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Amazon announce 100k new jobs in US


Amazon have announced a massive expansion to their North American workforce with plans to take on an additional 100,000 employees in the next 18 months. 100,000 jobs is a big number in anyone’s book, but what makes it incredible is that Amazon only employ 180,000 currently so their planning to expand by more than 50% […]

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AWS London Region launched at ‘Webminster’


“What’s all this about?” asked confused Londoners passing through ‘Webminster’ tube station today. Hitherto it was named Westminster and the stop where you’d get off to see Big Ben, or rather (just to confuse things even further) the Elizabeth Tower as Big Ben is the bell inside. What's this all about? #webminster #westminster #london […]

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Dodgy RRP claims cost Amazon $1.1 million in Canada


Amazon have just paid a cool million Canadian dollars to make a price advertising case go away. On top of the fine they paid another $100,000 towards the Canadian Competition Bureau‘s costs. It’s the normal story, on their Canadian site Amazon often compared selling prices to a regular price or “list price” making it appear […]

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India threatens to deport Amazon employees over flag doormat


Selling door mats in all manner of designs sounds innocent enough, but Amazon almost fell foul of an international incident when it was spotted that one such design was the Indian Flag. It was brought to the attention of Sushma Swaraj, India’s Minister of External affairs, and she went into overdrive on twitter. Apparently in […]

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Amazon sellers woes for not shipping on Christmas bank holidays

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We’ve had several readers get in contact to tell us that they have been suspended from selling on Amazon because Amazon has not taken into account some of the seasonal bank holidays when calculating a seller’s Late Dispatch Rate metric. The cases we’ve heard about have typically involved sellers shipping to the EU, specifically France […]

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A Shopify deal with Amazon could get interesting


Amazon has done a deal with Canadian based shopfront, webstore and eshop supplier Shopify. And the result will be greater opportunity between Shopify merchants and the Amazon Marketplace, although details are scant. That said, it sounds like a good thing in principle. It is a big deal and Shopify says this: “This is our first […]

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Download the Amazon 2016 Trends Report


Amazon have released their 2016 Trends Report which, while it’s definitely worth browsing, is somewhat short on marketplace seller trends this year. An interesting date for your diary is that sales of Christmas related products indicated that our Christmas shopping started in earnest on Wednesday 19th October. Unsurprising Christmas sales on then peaked […]

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Amazon buyer spoof email is doing the rounds

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Here’s a reminder to keep an eye out for spoof emails doing the rounds with the aim of duping you (and shoppers) out of your personal details. Often called ‘phishing’, the idea is to catch you off guard into providing things like addresses, bank details and passwords. The current one reported relates to Amazon and […]

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Amazon now uses 45k robots to automate operations

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The future is automated and Amazon is leading the way. Robots are at the core of ecommerce innovation. At the end of 2014, Amazon had 14k robots and now it has more than three times that. So what’s the story at Robot Amazon? 45k robots is a huge investment. Do you welcome your new rob […]

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Amazon FBA shipped 2 billion items in 2016

Amazon FBA Feat

Amazon more than doubled the number of FBA items shipped worldwide during the holiday season. Sellers using Amazon’s fulfilment service grew more than 70% although Amazon don’t disclose how many sellers that represents. In 2016 FBA delivered more than 2 billion items worldwide. These are phenomenal figures, especially as FBA is accelerating faster outside the […]

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