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Why Brexit doesn’t worry Amazon

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Amazon doesn’t seem to be the slightest worried about Britain exiting the EU or any possible ramifications it could have for ecommerce in our Islands. Shortly after the result of the referendum was in Amazon said “We are committed to supporting U.K. businesses selling in the U.K., in Europe and worldwide, and to helping businesses […]

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Amazon to set up Exeter depot and create 100 jobs

Amazon Freight Forwarder Shipping Logistics

Amazon will be opening an Amazon Logistics depot in Devon and creating a total of 100 jobs. There will be 20 people employed directly at the facility in Sowton, Exeter and also an estimated 80 jobs created with 8 associated local delivery firms who will take on the deliveries. Amazon Logistics delivers parcels to customers […]

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Test drive a new Hyundai Elantra with Amazon Prime

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 00.25.41

Amazon seems willing to try all sorts of ideas in order to maintain its pre-eminent position as the undisputed leaders of ecommerce right now. And, moreover, the Amazon way is absolutely about making sure that Amazon Prime is at the forefront what it does. So, whilst this does strike us in the first instance of […]

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1500 new Amazon jobs in Tilbury, Essex. 500 in Doncaster.

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It seems that we’re frequently reporting Amazon expansion in the shape of new fulfilment centres (FC) and new jobs. This time it comes in the form on an announcement from Amazon that they’ll be opening a new depot in Tilbury docks in Essex with 1500 new jobs. The new FC will form part of Amazon’s […]

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Amazon will try to harness the ‘Delia Effect’

Amazon Video

Amazon is going to try and create demand, rather like Delia Smith, when it launches a new food show in the autumn. Although, unlike Delia Smith, they’ll be selling the goods. The ‘Delia Effect’ is where shops see a massive surge in demand for products whenever the Norwich City FC director mentions them in her […]

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Amazon advises sellers to seek UK tax advice in Seller Central

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It’s difficult to read the text in the above graphic but it’s the latest news on Seller Central released on 16th August. If you’re an Amazon seller, you can easily view the announcement in your selling dashboard. It’s an advisory announcement from Amazon that reads: “Information regarding your account This is a reminder that […]

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Amazon will bring Logistics and courier jobs to Stoke

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The march of Amazon’s UK expansion continues with good news for Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire. Once the heart of the British pottery industry, it’s now welcoming Amazon to the fold as an employer with a new Fulfilment Centre. Not only will there be 120 jobs available in the FC but also extra work for local couriers, […]

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Get a fiver off an Amazon Prime Now order

Amazon Prime Now

If you live in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Portsmouth, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Durham, Edinburgh or Glasgow and want to try out Amazon Prime Now then there may be a little sweetener in the air. I read on that if you live in an eligible are and haven’t used the service before that […]

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Amazon offices raided by Japanese authorities


Japan’s Fair Trade Commission has apparently raided Amazon’s far east offices. Amazon are suspected of pressuring third party retailers to lower their prices on Amazon. We have of course seen a similar price parity policy in the UK and Europe but Amazon ultimately abandoned Price Parity across the EU in 2013. still have a […]

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