How to optimise your Amazon keywords and attract more buyers

Amazon Search

Amazon have a number of fields you should be completing when adding a new product to their catalogue. Some are obvious such as the title and vital information, but one field which is worth spending a bit extra time on is the Keywords section. Amazon’s keywords would perhaps be better renamed to ‘search strings’, i.e. […]

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Amazon’s new Windows 10 App disappoints

Amazon A feat

Amazon have a new Windows 10 app, but it’s not being met with universal approval. The problem is that the app just appears to be a short cut to the Amazon site and little else. If you wanted a stripped down browser that only opens the Amazon site then you’ll like the Amazon app. Unfortunately […]

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eBay Neighbourhood Pilot goes live today

eBay Neighbourhood

eBay Neighbourhood, eBay’s new peer to peer assisted selling services, launches in pilot form today. We understand that there are trial areas live in London, Manchester and Glasgow. eBay Neighbourhood is a service that allows trusted eBay sellers to help customers shift their stuff, which could be set to replace the Trading Assistant Program if […]

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Tell Brussels how restrictive trade has impacted your business

Choice in Ecommerce sm

We recently reported that the Berlin-based Federal Association of eCommerce (BVOH) named almost 2,000 brands which operate restrictive trade practises in Europe. Now they want retailers to help present those results to Members of European Parliament and Members of European Commission. On the 29th and 30th November 2016, Roundtable meetings will be held in Brussels […]

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Changes to eBay UK Anchor and Featured shop customer support

eBay Shops Feat

eBay UK has made changes to the customer support provision for sellers with a Featured or Anchor Shop that are in force with immediate effect. A seller has forwarded us the email he received from eBay on Wednesday. (You can read it in full below.) The email says: “With immediate effect, our customer support will […]

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eBay UK launches eBay Local


We’ve all seen the Facebook selling pages (Facebay) where you can list items you have for sale locally. It’s great because your buyer could be just around the corner and turn up to pay cash and collect the item within minutes of agreeing a purchase. It would appear eBay have also taken note as they’ve […]

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eBay Collections and Social Media Selling

eBay Collection

eBay Collections are an effective, but for many sellers underutilised, way of attracting additional traffic to your listings. Anyone on eBay can create a collection, which is basically a group of eBay items hand-selected around a theme, concept or passion. Collections are ranked by popularity to decide which are most highly surfaced but the Collections […]

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Should I have a text only eBay description?

eBay Listing Design feat

There were a number of topics which came up in workshops at the eBay Connect event in Manchester this past week, one of which was listing descriptions and what information and content they should contain for the future. This is particularly apt with the ever growing number of consumers purchasing on mobile devices coupled with […]

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