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35% of sellers say Amazon Product Ads work for them

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At the end of October Amazon will be shutting down their Products Ads service. We reported same on Tamebay a few weeks back. (Bear in mind that this is a closure concerning Product Ads, not Amazon Sponsored Ads.) As the email to Amazon partners reads: “Effective October 31, 2015, we will be discontinuing Amazon Product […]

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Get £10 when you buy £40 of Amazon vouchers

Amazon Gift Certificate

This is a bit of a no brainer if a) you’re thinking of buying any Amazon gift cards in the next week or b) have an amazon purchase to make. Currently they’re running a promo which means that when you buy £40 of Amazon gift cards you get £10 to spend on Here the […]

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Amazon currently having DNS issues with BT

Amazon Bug

If your ISP is BT then you may be having problems accessing Amazon. The Amazon AWS Health Dashboard says “DNS problems for end users on British Telecom ISP in the UK”. As well as accessing the Amazon site you may also have issues with other websites hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), or with certain […]

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Why Spotify T’s & C’s shouldn’t be a concern


Streaming Internet music service Spotify has outraged users who have erupted to their new terms and conditions and privacy policy. It’s all, according the Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, been blown out of proportion and their intent is not as some have suggested to spy on their users. The outcry concerns Spotify telling users that they’d […]

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Amazon was banning golliwogs in 2013 but still sell them today

Amazon Golliwog

Following our story earlier this week where a seller’s eBay listings were cancelled because they featured a golliwog, it’s somewhat surprising to find that similar reproduction metal plaque of an old Robertson’s Golden Shred marmalade advert are still available on the site. And let’s not even mention the collectible Enid Blyton book “The Three Golliwogs” […]

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Amazon Ship by Region to Europe phased roll out

Amazon Courier

We’ve heard from a number of Amazon sellers that in the past they’ve suffered defects when selling into Europe due to inflexibility of delivery promises. That’s now about to change. Up until now Amazon has given one setting for delivery speed which didn’t take into account that whilst you can delivery to close well serviced […]

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Amazon UK ends trade-in scheme

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From the end of the month Amazon will be discontinuing its trade in scheme, according to an announcement on the Amazon UK website. The trade-in scheme allowed you to send Amazon books and video games and the like and they would be exchanged for Amazon gift cards. Amazon says in its announcement: We are closing […]

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Have you had problems satisfying Amazon with business documentation?

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We’ve received a fascinating email from a Tamebay reader and we wondered whether anyone else has had a similar problem. It relates to money laundering regulations. The seller in question recently realised that they weren’t selling anything at all on Amazon. This is because Amazon required them to provide official documentation regarding their business and […]

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Jeff Bezos rejects criticism of the Amazon workplace culture

Jeff Bezos

The workplace culture at Amazon is under the spotlight and not just when it comes to warehouse staff. A long and stinging piece in the New York Times describes a tough and sometimes quite cruel working environment. You can read the whole article here. In one sense there’s nothing unusual about grumbling employees but the […]

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