Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Hermes integration

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Hermes vision is to be the carrier of choice for every consumer in the UK. This means ensuring that they continually push to have an integrated carrier solution on every popular Marketplace such as eBay and Vinted. Today we can announce a new Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Hermes integration.

With an initial 2 year contract, this means the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Hermes integration qualifies products you ship via the service will qualify as Prime deliveries for consumers and opens up a value proposition for your deliveries. For many Amazon merchants, Hermes will be one of the most cost efficient methods of sending items and the costs won’t change for your Prime deliveries compared to other parcels sent via Hermes.

For Hermes, this puts them in an excellent position to grow not just their C2C, SME business but also their B2C propositions driving volume and growth across their ecommerce and Corporate business streams.

The Seller Fulfilled Prime Hermes integration means that for the first time, sellers will be able to use Hermes for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders for Standard orders. The seller can still choose to use a faster service to fulfil that standard order if they wish, allowing Amazon sellers who fulfil their own orders to use Hermes.

The great news for Hermes’ business and the operation is that it’s pretty much business as usual so there’ll be no changes to the way that they work, just an increase in parcel volume! The majority of the initial volume is likely to be on SME, with some additional C2C, corporate to follow in 2021.

If you sell on Amazon and want to, or are already qualified, for Seller Fulfilled Prime, speak to your contact in the Hermes Send team for more details.

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  1. maybe amazons conditions have done us all a favour
    my hermes have been magnificent this last 6 months

  2. Hmmmm,,I think the best thing Amazon can do is to stay the ”Hell Away” from Hermes,, I mean ‘Miles Away’ if possible,,,
    Worst delivery company!!!!!
    I’m gonna stop ordering from Amazon if this continues..

  3. In my experience everything that I get delivered by Hermes is either days late, damaged, or doesn’t arrive at all. What are amazon thinking partnering with a very mediocre at best delivery service called Hermes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I won’t be buying anything that is delivered by Hermes, they are absolute thieves, in 2020 I had 17 parcels alone stolen by them, when they don’t steal it the parcel arrived damaged or is thrown over the fence, worst delivery company on earth, i’d rather my parcels were brought by Jack The Ripper who is feeling particularly murdery that day; than by Hermes, I’d be dead, but atleast I’d have actually received my parcels..

  5. My 3 day delivery from via Hermes took over 3 weeks to arrive.the tracking system told me it had been delivered,and the picture was of a black square?? I have a security light on my front door,and a camera.nothing turned took copious amounts of messages to the seller and then my parcel turned up.

  6. This is supposed to be good news? Hermes may be priced competitively but they’re more likely to lose, damage or steal your parcel too!! As for delivering on time? No.! When you try to claim for loss, they have a great list of exclusions of what they will carry so the seller ends up out of pocket. Oh and I’ve also heard of false tracking and delivery updates and notifications. So the consumers will have a problem trying to prove the item was not received.

    You may be lucky though.

  7. The most unreliable courier oin the UK last year I had 3 claims and against Hermes not 1 resolved KEEP WELL AWAY

  8. I’ve had several parcels go missing with Hermes. The final straw for me was when someone removed the violin that I had carefully packed and sent the packing materials inside a plastic bag to my customer.
    I will never use them again. Just too risky.

  9. How many parcels have to go missing. Many thefts actually caught on camera. One courier after photographing the customer holding the parcel then snatched it out of her hands. Criminal investigations into Hermes couriers. I’ve had 2 parcels go missing one after the other by Hermes. One never arrived the other was rediscovered after it was said to be lost and cancelled. Hermes the only couriers that have had bad press day after day.

