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Jeremy Clarkson has bought something on Amazon!

Clarkson Fire TV Stick Ad

You get something like $160 million to produce a car show on Amazon, but have never made a single Amazon purchase? That’s Jeremy Clarkson for you, although he told a press conference that he signed up as an Amazon customer on Monday. Well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it and he probably wanted […]

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XSellco launches new ‘Competitor Insights’ feature

XSellco feat

XSellco has launched a new ‘Competitor Insights’ feature for Price Manager that helps Amazon sellers understand who they’re competing with and how they can gain a competitive advantage over them. ‘Competitor Insights’ shows users their Top 10 rivals for the Buy Box per marketplace and allows them to create rules to compete against them individually. […]

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Amazon Fresh UK launch just days away

Amazon Fresh

Amazon are according to the Grocer about to launch Amazon Fresh in the UK with deliveries starting as early as the 18th of May. Amazon already have Amazon Pantry and have already signed a frozen foods deal through their tie up with Morrisons. We heard that Amazon trialled the service in Birmingham and Amazon have […]

No Comments Read More add web booking to Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon have added browser booking to their Prime Now two hour delivery service in the US. Up until now the service was only available through the mobile app. It always struck me as slightly bizarre that you could only order from Prime Now on a mobile. Yes it’s when you’re out and about you’re potentially […]

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Amazon retail is less profitable then third party retail

Sell On Amazon feat

Last week I wrote that selling on Amazon means competing with Amazon retail and asked if it was an unfair situation. Many of you told us that as soon as you get a top selling line Amazon would suddenly start selling the same or a similar product and the competition is tough. Amazon have recently […]

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What comes after computers, laptops, smartphones & tablets?

Work at desk with laptop

Over the past two days I’ve presented twice at the Internet Retailing Expo and been talking about the next generation of Internet devices. Computers and Laptops We started off around 30 years ago with computers. They were good, but we were tied to a desk until laptops came along. Laptops offered the promise of freedom […]

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Doug Gurr is the new boss of Amazon UK

Dugg Gurr Amazon

Amazon have named Doug Gurr as the new country manger for Amazon UK. Doug was formerly country manager for China and replaces Chris North, who ditched his Amazon stint to become CEO of Shutterfly. Doug has been with Amazon for five years and previously served at Asda’s Executive development director. Doubtless his previous experience at […]

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Selling on Amazon means competing with Amazon. Is this unfair?

Sell On Amazon feat

Bloomberg recently published an article with the suggestion that Amazon look at their third party retailers best selling items, source the products themselves and then Amazon compete directly with their third party sellers. Even worse, Amazon are starting to manufacture their own products and again appear to compete directly with merchants. Amazon have on multiple […]

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Amazon Logistics now mandatory for Seller Fulfilled Prime sellers

amazon prime feat

According to a recent blog post from XSellco, Amazon is muscling in even further to fulfilment. This time by making Amazon Logistics a mandatory option for sellers using Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP). You can read the blog post in question here. There are also changes in Germany. Here’s what XSellco say: “Amazon has added itself […]

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Amazon EU amends terms of Associates affiliate programme

Amazon logo feat

The Amazon Associates programme is a scheme that allows people with websites and social media accounts to get a little kickback if they promote an item that is subsequently purchased. Such affiliate schemes are commonplace on the web but Amazon’s is one of the more successful. Amazon has notified users of the Associates programme that […]

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