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Amazon introduce eBay style Best Offer function

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It’s usually eBay following Amazon, but this time it’s the other way around. Amazon have introduced a Best Offer style function called.. wait for it.. Make an Offer. Amazon say of the new feature: “The new ‘Make an Offer’ experience is a game-changer for Amazon customers looking for great prices on one-of-a-kind items, and for […]

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Amazon: could bike delivery trump drones?

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Amazon have been tantalising the media with high-tech tales of drones for more than a year and they are even hiring in Cambridge to develop the next generation of fulfilment from the sky. It has a hint of the ludicrous for us and would require legislative change in the UK and US to allow parcel […]

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Student receives £3.6k of Amazon goods thanks to a blunder

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Christmas has come early for one British student living in Bromley. Over the past few weeks he has received £3600 worth of Amazon goods he didn’t order including a £150 baby buggy and a 55-inch Samsung 3D television worth £889. Robert Quinn, 22, is currently studying engineering at University of Liverpool. It seems that the […]

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Amazon expands into nappies

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One of the odder stories I’ve written for Tamebay: Amazon in the US will be selling own-brand Amazon nappies (or diapers, if you prefer) on its US site soon exclusively to Amazon Prime members. Dubbed Amazon Elements, the range of nappies and baby wipes will be available to Amazon Prime members only and competitively priced. […]

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Guest post: How Amazon Repricing Can Increase Your Sales and Profits


Seamus Breslin of RepricerExpress talks about what exactly repricing software does and how your online business can get a slice of the $60 billion Amazon Buy Box pie. What is repricing software? 
 Repricing software essentially allows Amazon sellers to automatically compare their product prices to those of competitors’ and adjust them accordingly (within their […]

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Amazon Anonymous comment on SMEs selling on Amazon

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Tamebay published a piece yesterday about the Amazon Anonymous campaign calling to boycott Amazon this December. Our concern is that such a boycott unfairly impacts SMEs selling on Amazon who do pay tax in the form of NI, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT and Business Rates etc. Many will also pay a living wage. On […]

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Amazon’s robots don’t earn the living wage

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Whilst thinking about the Amazon Anonymous protest, which is in part about how they treat their staff (amongst other things), this video of the Kiva robots, who work alongside humans in an Amazon warehouse in California, came my way. In this facility 3000 robots are used to take the shelves to the pickers and packers […]

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Drone delivery mailbox could bag $1m prize

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An idea called Skynet (!?!) is developing a drone delivery mailbox that has made the semi-finals of the $1m Drones for Good competition. As Amazon and others moot the possibilities of future delivery by drone, some of the practicalities present problems. Step forward the entrepreneurs: introducing Clinton Burchat. He’s conceptualised a special delivery receiving system […]

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The staggering scale of Amazon

Amazon Warehouse

Buzzfeed have posted a photo story that has quite a few pictures from Tuesday from inside Amazon’s warehouse and fulfilment centre in Peterborough. And it’s hard not to be struck by the size and scale of their operation. You can find the article and the amazing images here. It says that this week will be […]

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Amazon, Royal Mail and eBay Click & Collect

Royal Mail Local Collect

Amazon and Royal Mail Local Collect Amazon and Royal Mail have announced a deal to enable click and collect of Amazon purchases at local Post Offices. It’s an integration of Royal Mail’s Local Collect service, which gives consumers the option to have their parcels delivered to any Post Office of their choice where it’ll be […]

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