Have a break before Christmas


There are only 124 days left until Christmas (About 121 days before you send your final shipment) so make the most of this last Bank Holiday as ecommerce is about to get busy. Of course seeing as it’s the UK and Reading Festival is on, it’s bound to rain for at least one of the […]

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Is this the worst defect rate on eBay?

Go to Jail feat

Stuart has been selling on eBay for about 10 years or so in one way or another, so you could probably class him as an experienced seller. However he has the worst known defect rate on eBay – 32.5% (at least until we can find someone to beat his record!). Stuart explains that until about […]

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Royal Mail Delivery Office upgrade program

Manchester South DO customer service point entrance exterior sm

Royal Mail are upgrading customer service points at a number of its delivery offices, the upgrade programme covers 45 delivery offices (this year) from Belfast to Darlington, Pontypool to Manchester. The improvements include installing new open-plan customer service counters – removing the glass screens to create a modern, lighter and brighter environment in which to […]

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eBay release “Sound of Shopping” track

Sound of Shopping sm

eBay have today released ‘Sound of Shopping’, a piece of music using sounds scientifically proven to help people make better shopping decisions. Celebrating eBay UK’s 15th anniversary the ‘Sound of Shopping’ track uses pop music radio, football commentary and people chatting – all of which have been proven to make shoppers think more rationally about […]

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eBay UK celebrates 15 years of ecommerce

15th Birthday sm

eBay are celebrating 15 years of ecommerce in the UK and in that time have transformed how people shop. Thinking back 15 years the Internet had hardly come to the UK and certainly it wasn’t mainstream with practically everyone having access as they do today. Early pioneers such as Graham Fosdyke had already registered on […]

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Amazon fee hike: Minimum referral fees

Amazon Seller Fees Feat

From the 9 October 2014 Amazon are implementing new per-item minimum referral fee. This will impact all sellers of low value products and we’re expecting for many that it will simply be no longer viable to sell on Amazon. In effect it is a fee hike for all products with a selling price below £2.67 […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Channel Software Free eBook

Ultimate Guide to Multi-Channel Software sm

Last week Matthew Ogborne, co-Founder of UnderstandingE.com authored a five part series on Tamebay – “The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Channel Software”. Today he’s published the entire series as a free eBook available for all Tamebay readers to download. We’ve published the first five chapters – “What is Multi-Channel Software?”, “The Key aka the Stock Number“, […]

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How to implement Royal Mail Local Collect


NetDespatch have developed a web designer’s ‘Location Toolkit’ for Royal Mail that makes the inclusion of ‘Royal Mail Local Collect’ in a retailer’s website incredibly simple – just by inserting a few lines of code. By integrating the NetDespatch Local Collect function on your website you will be able to offer your website customers the […]

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Hello new readers. Welcome to Tamebay.

Tamebay Feat

In the past 24 hours we’ve been overwhelmed by a huge influx of new readers here on Tamebay and we’d like to welcome each and every one of you. We hope you’ll come by again soon. So, what’s Tamebay? If you don’t know us, we’re a news and information website dedicated to online sellers and […]

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eBay UK Seller Release: New Seller Standards (Defects)


As previously announced eBay’s new seller standards kick into effect on the 20th of this month at the next seller evaluation. We’ve heard from many sellers about how they’re struggling to cope with defects and so have eBay and they’ve listened and responded. Today eBay announced that they are simplifying the after-sale experience with the […]

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