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Amazon to launch in Australia?

Australia Flag

Amazon is being tipped to launch in Australia in the near future. already exists but only sells kindle and Audible books, it’s yet to stock physical products. Pundits suggest that Amazon could generate sales of up to $4 billion in Australia which would certainly have a devastating impact on local retailers, especially bricks and […]

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Why Amazon Echo won’t be very good

Amazon Echo

This coming week my life will change and will supposedly never be the quite same again. I’m about to get my very own electronic personal assistant in the form of Amazon’s Echo device with Alexa. Alexa will henceforth be my friend, my slave, my fount of all knowledge, ever listening waiting to obey my every […]

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Amazon push you to pay more for products

Amazon Buy Box New Design

Amazon’s Buy Box policy has come in for some close scrutiny by public interest journalist site ProPublica. The organisation have published research into the behaviour of the marketplace giant when it comes to Buy Box ownership. For Amazon third party retailers the idiosyncrasies’ around the Buy Box are well known, and all too often it’s […]

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Amazon to launch 24 seller cafes in India

Amazon India sm

We know that Amazon considers India to be one of the key frontiers in expanding its operations globally. India is an attractive market because it has more than a billion citizens and a burgeoning middle class as well as a keen entrepreneurial culture. Apparently they’ve signed up 20k new sellers in India over the past […]

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Amazon could be next tax target for European Commission

EU Feat

You will doubtless have already heard about the case the European Commission has laid against Apple. It has ruled that Ireland must recover up to €13 billion from Apple after finding the US tech company had been granted selective tax treatment in the republic. It’s a legal nightmare that Apple will fight and that the […]

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Does Amazon change your prices?

Amazon Bug

There’s an interesting thread on the forums, a merchant is claiming that Amazon are changing their selling prices. The seller states that they are a small company, do not use any repricing tools and in particular have not signed up for Amazon’s repricer. They say “that since we do not have minimum and maximum […]

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Lucid launch FeedbackExpress for Amazon merchants with free trial


Lucid Interactive has announced the release of a new automated Amazon feedback software, FeedbackExpress. FeedbackExpress is a cloud-based solution to help Amazon sellers automate and manage their feedback communication with buyers. The software aims to help sellers get more positive feedback and product reviews as well as removing any negative and neutral feedback quickly and […]

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Letter to the Editor: Is Amazon support slipping?


A Tamebay reader writes asking why Amazon support appears to be going down hill. Is it just their business, or have you noticed more of your calls being routed to the Philippines and the responsiveness of Amazon support slipping? Letter to the Editor I’ve noticed Amazon support grinding to a halt the last few months. […]

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