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Have you had an eBay UK free listing offer this weekend?

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Hardly a weekend goes by without some sort of free listing offer from eBay UK. The offers aren’t universal of late and it seems that different cohorts of sellers get them. Sometimes I get an email myself on a seller account I hold. Often I get a tip off. This night there is no alert […]

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Free auction listings on eBay UK this weekend

Free Business Listings

Here we go again. It’s another weekend of free auction listings on eBay UK for invited private sellers. If you are part of the invited cohort, you can list up to 100 auctions as long as they start at more than a quid. If you haven’t seen an email in your inbox or eBay my […]

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Private seller free listing weekend 1-2 March on eBay UK

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As we reported yesterday, some invited business sellers can list up to 50k items next week in an eBay UK pricing promo starting on Monday. And private sellers shouldn’t despair – there is a seller promo for those who want to try a clear out too. This Saturday and Sunday they can list up to […]

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eBay UK Free Listings this weekend

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Thank you to all the Tamebay readers who have alerted me to this: it is great to get the tip off. There are free auction listings to be had for private sellers this weekend. As usual, terms apply and you can find them here. It’s not clear if this is open to all private sellers, […]

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Free auction listings on eBay UK 15th and 16th February

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This weekend private sellers can list up to 100 items free using the auction format. Full terms here. But in short, the blurb says: “Create up to 100 listing(s) with a starting price of £1 or more in an eligible category during the promotion period using the auction-style format and you won’t pay an insertion […]

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eBay UK free 5 day auction listings on 11th Feb

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There haven’t been as many listing promotions lately as we’ve come to expect. And eBay is certainly experiemnting with how they are publicised: I don’t seem to have had an email about one all year so far. So I’m extremly grateful for tip-offs if you see notice of a pricing promo and we haven’t noted […]

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