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Amazon want Prime for Me, FBA for You

Amazon Prime Trial

Amazon Prime is becoming ever more important and they’re starting to punt it at customers harder than ever. In the past you’ve always been able to subscribe to Prime via messaging on their home page and every single time you make a purchase. In fact it’s not enough for Amazon to offer a Prime trial […]

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FBA, Prime and 3P selling all up at Amazon

amazon prime feat

One of the problems with assessing the health of the big marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon is that they give so little away in their various reports. That’s why learned independent reports and studies can be so useful. Here’s an interesting such report we came across yesterday from Baird Equity Research. It’s quite a […]

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BQool Unveils Faster Accelerated Repricing

BQool repricing

BQool have announced Accelerated Repricing is now available for Amazon sellers who need a faster repricer. BQool states Acclerated Repricing will be able to reprice listings every 0-15 minutes, depending on when repricing happened last. “For some sellers, it’s imperative that they be able to adjust prices as quickly as possible due to the competitive […]

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Amazon sue “fake” review selling sites


Amazon have apparently filed a lawsuit against websites which they assert offer a service to provide reviews for products. The sites named in the lawsuit are,, and There appears little doubt that the reviews are less than genuine, one of the sites states in their FAQ “You can either provide your […]

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Amazon Prime Now expands to Dallas, Texas

amazon prime now feat

Amazon is extending its Amazon Prime Now service to Dallas Texas in the US taking the total of areas covered to four. Amazon Prime Now already serves New York City, Miami and Baltimore and more locales are to be added to that list in 2015. Amazon Prime Now is a premium service for Amazon Prime […]

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Amazon Prime Video now available on Android

Amazon Prime Feat

Amazon Prime Video is now operational on Android tablets rather than just Fire ones, according to reports. This will make the video service more widely available and presumably increase the appeal of Amazon Prime which offers the service for free to subscribers. It is also, of course, operational on iOS platforms. It’s not a totally […]

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New Amazon Dash Button for one click buying

Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon have announce “Dash Buttons” which enable you to reorder products with a single press of a button. Designed for one Dash button per product, the idea is that for instance you’ll stick a washing powder button for your favourite vendor on or near your washing machine. If you’re running low press the button and […]

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Amazon Prime Now is extended to Dallas

amazon prime feat

Amazon’s Prime Now service has been extended to Dallas, Texas in the United States. Prime Now is a service that delivers a selection of domestic goods to locations in select areas within 2 hours. 1 hour delivery attracts a $7.99 charge but 2 hour delivery is free to Amazon Prime subscribers. Orders can only be […]

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Amazon message delays bug

Amazon Bug

It would appear that there’s been an error with Amazon’s messaging system where customer enquiries weren’t getting forwarded to sellers. Messages were held up with a glitch and whilst sellers may have checked their message inboxes regularly, suddenly a day or so later a glut of unanswered messages popped up. Some sellers have also received […]

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Goofbid announce plans for Amazon tools

Goofbid Feat

Goofbid are one of the most popular eBay tools site world wide. As well as being an eBay bargain finder and free auction sniper, Goofbid also have a multitude of other eBay tools for both buyers and sellers. Here at Tamebay we like them so much that we host some Goofbid tools on Tamebay. Now […]

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