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Why you shouldn’t buy a Fire Phone today

RBS SIx Nations

There’s one very simple reason why you shouldn’t rush out and buy a Fire Phone today, and that’s if you want Internet banking. I suspect that thousands of bank customers have installed their banks app on their smartphones and don’t even think about how often they use it. It’s so simple to check your account […]

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Amazon Fire Phone launches (but only on O2)

Amazon Fire Phone feat

Amazon’s Firephone comes to the UK tomorrow, but bizarrely they’re limiting it to buyers who want to sign up for an O2 tariff, which rules out everyone that might have been willing to shell out for the device but already have a contract with a different mobile phone networks. Bearing in mind most report on […]

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Will Amazon classify your product hazardous?


We’ve been contacted by a Tom of Starkey Headsets who is in a bit of a dilemma. It’s also something that could affect vast numbers of sellers on Amazon that use FBA. Tom told us that he was looking through the company’s products on Amazon wondering why one particular product had had no sales for […]

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Twitter complaints of Kindle ads in Downton

Downton Abbey Amazon Kindle sm

Downton Abbey kicked off on Sunday evening this week, but there’s been a raft of complaints about the Amazon Kindle adverts appearing at each ad break. At each ad break one of the Downton characters is pictured behind scenes absorbed reading their Kindle and supposedly oblivious to all that’s going on around them. So called […]

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More Amazon strikes in Germany

Amazon German Feat

Workers at Amazon have walked out on strike again at four of Amazon’s German warehouses. The strike is the latest in a long line of industrial action over pay in Germany. Basically Amazon pays their workers (well they say) on pay scales above the standard average for logistics workers. Ver.di, the union, claims workers are […]

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Amazon buy .buy domain for $4.6m

Amazon Feat

It’s a situation redolent of the earliest days of the web when supposedly sought after .com prefixes swede snapped up by millions. Now that a whole host of top level domains (TLDs) are newly available, we’re seeing some of them going for silly money. Amazon saw off other buyers, including Google, in the auction held […]

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The Merge Nightmare


Glenn is a reader and regular commenter on Tamebay and sometimes he writes for us, sharing his experiences as an ecommerce trader. Today he shares his experiences of merged listings on Amazon: Anybody who has ever bought or sold on Amazon will be aware that many products are duplicated and that identical or very similar […]

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Amazon Fire phone UK launch on 30th Sept

Amazon Fire Phone feat

Amazon have announced today that the Fire Phone is now available for pre-order in the UK in both 32gb and 64gb variants, but only in black and on O2 Refresh for £0 upfront on the £33 tariff (£38 for the 64gb). As predicted earlier today they’ve gone with O2 as the only carrier for the […]

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Amazon Firephone may be on O2 only

Amazon Fire Phone feat

Amazon’s Firephone might be released exclusively on O2 in the UK, according to the Financial Times. When it was initially launched in the US it struck a deal with AT&T in another carrier exclusive. That rules me out of buying one, there’s no way I’m giving up my Vodafone contract and quite frankly O2′s network […]

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Amazon to dump Google Adwords

Amazon Feat

Alex Ogilvie is MD for the multichannel management solution, Seller Dynamics, and naturally keeps his eye on what’s going on within the marketplace world. Today he shares the news that Amazon may replace Google Adwords with their own inhouse ad system: Amazon is reported to be close to replacing the use of Google Adwords on […]

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