Cheap Listing Days

100 free eBay listings for selected sellers

eBay zero fees

eBay are offering 100 free listings to sellers who have been invited to participate in the promotion which runs until the 30th April. Only longer duration listings are including in the free listings, if you use 1 or 3 day listings then you’ll still be charged fees. The promotion runs for the whole (1st – […]

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eBay UK 50,000 listing Business seller promo


eBay are running a promotion for UK Business sellers offering up to 50,000 fixed price listings with free insertion fees. Sadly it’s an invite only promotion so if you’ve not seen the email you’re probably not included. However if you’d be interested there’s no harm clicking the invite link in case the email went astray. […]

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Two eBay private seller promotions today

eBay Marketplaces feat

Seeing as it’s currently chucking it down with rain outside (at least it is in Thatcham), check you email as you may have a listing promotion on your private selling account. We’ve heard of two promotions eBay are running today, but there may be more variants. Promo 1 To qualify you must have been invited […]

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500 free auction or BIN listings on

Free Listing

Chris Dunne over at Repricer Express has spotted a listing promotion on for free listings for ALL sellers. This is in addition to any free listings you might already qualify for. It enables you to list for up to 500 listings, auction-style or fixed price, for free up until the 26th November. Listing durations […]

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eBay UK 100 free listing promo until 27th for Private Sellers

eBay Cheap Listing Day Feat

eBay UK are holding another promo for invited private sellers between 22nd and 27th of Novemeber. You can find the promo page here. If you’re invited and eligible, if you click the Accept Offer and Sign In page on that page you’ll find out whether you’re eligible and invited. If you’re in the eligible cohort, […]

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Invite only private seller free listing promo

Free Listing

There’s another free listing promo for eBay UK registered private sellers who have been invited to participate. The promotion is free insertion fees for up to 100 auction-style or fixed price format. Unusually the promo runs from Sunday 09 November until Tuesday 11 November, we’re more used to seeing listing incentives over a weekend. If […]

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100 free listings invite only private sellers

Free Listing

There are 100 free listings this weekend for some lucky private sellers. This time around you can use either auction-style or fixed price format and there’ll be no insertion fees to pay. However it is an invitation only promotion so check your messages to see if you’re included. If you are the promotion runs from […]

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50k free listings for selected eBay UK sellers


eBay are running a promotion from today until the 19th of September for invited eBay Business sellers. The promotion offers 50,000 free listings for sellers without listing restrictions (or less where seller restrictions apply). The promotion is for fixed price format listings and unusually for an eBay promotion if you’ve been invited to participate you […]

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Free eBay UK listings from Wednesday to Monday

Bank holiday fld

As already spotted by Tamebay readers there’s a free listing promotion running for private sellers on an invite only basis. If you’ve been included in the promotion you’ll have been notified in My eBay and have up to free 100 listings in an eligible category during the promotion period using the auction-style or fixed price […]

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Take 3 photos to get free eBay UK listings

3 for free

eBay have an interesting promotion running, selected private sellers can have up to 100 free listings so long as they add at least three photos to their listing. It’s an invitation only promotion, so check your eBay My Messages to see if you’ve been invited to participate. If you have then the promo runs over […]

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