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Amazon Prime Now 1 hour delivery for Londoners

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon have launched one hour delivery exclusively for Amazon Prime Members based in London. You can also select a two hour delivery slot the same day for free. The service known as Amazon Prime Now first launched in the US and has spread to cities across the States, now for the first time Londoners can […]

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Amazon Lending coming to the UK, EU and China

Amazon Lending sm

Amazon Lending is to expand to the UK, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy and Spain. Later this year according to Reuters, Amazon Lending will be offered to merchants on a case by case invitation only basis. Amazon are well placed to assess sellers for short term capital loans, they better than any other marketplace […]

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Amazon paid £11.9m on £5.3bn of UK sales in 2014

Amazon logo feat

It’s almost boring to report this: company does something entirely legal. But at a time when we’re encouraged to consider the role of the EU in our national life, how governments are funded and the ethics of making money and paying tax, it is still newsworthy. Amazon paid a tiny amount of tax on a […]

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Amazon Seller Central down and offline

Amazon Bug

It looks like Amazon are having a few issues this evening. We’re hearing that Seller Central has fallen over with sellers getting messages such as “This account is not associated with a valid merchant/marketplace. Sign in as a different user”. Over at we had a quick check and couldn’t even attempt to log in: […]

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CAA: Amazon sent dangerous goods on planes

LIthium Batteries Shipping Label

Amazon UK are being accused by the CAA of illegally transporting dangerous goods on planes, according the the Mail and Mirror. The papers say that the CAA is prosecuting Amazon for sending lithium-ion batteries, aerosols and car screen wash on planes. Requesting an adjournment Amazon said in court “The issue is there is no dispute […]

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Who should own the gTLD .Amazon domain?

Amazon gTLD

When new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) became available it was almost a given that large global companies would apply for their own domains. For instance it would be no surprise to learn that eBay wanted the domain .eBay and could potentially offer you a unique URL to your eBay shop in the format www.YourUserID.eBay. […]

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Amazon review revamp changes hit the UK


It looks like Amazon have rolled out their revamp to their reviews onto the site. We were told that that newer, more useful reviews, will be considered as more powerful than old reviews, or those from buyers who haven’t actually bought the goods in question when products are rated on the site and that […]

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Amazon changes the rules on item title length


Starting from July 15th, Amazon will start demoting new item titles that exceed 200 characters in search. In a blog post from SellerLabs called Optimize Your Titles Before Amazon Suppresses Them they talk about these new rules. As they say: “An email was sent yesterday, June 16, 2015, proclaiming the new standard for product titles. […]

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Amazon revamps reviews system

Amazon logo feat

Reports suggest that Amazon is improving its reviews system. The upshot will be that newer, more useful reviews, will be considered as more powerful than old reviews, or those from buyers who haven’t actually bought the goods in question when products are rated on the site. Amazon’s Julie Law said; “The system will learn what […]

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Do you want to be a casual Amazon courier?

Amazon Casual Courier

Amazon are about to ask you and I to deliver their packages with a new app called “On My Way” under development according to the WSJ. The idea is that you’d be able to make a bit of cash on the side by collecting a parcel from a high street retailer and dropping it off […]

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