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eBay listing/editing glitch

eBay Bug

We’ve been getting comments/emails all morning from Tamebay readers unable to edit their listings or post new listings onto eBay. We know this is only affecting some users as when we tested earlier we were able to create a new listings, but that doesn’t make it any the less frustrating for those affected. The good […]

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eBay buries job ad in website source code

eBay Job Ad sm

Do you know what “Java for back-end with MongoDB/MySQL, and HTML/LESS/jQuery and vanilla JavaScript in the front-end (with a little bit of Node.js)” actually means? Nope? My neither, except that it’s something to do with writing code. However that is the skill set eBay are looking for in an engineer to help build the eBay […]

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eBay UK 100 free listing promo until 27th for Private Sellers

eBay Cheap Listing Day Feat

eBay UK are holding another promo for invited private sellers between 22nd and 27th of Novemeber. You can find the promo page here. If you’re invited and eligible, if you click the Accept Offer and Sign In page on that page you’ll find out whether you’re eligible and invited. If you’re in the eligible cohort, […]

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BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones and his eBay/PayPal email scam

eBay Marketplaces feat

Most of you will know Rory Cellan-Jones as the BBC’s technology correspondent. He’s often on the wireless, tube and website talking tech and he was targeted by a scammer when selling on eBay recently. You can read the piece here. Guess what. He was selling a smartphone and it was the old address switeroo credit […]

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Video: Devin Wenig on eBay’s single future

devin feat

In this video from the Wall Street Journal, eBay Marketplaces head, soon to be eBay Inc. CEO Devin Wenig looks at some of the key questions eBay faces now and in its single future. Very much a corporate piece, investor/journo/commentariat facing rather than something that eBay’s army of SME sellers will be delighted by. Still, […]

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Using Amazon as your drop shipper on eBay

Using Amazon as your drop shipper on eBay

On Sunday I made three purchases on eBay. Today one of them turned up (still waiting for the other two to arrive). What surprised me however was that it arrived as a gift (purportedly from myself) from Amazon! Yes, it appears that the seller is involved in a little marketplace arbitrage and not only doesn’t […]

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Help your favourite charity win £7000 with eBay for Charity

eBay for Charity feat

eBay for Charity is once again running a campaign to encourage eBay users to make a charity their favourite. There are three prizes for the charities who attract the most new votes, £7000, £3000 and £2000. Plus there’s a bonus draw for eBay members who add a charity as their favourite, you’ll be entered into […]

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eBay Click & Collect orders ARE covered by Seller Protection

eBay Click and Collect Flow sm

We received an email from a Tamebay reader who was concerned as when they checked the PayPal payments page for some of their Click & Collect orders it appeared that they weren’t covered by seller protection. This despite the fact that they were shipping via Parcelforce with full tracking and an online signature. What made […]

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Ongoing problems with eBay File Exchange

eBay Bug

Towards the end of last month we reported that there were problems with eBay File Exchange. File Exchange is an eBay service that helps you bulk upload listings to eBay in a CSV format and also download sales reports too. Now, I’m not clear whether we have a new set of problems with File Exchange […]

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