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Amazon apply for “3D printer in a van” patent

3D Van Printer

Amazon can already delivery goods to you tomorrow, in fact if you order early enough in the day you have have your purchase today, so what’s next? They’ve just put in a patent to manufacture goods in the back of a van with a 3D printer as it’s en route to you. The idea is […]

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Amazon extends 1 and 2 hour delivery in New York

amazon prime now feat

Amazon’s now offering 1 hour delivery across the entire island of Manhatten in New York City. The service had previously only been available across some of the area. Called Prime Now, and accessed using a special web app, it offers free delivery within 2 hours and delivery within sixty minutes for a $7.99 charge between […]

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£80,000 compensation for piggybacking a brand’s ASIN


The Drum reports that Bonnington owner of the Kingfisher gardening range of products has been awarded £80,000 from the TopTrade Group for infringing on their brand. Bonnington don’t sell Kingfisher products on marketplaces themselves, but many of their retail customers do. These retailers had started to complain that they were being undercut with unrealistic prices […]

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Amazon to hand over seller data to HMRC

Death and Taxes

Amazon are displaying a note about tax disclosures on seller dashboards, informing them that their sales data may be handed over to HMRC. This is nothing new and assuming you’re in the majority of sellers who are already submitting your tax returns and paying your dues you’ve nothing to worry about. All we’ve seen so […]

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Amazon Seller Fees Feat

If you sell on and use FBA to fulfil orders you need to be aware of fee changes, some of which kick in as early as tomorrow. Effective February 18, 2015 Fulfillment Fees Pick & Pack and Weight Handling Fees will increase across all product sizes and weights. Dimensional Weight threshold For Large Standard-Size […]

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Amazon Outage, site down for 2nd time in 24 hours

Amazon Bug

Amazon appears to have fallen over for the second time in 24 hours. Whilst reports are only just starting to hit, we can’t access at all here at Tamebay HQ and readers are saying the same. It’s not been a good start to the week for Amazon, having had two peaks of downtime at […]

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Amazon customers feel cheated by £79 charges

amazon prime feat

The Sunday Times article has highlighted a number of Amazon customers who “Feel cheated after discovering they have been signed up to a service that charges £79 a year”. That’s Amazon Prime, which Amazon push at users every single time that they make a purchase until they give in and sign up for it. Amazon […]

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Amazon website outage on Sunday evening


on Sunday evening Amazon appears to be suffering an outage. The website is unavailable or extremely slow to load for many users. As well as the main website being affected users of other Amazon services are affected, for instance Prime Instant Video subscribers are unable to watch movies. Monitoring website DownDetector confirmed the outage, are […]

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Amazon launches Giveaway tool

Amazon logo feat

Amazon have launched a new tool that allows you to host a giveaway on the Amazon site. It looks like it will be most useful to authors or content producers promoting their wares or as a way for businesses to reward new Twitter followers, for instance. Basically you choose what you’ll be giving away and […]

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Amazon update delivery expectations

Amazon Feat

From the 2nd of March, Amazon are due to update the delivery promises that they make to customers on your behalf. In some cases you’ll get more time to ship, but in many you’ll be expected to ship faster. Craig from Bedrooms Plus Ltd shared an email with further information which states: “We are writing […]

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