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eBay research reveals an increase in DISCOs

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More Brits are moonlighting alongside the day job as eBay business sellers, according to eBay research. And economic uncertainty might be the reason, they suggest. Apparently, of the eBay and other online business surveyed by YouGov, over half (57%) said they have additional sources of income or side businesses, heralding a new cadre of ‘DISCO’ […]

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Was VAT on eBay fees correctly charged?

Marketplace VAT

There’s been some discussion in eBay circles on whether marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon correctly charged VAT on fees to businesses in the past. The argument goes “According to B2B VAT cross border legislation there should have been no VAT application on eBay and Amazon fees going back as far as the business contract […]

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Gumtree consolidates and shuts down New Zealand


Gumtree have announced that they are shutting down their New Zealand operation with immediate effect. As of tomorrow it’ll no longer be possible to post a new advert on the New Zealand site. The site will close on the 10th of March when the final adverts expire. They said: “Gumtree has a strong presence in […]

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2 months Free eBay UK Shops subs promo

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It looks like eBay UK is promoting eBay Shops again. This time it’s with a deal that offers 2 months free subscriptions to a Basic Shop. You can find details of the promo here on this page. But be warned it looks like it’s invite only and is time limited. There are lots of sound […]

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Finland, Poland and Israel added to Global Shipping program

Global Shipping Program

eBay have announced that from mid-March three new countries, Finland, Poland and Israel, will be able to buy products on eBay UK and have them shipped via the eBay Global Shipping Program. The new countries are in additional to Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, […]

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eBay Australia launches Click and Collect at Woolworths

Click and Collect

eBay Australia have announced their first Click and Collect partnership with Woolworths. The trial starts in Sydney and Tasmania with 90 Woolworths and Big W stores and a limited number of professional eBay sellers. More than 40,000 items on eBay Australia are expected to be offered with Click and Collect as a delivery option from […]

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eBay UK amends Global Shipping Programme terms

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eBay UK have announced revised terms for their Global Shipping Program. Find them here. eBay’s announcement relevant to these changes was made here. The changes will be become effective immediately for new users of the GSP and come into force for existing users on the 21st March this year. eBay says the headline changes are: […]

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eBay category display vanishes from listings

eBay Listing Frame

Sellers have been complaining for a couple of days that their category display (known as the “Nav Bar” or “Left Navigation Bar” is disappearing from their listings. Known as the eBay Listing Frame, many sellers select eBay’s recommendation to display a shop header in their listings which can include a search box, shop page links […]

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Neg feedback when the seller shipped too fast!

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Unbelievably, The Telegraph carries a story of a buyer who forgot to update her street address on eBay and then wanted to leave negative feedback because the seller shipped before she emailed an address change. There’s also no one to blame but the buyer herself and sadly sellers can’t leave negative feedback for buyers these […]

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eBay’s policy recommendations for TTIP

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TTIP is a trade agreement that’s currently being negotiated between the EU and the US. The idea is that it will grease the wheels for international trade. We’ll doubtless see how it pans out in due course. Of course, the deal is controversial and incomplete, but I do like the inputs eBay Inc. has made […]

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