  10. I found Hermes to be OK in the past ,sending and receiving packages. BUT these last few months have been a NIGHTMARE,tracking says parcel delivered at 11.59!!!! Ppppuuurrrurlease,eventually contact their Customer Service ,whi said its LOST, contact Retailer!!! A few days later it turns up???
    To date another parcel was at the Depot,then theres a delay still waiting,Retailer says check tracking ,which is not worth looking at.
    Spend half my time trying to trace my parcel.
    I’m waiting since 18/12/20 for a return pick up!!!!
    It stops you wanting to order online if Hermes is involved

    I’ve checked what Companies use them and Pretty much many use them,they are cheap, now overtaking Royal mail -but service is ATROCIOUS!!!!@@
    I tried sending an email to the CEO @Hermes,it just bounced back

  11. Avoid avoid avoid worst delivery company ever!
    Well that’s if Hermes can even cut the word delivery I use that word loosely.
    Took over 2 weeks to collect my parcel it never showed at the other end this company are a joke.
    Thanks ☺️

  12. As said before… giving up Amazon if Hermes touch my packages. Always have problems with them……,

  13. Hermes managed to lose a £1000 mountain bike I ordered before Christmas. When i got the reship the box was, as expected, huge and would barely fit through my door. How a courier could have ‘lost’ it is beyond comprehension.
    I will be cancelling my prime subscription if they are choosing to use hermes for ‘next day delivery’

  14. I agree 100% worst company ever.iv had false pictures of somewhere else not me but as it said its delivered …useless tats online chat system.dumped out side and run situ now…missing /stolen items…decide not too deliver at last min…totally shocking in my area iow.self employed courior only after there£ 1.00 per item regardless if correct house or if damaged.iv moaned endless times too amazon .cheap isnt always good service…obv!

  15. Hermes are the worse delivery company I have ever experienced. Amazon Prime promised next day delivery, sadly for me, they used Hermes. After a week of Hermes “processing” my parcel, they informed me that “it has been lost in our network”. It is impossible to actually speak to anyone at Hermes, and their digital assistance is useless; it’s no coincidence that Hermes have switched off their comments option on their social media accounts. If Amazon wants to retain its credibility, they need to stop using such a second-rate firm.

  16. Yes, I’ve had more than one problem with Hermes deliveries too and they are neither easy, efficient or particularly pleasant to deal with when trying to sort the problem.
    Would never choose to use them and not happy when purchasing from a company that does. Public be warned.

  17. Done by Amazon as they will be getting a good kick back.
    Hermes were used by us previously and we became so frustrated at lost and late parcels that we thought of just taking it directly to our local river and throwing it in. As then no paperwork required to make a claim which thewn was never paid.

    They left parcels in rewfusde bins and when i asked if that was deemed a safe place the customer srvice said yes.
    So i asked what day the bin was collected from a particular customers address snd they said how would they know that.
    So when i said well why risk putting it in there then.

    A binman i spoke to said they regularly flip bin lids now to check inside and collect many parcels to keep on their way round as why tip then in the lorry.

    Binman sounds the best joib to be in for perks.

  18. Any company that offers no phone contact should be avoided as its a sign they have piles of complaints daily.

  19. Herme’s received my parcel 5days ago and its still sat in their hub. Wasn’t an amazon order tho it was item from ebay who have also started using hermes.
    Should have been here in 3 days ago,cmon hermes my item is only coming from London to Glasgow. Would have been quicker driving down south myself to pick it up. Will not be ordering from sellers that use hermes from now on.

  20. Oh dear… What can I say?
    Maybe one day I will get z Hermes delivery on-time, or maybe not left on the step in the rain, what about my mysterious porch that appears when they deliver and vanishes when they go… Along with the parcel!
    Oh and the classic over the fence delivery point… That they don’t tell you about but you find several days later. Of course there is the tracking to think of… Where they get it, but there is ‘delay’…. And it is never seen again!
    All in all, I do my best to avoid them. They may be cheap as chips, but they overload and under pay their delivery drivers and wonder why it all goes tits up? However so long as the big companies put profit over customer happiness then they will get away with it.

