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Brand restrictions are hurting small businesses


Brand owners who refuse to allow their products to be sold on marketplaces are killing European small businesses and stifling cross-border trade. According to research finding, more than half of European small businesses selling online (53%) say they have been affected by these restrictions with 91% of sellers noticing an increase in platform bans from […]

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eBay Top Cyber Monday Deals


It’s Cyber Monday so it’s no surprise to see a last chance to buy Cyber Monday sale on eBay to follow on from the week of Black Friday Deals. The deals aren’t going to stop though… eBay have extended them to the 1st of December. Dieter Newell, Senior Director of Seller Growth at eBay UK, […]

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eBay: The ultimate “that’s Christmas sorted” shop


In their latest TV advert eBay are promoting themselves as the ultimate “that’s Christmas sorted” shop. Featuring a father and son both waking up, shaving and dressing with similar but different tastes even down to the devices they listen to music on, the ad hits home that 80% of products sold on eBay are brand […]

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eBay Top Black Friday Deals for Thursday


eBay’s Black Friday Deals are now running until Giving Tuesday (29th November). eBay promised that small businesses would be featured in their deals, and today’s selection of deals again include products from ShopTo and ColorPro, two of the small businesses featured in eBay’s ‘Twas the Eve of Black Friday‘ video. Top Black Friday Deal picks […]

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Arbiship eBay.com Arbitrage Software


There’s a whole industry which promises to make you money through what’s known as arbitrage. Basically it’s finding a product at a low price from one supplier and selling it at a higher price to the customer. That might sound like your business, but the difference is that instead of buying cheap in bulk, with […]

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eBay Australia roll out Site Changes just before Black Friday Peak

Australia Flag

Do they not have Christmas in Australia? eBay Australia have now announced three site changes taking place in November right in the middle of the peak season. One of these changes affects multi variation listings which could cause listings to fail just as sellers adjust their pricing for Black Friday. Just about every retailer in […]

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eBay’s Black Friday Small Business Heros


Three UK small businesses were highlighted in eBay’s “T’Was the Night Before Black Friday” video, ShopTo, Thingimijigs and Color-Pro. All three are great businesses that started off small and have grown over the years, they are typical examples of the opportunity that eBay gave us. This is the story for each of the three companies: […]

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eBay Premium Service Discounts not credited

eBay Bug

We’re starting to hear from eBay sellers that they’ve not received the eBay premium service discount on their latest eBay invoices. If your listings meet all the criteria, postage, dispatch time, returns etc and qualify for the discount then you should be getting a 10% discount on your final value fees. Some sellers (definitely not […]

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New eBay Mobile App and Structured Data

eBay Mobile App

New eBay App updates for iOS and Android include a new browse and comparison shopping experience that personalises the app to you. The latest version of the eBay will also show you products you recently viewed alongside similar products that may be of interest. The app features browse and comparison experiences made possible by eBay’s […]

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Reports of eBay email messaging glitches

eBay Bug

We’re hearing that there are some glitches with eBay messaging today with emails not getting through. One reader tells us that member to member messaging is borked saying “Basically all our replies to customers are being blocked. I raised it with them and they said it’s a known issue and added our account to their […]

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