10p fines mean eBay don’t want your products?

10p sm

eBay have for many years been telling sellers that they want them to list their entire inventory on eBay. Not just the fastest selling lines, not just their distressed or out of season stock, eBay want everything. So that’s just what sellers have done. Now eBay are telling sellers that if something hasn’t sold for […]

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eBay up the ante with auto Italian Title translation


eBay seems to be experimenting with translation. A Tamebay reader has been in touch to say that items that he’s selling on eBay UK, with an Italian shipping option, now have translated titles on eBay Italy in Italian. He wasn’t consulted. Here’s the UK version of the title. And on eBay Italy it looks like […]

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Politicians don’t understand SMEs. Not really.

Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation

Enterprise Nation hosted a small business hustings on Monday in the City of London with representatives from four of the major parties: Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat. UKIP was extended an invitation but cancelled and didn’t send a replacement. The party representatives were Minister for Enterprise and Energy Matthew Hancock MP and Labour’s Shadow […]

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Insanely funny YouTube ads you won’t skip

Skip Ad on YouTube

You know those annoying ads on YouTube that you have to wait for the first five seconds to play before you can skip them and watch the video you really wanted to watch? They’re rubbish aren’t they! They’re rubbish because they weren’t created for YouTube. Generally they are just ads created for different media that […]

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Emerging Trends in Independent Fashion Retail


Brightpearl are hosting an event for independent fashion retailers in San Francisco in partnership with Bigcommerce,, SF FASHTECH and Oaklandish. The event titled “Emerging Trends in Independent Fashion Retail’ will be held on March 12th and will consist of a panel discussion between some of the Bay Area’s leading retail minds: Tim Schulz – […]

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Amazon Disbursement delays

Amazon Bug

If you were expecting a bump in your bank balance today from your Amazon sales you may have to wait a little longer, they’re having payment issues again. Amazon have posted the following message in Seller Central: “Currently, there is a delay affecting the delivery of some recent Amazon seller disbursements to bank accounts. Our […]

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eBay UK: Detail on 18 month no sale 10p fines

10p sm

This week eBay UK announced that from summer 2015 they are going to impose a 10p charge for listings that run 18 months without a sale. We’ve managed to get some more detail on how this is going to work. Timings First off this isn’t going to kick in until the Summer on a yet […]

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Flubit ‘Instant Offer’ to beat Amazon prices


Flubit have added a new ‘Instant Offer’ feature to their website to save you money when buying on Amazon. Initially Flubit would allow you to create a ‘Demand’, which would get you an offer price up to 15% less than the current product cost on Amazon. Now if you’re in a hurry you can create […]

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eBay research reveals an increase in DISCOs

eBay New Logo Feat

More Brits are moonlighting alongside the day job as eBay business sellers, according to eBay research. And economic uncertainty might be the reason, they suggest. Apparently, of the eBay and other online business surveyed by YouGov, over half (57%) said they have additional sources of income or side businesses, heralding a new cadre of ‘DISCO’ […]

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Building the Support of your Customers’ Dreams

Customer Support

“Good morning. This is your Customer Service. Please select what you would like to talk to Customer Service about from 10 options that we will give you in a minute. Then hold for 10 minutes listening to Bach and then find out that your customer service host will be available in 10 minutes. We are […]

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