  21. Oh dear… What can I say?
    Maybe one day I will get a Hermes delivery on-time, or maybe not left on the step in the rain, what about my mysterious porch that appears when they deliver and vanishes when they go… Along with the parcel!
    Oh and the classic over the fence delivery point… That they don’t tell you about but you find several days later. Of course there is the tracking to think of… Where they get it, but there is ‘delay’…. And it is never seen again!
    All in all, I do my best to avoid them. They may be cheap as chips, but they overload and under pay their delivery drivers and wonder why it all goes tits up? However so long as the big companies put profit over customer happiness then they will get away with it.

  22. we tell it as it is thats why we often get friction here,
    telling it as it is , speaking from experience ,not trump like supposition ,
    we like everyone else have had various problems with my hermes.
    though much worse problems with royal mail recently !
    hermes have been outstanding for us
    during this and previous lockdown ,
    we now use my
    hermes as first choice ,before royal mail,

  23. Hermes refuse to deliver to my house. Terrible company, on top of that trying to contact Hermes is an utter nightmare. Worst decision Amazon could ever of made.

  24. What are Amazon thinking, worst courier company ever. Lost deliveries, cannot find my house, items returned to sender due to me never being in (always at home as its where I work from)
    The excuses are but a few I have been given. If I now see an item I am ordering is being delivered by Hermes I now do not even bother placing the order as I know it will not arrive.

  25. Are Amazon joking here?? I have never had any problems with any couriers BUT Hermes. Maybe they will rethink their decision after seeing how many refunds they will have to give out due to lost, damaged parcels!!! I cannot believe they have not done any research into the amount of complaints and negative comments Hermes receive before deciding to take this step. They will lose a lot of customers doing this and should have done more thorough research into what the customer thinks of the company before going ahead with this idiotic decision. I for one will not be ordering anything more from Amazon if this is the case and I’m sure a lot of customers will have the same view as myself.

  26. Have to say I’m with Victor – Hermes have been truly magnificent around my way. I had one parcel delivered one day late and about a dozen delivered on time. Plus my local Hermes courier is lovely, friendly and the only thing she doesn’t like is when it’s raining AND too hot to wear a coat!

  27. I have been waiting on Hermes delivering my parcel said it will be here 0n the 9th I tracked it then just away from my house went dead said there was a problem emailed them tried phoning getting no where is who has my goods !

  28. Hermes has never deliver on time and also lost a couple of parcels throughout the past 3 years. There is no phone number to call therefore the customer service is just an imaginary thing.
    Since Amazon wants to take them and let them handle our parcels unfortunately there is no need for me to use prime and next day delivery as I already know that would never happen.
    Bad move from Amazon

  29. Idiots for going with Hermes they are the worst courier company around always makes excuses always late and parcels always goes missing if had to be any courier service company better off with DHL they’re service 10x better then Hermes always comes on time their next day delivery excatly perfect

  30. I have been waiting on Hermes delivering my parcel said it will be here 0n the 9th I tracked it then just away from my house went dead said there was a problem emailed them tried phoning getting no where is who has my goods !plus I have a camera link to my house and phone so I can see who comes so they csnt say they have been and left the parcel as I will see it so they are stuck plus I am a main door

  31. The first i found out about Hermes doing Amazon deliveries was when i got the your order is being delivered today message!!

    They have yet to find my warehouse on a street about 100m long!!!

    Its a detached building and well signposted and there is no safe place to put the parcel.

    Guess what, i get a nice photo of the parcel on a chair in a communal hallway!!

    I have a quick look around, but cant find the hallway.

    About 2 days later, someone from my accountants, which is about 80m up the road, came to the warehouse and dropped it off.

    Not a day goes by, when on my local town facebook group, there will a picture of a left parcel with a message like – Is this you door, if so, dm me and i will come and pick my parcel up.

    Im going to add a message to my Amazon delivery address along the lines of :



  32. I can’t believe Amazon would join up with Hermes, they are not reliable, read the forums. I had a 8 kg parcel damaged by rats, the rats managed to eat the £40 in plastic money also ate the tins and jars of jam I was told it could not be returned. This was what I thought was a thoughtful present for my elderly sister to give her less shopping to do for Christmas. I will never use Hermes again and after many years of happy trading with Amazon will buy my online items elsewhere.

