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Did you see the Amazon documentary on the BBC?

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As part of the Business Boomers series on the BBC, they have produced an engaging overview of Amazon, how it came about, some critique of how it is damaging businesses and insight into its own business culture. You can check it out on the BBC iPlayer (for about five more days and if you’re in […]

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Seller reports Amazon refund of FBA item after 1 year

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We received information about a most interesting case recently. And it would be interesting to hear whether anyone else has had similar experiences. Here’s the story from a Tamebay reader and Amazon FBA seller: “We’ve been selling on Amazon using FBA for many years. Occasionally we saw that a customer had returned something to Amazon […]

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New $1 minimum referral fees in some categories

Amazon Feat will be introducing new minimum Referral Fees to some categories from the 16th May. You can find the Amazon page with full details here. The below table summarises the changes. Now, this is unlikely to affect a great many Tamebay readers, as the vast majority of UK and European based Amazon sellers don’t trade […]

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Xsellco launch free Amazon repricer

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Last week at Internet Retailing Expo I was able to catch up with the guys from XSellco. At the expo, they ran me through their new offering: a free Amazon repricer. As I noted earlier in the year, marketplace repricing tools are big news and there are numerous offerings out there. But as far as […]

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Amazon foreign currency changes could cost sellers

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Amazon have made changes to their set-up and now you can receive euro payments directly into your bank account. But this could cost you on fees. Up until March 2014, Amazon sellers had to open a bank account in specific countries in order to receive proceeds from sales – which was a time-consuming and expensive […]

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Were you affected by the Amazon disbursement problems?

Amazon Bug

Early last week, we heard of a number of reports of disbursement problems from sellers on Amazon. Indeed, Amazon itself reported that there had been problems. They also noted the issues had been resolved and hadn’t lasted long. All’s well that ends well. That’s what we thought. At that time, only a handful of sellers […]

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Are you getting the most from Amazon Multi Country Inventory?

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We’re hearing a lot at the moment about the opportunity of cross border trade (CBT) and how it can be a great growth opportunity for ecommerce SMEs. So it’s good to see how the marketplace channels are responding by developing new services and products to help grease the CBT wheels. And the latest news to […]

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Amazon UK Prime price rise to £79

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It’s all being billed as good news. Here in the UK, the Prime service (which offers shoppers unlimited discounted postage for the year), is being expanded so that subscribers can all get all-you-can-eat access to the Kindle library and also membership to the Lovefilm streaming service. All good news? There’s a catch. The annual fee […]

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Lush do battle with Amazon over fakes

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Bath product company Lush has criticised online marketplace Amazon for not acting on its reports of fake, branded Lush products for sale on the site. Over the course of three years, Amazon didn’t act to eradicate the trademark infringing items so Lush resorted to the courts who have found in their favour. Apparently Amazon intends […]

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Guest post: Amazon variations on a theme

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Glenn is a Tamebay reader and an Amazon seller. here he reflects on the problem of listing variations. As an Amazon apparel seller I often need to create numerous variations of a product and the combinations of sizes and colours often exceeds 20 or more i.e. a T shirt in Blue, White and Red available […]

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