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eBay hide time stamp on feedback

Feedback Feat

It looks like the way that feedback is displayed may be about to change yet again on eBay. That is to say it’s already changed on eBay.com and what happens over there tends to happen in the UK eventually. The latest feedback display in the UK shows the feedback comment, seller ID and date/time stamp. […]

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Scottish independence referendum vote worth £1.04 on eBay

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If you’ve ever wanted to know how much a vote is worth then now we know: £1.04. Well, that’s the price that one Scottish seller in Glasgow got to before eBay pulled their sale of their Independence Referendum vote. The Scottish people will vote in the indyref on 18th September. The seller said in the […]

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A really good experience on eBay UK

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I know that with all the talk of defects, much of the discussion has focussed on what can go wrong in an eBay transaction and how that can affect sellers. So I wanted to share a positive experience as solid evidence (if it were needed) to demonstrate that there are many thousands of sellers out […]

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eBay on BBC The One Show

eBay on The One Show

If you missed last night’s “The One Show” on BBC, you’ve got 6 more days to catch up on BBC iPlayer (Sorry only available within the UK). You’ll spot some regular Tamebay readers featured on the eBay clip (which starts 9mins 42seconds into the program if you don’t want to watch it all). It’s a […]

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Free eBay UK listings from Wednesday to Monday

Bank holiday fld

As already spotted by Tamebay readers there’s a free listing promotion running for private sellers on an invite only basis. If you’ve been included in the promotion you’ll have been notified in My eBay and have up to free 100 listings in an eligible category during the promotion period using the auction-style or fixed price […]

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eBay Defect Seller Standards: 1st Assessment


Today is the date that you will find out your seller status as measured by the new Seller Defect rating. We’ve heard lots of concerns both on is the new policy too draconian and possible glitches to the system which may need refining. We’re really interested to hear your experiences and whether your seller status […]

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eBay UK to remove defects resulting from Tuesday’s ISP issue

eBay Bug

On Tuesday we know that many of you suffered difficulties using eBay (and other sites). We kept on top of the issue on this thread and it was resolved, we think, for most people by early afternoon. This morning eBay issued this comment regarding defects that might occur because of the ISP problems. “Some of […]

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eBay UK Seller Release: Seller Protection

eBay Seller Protection Team sm

eBay are introducing new seller protection measures with two goals in mind: To simplify the after-sales experience for both buyers and sellers and to introduce new processes and safeguards for sellers. The main changes are: Wider defect removal policy eBay have updated their policies to introduce a new larger defect removal policy which is replacing […]

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eBay UK Seller Release: New listing tool features

Selling Manager

In response to seller requests, eBay are updating their listing tools with new features to help streamline your business. The new features are intended to make it easier for you to create listings in the time and place of your choosing, even when you’re offline, make it easier for you to manage your inventory and […]

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eBay UK Seller Release: Category & Item Specific Changes

eBay Marketplaces feat

From 15 September eBay will be updating their category structure to make it easier to shop on eBay UK. At the same time they are also adding new item specifics to align some categories across European sites, making it easier to sell internationally. eBay say that they are making these changes based on research and […]

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