  33. Hermes driver said he had 3 delivery attemps but after checking my security camera NO DRIVER HAD BEEN total lies.
    The worst parcel delivery service ever

  34. Wow the amount of people that don’t read things properly. No wonder customer drive seller crazy when they don’t read things and blame a business.
    Seller fulfilled prime is when a business seller uses a service that Amazon has partnered with.
    I use Hermes for the vast majority of small parcels and they have been amazing throughout this year.
    The only other choice for a small business for small parcels is Royal Mail who have taken weeks to deliver mail, sorting offices with huge delays, parcels not scanned or tracked so as a business you don’t know if they are delayed, lost stolen and customer trying it on for a freebie.
    Least with Hermes you get pretty accurate tracking most the time, geolocation of delivery and picture. If dealing with Hermes direct once a claim is submitted then it is dealt with pretty quick.
    All parcel companies are the same in the fact parcels will get lost or damaged.
    If it was not for Hermes and the amazing parcel shop I use this year I would of struggled if relying on Royal Mail. Instead I have been able to double my turnover


  36. We have never had a problem with Hermes. Parcels are delivered on time and with due regard to safe guarding and isolating.

  37. we have learned to treat jy hermes delivery time promise as totally hypothetical ,at best just an estimate
    then they are no worse than any other courier even better than most, at far less cost

  38. I send most of my normal sized items with Hermes, and a few letterbox items with Royal Mail. Very heavy items with UPS. I have had problems with Hermes deliveries, however I have also had problems with Royal Mail deliveries. No problems with UPS apart from one damage, which I put down to a buyer/scammer rather than UPS. If I compare all the items I send with Hermes to the small amount I send with Royal Mail, Hermes comes out the winner for delivering and also compensation for lost items

  39. Really? What an expensive mistake for amazon! Hermes has put put me right off online shopping. Good news for shops if amazon use Hermes.

  40. I’ll have to stop using Amazon then. Anything that’s ever been shipped by anyone to me via Hermes has not arrived, and their customer service is appalling. Their local driver to me refuses to deliver here as he has to stop to open a farm gate. No amount of raising this issue by myself and by the sellers has rectifies this and I now just cancel orders if conformation email mentions Hermes. Worst company I have ever dealt with.

  41. Did Amazin test the services with secret customers? Try sending some parcels through parcel shops marked “various small items” or similar. My own experience, and that of many others is that parcels will get opened and stolen from, or go missing. One thing they are good at is fending off any meaningful customer contact. I will now seek a way out of using Amazon.

  42. Never had a problem with Hermes and I get deliveries from them every week or so. Courier is always pleasant and courteous. Excellent service in my locale.

  43. That’s Amazon added to the list of companies I will not use, I have stopped ordering from several companies that are now using Hermes. Last parcel went missing before Christmas took three weeks to get a refund from the supplier as they couldn’t get a answer from Hermes as what had happened to the parcel. The reason Hermes are cheap is because they are crap, should be closed down by the regulator.

  44. End of Amazon.
    Hermes are a filth of a company run by scammers.
    They treat their staff like slaves and the staff take it out on the customers.
    Hermes are like something on the bottom of your shoe.

  45. Thank god for click and collect I won’t ever use hermes they are a bunch of thieves

  46. As an Ebay seller myself I would never again use Hermes cos they lost to many of my parcels last year. I now use royal mail, yes they damaged one parcel last year but quickly paid out compensation for it.

  47. Sorry heather
    We wish we were a billion pounds behind amazon
    An amazon endorsement is a great big plus sign to us

  48. Oh good now they can find out where my missing order is from november 2019! Either hermes has it or amazon has it either way its somewhere, or like ive repeatedly reported to Amazon, return the faulty item or send my refund, £516 is way too much just to ignore,

  49. At least I didn’t have to decide whether or not what I ordered was rubbish… the Hermes courier put it straight into the recycling bin on collection day! When I complained Hermes insisted it had been delivered and sent picture of the item in the bin to prove it!
    Other than that, out of 6 deliveries, 4 went missing, 1 arrived a fortnight late and, wait for it, one arrived only 24 hours after the Hermes tracking showed as delivered!
    Can’t imagine why anyone would ever use anyone else, but I don’t buy from anyone who does!

