the UK today. Several sellers have been in touch to say they’re seeing it. It doesn’t seem to be universal though, so let us know whether the new eBay Seller Hub has found you. […]

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Labour’s plan for a £10 minimum wage

£1 pound note

In April this year, former Chancellor George Osborne’s proposal that a “living wage” of £7.20 for the over 25s came into force. And that rate will rise to £9 per hour across the UK by 2010. Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has said at their national conference in Liverpool that Labour will introduce a minimum […]

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Sainsbury’s to launch 1 hour grocery delivery this week

Sainsburys feat

Sainsbury’s is joining in the grocery delivery “arms race” with its app Chop Chop and the promise of delivery by bicycle within the hour. Currently it’s limited to parts of south and west London and has been tested up to now in Wandsworth. You can order your groceries via the app and pay online and […]

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Lengow Day 2016 emphasises cross border opportunities

Lengow Day 2016

Lengow Day started with a bang. Actually that was the day before when the army blew up a consignment of blue Lengow pony stress balls that had been left in a box… oops! The smell of burning rubber still lingering in the morning breeze we headed into the conference centre where I was able to […]

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New Terms and Conditions

Rakuten Feat

As you will likely know, declared it would be shutting up shop some months ago. But it looks like there is one last gasp and attempt at reinvention. The marketplace element has already been scrapped but the platform will still be populated by affiliated suppliers, it seems and buyers will have the opportunity to […]

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eBay New Logo Feat are calling on sellers to help clean up their product catalogue. It’s also an encouragement to report your competitor sellers if you don’t like their listings. Put simply, eBay know that their product catalogue isn’t perfect. Products appear on eBay product pages that shouldn’t be there, often for a variety of reasons. It could […]

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Internet Retailing Conference 2016: 20% of until Friday


Internet Retailing Conference is coming up on the 12th October at the Novotel in Hammersmith, London. It’s very much aimed at bigger online, ecommerce retailers but you’ll fins that there’s also a significant marketplace focus this years and speakers will be present from eBay and Amazon. And until the end of the week you can […]

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Amazon to launch in Australia?

Australia Flag

Amazon is being tipped to launch in Australia in the near future. already exists but only sells kindle and Audible books, it’s yet to stock physical products. Pundits suggest that Amazon could generate sales of up to $4 billion in Australia which would certainly have a devastating impact on local retailers, especially bricks and […]

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Deliveroo for Business launches for lunches


Deliveroo for Business launches this week aiming to spice up the ‘eat at your desk’ fodder employees consume during their working day. They also of course want to capture the meeting room buffet business and supply the food for the board room platters. The business service will allow companies to create corporate accounts and created […]

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