eBay website crashes down on Sunday #ebaydown

eBay Bug

eBay’s website has crashed again. Late this Sunday morning our in box started to fill with emails from people unable to log into eBay.co.uk, and here at Tamebay Towers we’re unable even to view the site. We’ve little information other than the problems appear to have started around 11am and at the time of writing […]

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eBay about to launch ads in mobile apps

Introducing eBay Mobile Advertising sm

eBay are about to start adding off site adverts into their mobile apps. That means that buyers, who according to eBay spend up to 150 minutes per month on the app (three times that of any rivals), will start seeing the adverts from Q4. “eBay mobile advertising will be a native experience, beautifully integrated into […]

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What happens to ecommerce if Scotland leaves the UK?

Scotland feat

There’s just a week left until people living in Scotland get to vote on whether Scotland should leave the UK. (Yes that doesn’t include Scottish people currently residing in England but does include English, Welsh, Irish and in fact any EU citizen resident in Scotland). By all accounts the vote is too close to call, […]

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Would you buy an iPhone 6?

iPhone 6

Apple have done what Apple do best and launched a new range of iPhones and an Apple (not i) Watch to keep their customers upgrading. They’ve also done what they should have done with the iPhone 4 or at least the iPhone 5 and at last increased the screen size to compete with the likes […]

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A look at Cassini 6+ months down the line


Tamebay reader David wrote to us saying “I have been searching for some forum threads or articles on Cassini now that it has been live on eBay UK for a little while and people have been able to properly experience its effects (if any). However I have really struggled to find anything new“. As David […]

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Launching a dedicated page for eBooks on Tamebay

eBooks feat

We’ve noticed in the past few months that we’re seeing more and more ebooks aimed directly at ecommerce sellers. Many of them are of a very high quality and we wanted to put together a page on Tamebay that will act as a depository for all this useful information. So that’s why today we bring […]

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Is your multichannel solution ready for Rakuten?

Rakuten Play

There’s little more than three weeks left for you to sign up to Rakuten’s new marketplace in the UK, Rakuten.co.uk if you want their signing on free subscription bonus. Whilst Play.com will continue until late Q1 next year. Rakuten emailed Play.com merchants offering them up to six months free subscriptions if they were to join […]

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Downton Abbey returns to ITV with Amazon

Downton Abbey

If you’ve seen the latest trailer for Downton Abbey you may have notice a “Sponsored by Amazon Kindle” logo at the end. It appears that Amazon have taken over as the show’s sponsor from Tesco. Previously Aviva and then P&O sponsored earlier series. Series 5 of Downton Abbey is due to be broadcast from Sunday […]

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eBay suffers serious technical problems #ebaydown

eBay Bug

It’s one way to celebrate your 19th Birthday (yes, eBay is 19 today). At a conservative estimate, from what we’ve observed, the vast majority of eBay users (buyers and sellers) were not able to login to eBay this evening for approximately 4 hours. That meant sellers couldn’t go about their business and buyers could not […]

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