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Would you use Amazon Logistics instead of your current courier?

Amazon Courier

Anyone that buys on Amazon has probably experienced an Amazon Logistics delivery. They’re starting to deliver more and more Amazon Retail and Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) products for third party sellers than ever before. We know that Amazon Logistics are starting to collect from merchants who self fulfil Amazon Prime eligible orders and today’s news […]

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So You’ve Cracked Amazon. What’s Next?

Prosper Show feat

Drawing on the experience of former Amazon business leaders, seasoned sellers, and other industry experts, The PROSPER Show is currently being held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Prosper Show aims to provide sellers with the knowledge to accelerate their businesses. If you sell in the US, is this a show you should consider […]

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Amazon relaunch Treasure Truck in Seattle

Amazon Treasure Truck

As if Amazon didn’t sell enough products to consumers, they’ve come up with a new wheeze to get us to part with our cash – the Amazon Treasure Truck. After the project was put on hold last year, the Amazon Treasure Truck is back in Seattle and this time looks like it might be here […]

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XSellco Swift for Amazon Prime Merchants

XSellco feat

Amazon have a ‘Buy Shipping’ API to enable their merchants to place orders for deliveries. If you’ve ever used it it’s likely that it was to receive quotes for shipping from a network of Amazon Partnered Carriers. However there’s a secondary use – for Prime merchants who are self fulfilling orders to Amazon’s Prime subscribers. […]

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Amazon Prime Air doomed before the first drone launches

Amazon Prime Air

At The Delivery Conference there was an expectation that deliveries will soon change forever. There’s the exciting side of future deliveries such as the Starship self driving local delivery robot that took to the stage to drones in the air. The more down to earth options such as lockers and local collect already available from […]

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Social sharing of Amazon purchases ruled illegal by Germans

Social Media Feat

You buy something online, the next thing that happens is the retailer or marketplace gives you the option to share your purchase on Facebook, twitter, any of the other social media platforms out there or possibly even by email. Personally I’ve never understood why someone would want to make their purchases public, but it makes […]

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Amazon misses Q415 expectations and shares take a hit

Amazon logo feat

That’s the problem with great expectations. Even if you deliver a lot, unless you really impress, you still get marked down. And that’s pretty much what’s happened to Amazon last week when it report its Q415 results and Wall Street analysts decided it just wasn’t quite enough. The below graph should serve as an illustration. […]

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Amazon Fee Calculator

With the news that Amazon might be mis-charging Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) fees, we’re pleased to announce that the guys at DNA Response have an Amazon (FBA) Fee Bulk Calculator. The DNA Response FBA Fee Bulk Calculator has been updated to take into account’s published FBA fee and storage fee changes for 2016 that […]

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Amazon roll out Prime Now to Liverpool

Amazon Prime Now

Liverpool, Birkenhead, Warrington and Wigan are the latest areas to be added to the areas serviced by Amazon Prime Now. Liverpool users can buy from more then 15,000 items and then choose a delivery within one hour of ordering for £6.99, or free delivery within a choice of two-hour, same-day delivery slots between 8am and […]

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Amazon drones to fly 15 miles with 2kg parcels

Amazon Prime Air

Whilst Amazon are investing in “proper” delivery methods, vans, planes, ships and even bicycles in India, they keep coming back to Amazon Air and drones. In their latest video, of course hosted by their controversial UK signing, Jeremy Clarkson, Amazon reveal that they intend to use a whole family of drone designs, one of which […]

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