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Goofbid: New Group Bidding on multiple items

Goofbid Premium

Goofbid is the original eBay sniping tool, it’s been around for over a decade and tens of thousands have used it, along with Goofbid’s other tools. Now they’ve released their long awaited group bidding tool which enables you to bid for multiple items, and if one wins, the rest cancel. It’s the answer to many […]

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eBay buyers bypass seller’s Buyer Preferences

eBay Bug

How does a an international buyer manage to make a purchase from a seller on eBay UK who has blocked orders from their country? That’s the question Tamebay reader Simon set out to answer when it happened to him. He told us that he blocks international buyers from his eBay UK listings. Instead he is […]

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Scot Wingo: What do eBay’s Q415 eBay results mean for sellers?

eBay Marketplaces feat

ChannelAdvisor‘s Scot Wingo has published his overview of eBay’s results for the fourth quarter of 2015. And, as ever, it makes for interesting reading. Find his full and detailed analysis here. Forbes digested the results here. They were in line with low expectation but the outlook for 2016 has been judged a bit meagre. An […]

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Bigcommerce eBayLINK app for eBay Australia

Bigcommerce eBayLINK

Bigcommerce have teamed with eBay Australia to provide sellers a way to easily and efficiently list products and manage inventory on eBay using eBayLINK. Beta clients reported up to a 50% increase in store sales following eBay and Bigcommerce integration. The integration is now available exclusively through the Bigcommerce platform to sellers residing in Australia […]

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Combining two eBay Click and Collect orders in one shipment

Argos Newbury SM

What do you do when a buyer makes two purchases on eBay as separate orders? Do you combine the orders into one shipment to save on carriage costs or do you ship them as individual orders and risk the buyer complaining they only received one item? Tamebay reader Simon had just such a problem, a […]

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eBay Feedback error: sellers can’t respond

eBay Bug

Quite a few sellers have written to Tamebay reporting that eBay has been experiencing a technical glitch, for quite a few weeks, that means that sellers cannot respond to buyer feedback. According to one seller who has been in contact, this has been a problem since at least the 6th January and is ongoing. Some […]

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eBay.com ‘Returns Resolution’ Pilot


eBay have been running an interesting pilot in the UK, with participating sellers able to withhold some of the funds when processing refunds. The meat of the pilot is that instead of issuing a full refund, pilot participants have the option to deduct the cost of return shipping (and charge their predetermined restocking fees, which […]

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eBay: Mandatory Product Identifiers deadline just one month away

Product Identifiers

There’s just over a month to go until Product Identifiers will become mandatory for new and manufacture refurbished items on eBay UK (and eBay in France, Germany, Italy and Spain). All new, relisted, revised and Good ‘Til Cancelled listings will be impacted if you’re listing a product in a required category from the week of […]

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eBay put logo on Gold and Silver bullion

eBay Gold Bar

Does the price of gold go up because it’s got eBay’s logo stamped on it? Hard to say, but over 1,000 such bars have been sold on the marketplace in a joint venture between eBay and Bay Precious Metals. The bar is crafted by The Perth Mint in Australia. Weighing in at an ounce, it […]

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eBay to assist Indonesians to sell to the world


eBay are to open up an office in Indonesia, indicating what we’ve known for some time that the area is ripe for ecommerce growth. In the post listed on LinkedIn, eBay are looking for a new Indonesian Head of Cross Border. The successful candidate will have 8 to 10 years Internet and ecommerce experience and […]

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