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eBay protect German sellers during postal strike

Deutsche Post

On the 18th of June, eBay Germany announced that if buyers leave low Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) due to the Deutsche Post strikes in June that they will be discounted in the calculation of the seller status. eBay Germany are also working for automatic removal of DSRs if the strikes continue into July. We’ve seen […]

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eBay Traffic Reports: Ominture replaced by Tenthwave

Traffic Reports

eBay have replaced the old Omniture Traffic reports with a new replacement offering from Tenthwave. We’ve had a number of readers contact us saying that Traffic Reports are no longer available. The confusion appears to be a broken link on the main section of the “Manage My Shop” page which will be fixed this week, […]

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eBay to delete more dormant accounts

eBay Marketplaces feat

eBay appear to be continuing to retire accounts which haven’t been used for many years. I’ve just received one such email on an account I opened for a specific project and haven’t used since 2009. The email reads “We noticed that you haven’t signed in to your eBay account for quite some time, and we’d […]

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New rules for selling medicines on eBay UK

UK EU Common Logo

eBay UK have announced that From 1 July 2015, if you sell any medicines online, you must be registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the UK as well as displaying an EU common logo. This is apparently a requirement of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012, which implements the Falsified Medicines Directive. […]

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eBay.com duplicate listing sanctions go live

Duplicate Listings

eBay.com announced a couple of months ago that they’d be stepping up sanctions for sellers who violate their duplicate listing policy. This has now come into effect. At the time their language was quite strong and unambiguous – if you have duplicate listings they’ll dump your entire account in Best Match search. Saying such sellers […]

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FT gives some dodgy advice on eBay selling

eBay New Logo Feat

Consumers should expect better from the Financial Times. It’s a respected newspaper and a source of information that people trust. So it’s sad to see that they’ve been giving out advice encouraging sellers to break eBay policies, not offer returns and also mislead readers on the best time to end auctions. But that’s exactly the […]

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New eBay Feature: Volume Pricing

eBay Volume Pricing

eBay have a new volume pricing discount for sellers to offer buyers. It enables sellers to give a discount based on buying a multiple quantity from the same listing. This is something that sellers have long wanted – If (as eBay want) you offer free postage, giving a volume price enables you to discount the […]

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Marketplaces ban Confederate flag sales

Confederate Flag Ban

Following the recent Charleston shootings in the US, a furore has erupted over the Confederate flag, which has been hijacked as a symbol of racism and hate. Now major US retailers and marketplaces including eBay and Amazon are banning sales of the flag, in a similar step to their ban on Nazi memorabilia, although we’ve […]

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eBay Enterprise to be sold before eBay/PayPal split

eBay Enterprise Feat

The eBay Enterprise division of eBay Inc. is expected to be sold in advance of the formal eBay/PayPal split. The divorce is expected to come through on July 1st 2015. eBay Enterprise currently offers selling software, customer service, warehousing and fulfilment services. eBay Inc. bought GSI Commerce (which became eBay Enterprise) in 2011 for $2 […]

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