  50. Heather, where does it say Amazon are going to be using Hermes to deliver your parcels?
    If people read and understand the article properly, Seller Fulfilled Prime is where businesses themselves send out parcels to a set of Amazon standards regarding delivery times. And now Hermes is a additional option for them to choose along with DPD, Royal Mail and Amazon
    People just see the word Hermes had a bad experience either with their local driver or sending a parcel and all jump on board to slate them. If you send a £500 phone and it gets lost or damaged and you only get £20 compensation what do you expect? You only paid for £20 cover

  51. Why slate Hermes most other delivery serves are as bad, the bad couriers give us good couriers a bad name, I gone out in all weathers ,gone though seven cars earn peanuts


  53. Hermes?? Really??? This is a huge mistake! And you should listen to what the public say, we all say! Hermes is the worst delivery company and why no one is doing anything about to improve their services….I had 4 failed deliveries in just a month, and with all lies I have heard about… No customer interest, no values, nothing is important to Hermes… Compensation? There is no one, all the time for the missing items I had to contact the sender…Hermes just got out of clean hands, oh we are so sorry…. Whoever made this decision, this was the most bad one…

  54. Bad move. I dread to think how many times I have to complain about Hermes to Amazon. I even pleaded with them on my last complaint to stop using Hermes. Items either never arrive even though tracking shows the item is with a courier or they’re damaged & have to be sent back by Hermes. Who then take 3 weeks to return it to Amazon before you can get a refund. Bad move Amazon – this is going to cost you a lot of customers & business

  55. So far the only positive comments barring one is four from Victor who, by saying “an Amazon endorsement is a great big plus sign to us” clearly works for Hermes!

  56. I ordered a bed on the 2nd of December 2020 and I was still waiting on the 4th of January 2021 and i still haven’t received the bed from from Amazon which was being delivered by Hermes tracked said it hasn’t even left the depot as yet and I am still waiting p.s. Amazon gave me my money back after

  57. I will cancel amazon prime. Unbelievable that they’d choose to get involved with Hermes. Worst delivery company around. Any seller using Hermes as their courier will not get my custom.

  58. I can only say good things about our local Hermes delivery drivers


    the drops hops are a joke


    I know of other people up and down the country who have had interminable problems, including one poor woman whose Hermes driver turned up one night to pick a fight

    I bet the rogue drivers are rubbing their thieving hands together at the prospect of even richer pickings

  59. True ,the worse company ever . They still have my parcel since 18/12/2020 till now and I don’t even know what to do. There custom service is nightmare you never get to speak to someone. I don’t even know why they put a number there if nobody is going to talk to you . And the tracking van is still in one place for two weeks now . Unbelievable.
    I Am leaving Amazon now.

  60. No no no no!!!! I order regularly from Amazon and their courier have always been reliable. Teaming up with Hermes is the worse idea ever! I’ve experienced so many issues with Hermes. They never read instructions. They’ve left my packages outside of my flat on a busy road despite sending instructions to leave with a neighbour. Most careless courier ever. I hope they go bankrupt.

  61. Hi

    I am an online EBay retailer and I use Hermes, Royal Mail, DPD etc,, They all have their day!
    Amazons best move is to buy out Royal Mail or set up an independent Courier Business that can be integrated with their Distribution Facilities.
    Amazon, EBay and others readily appoint or align themselves with these delivery companies when really a Third Party is not required. They absolve themselves of any responsibility when it comes to loss or claim and leave a trail of mistrust between Seller & Buyer. I have spent hours uploading documents, proof of sale, photos of item sent, what does it look like, even when the listing is their for all to see, tracking is shown, proof of posting is visible on the system .. I mean please!!!
    The Winner will be the online retailer who provides a seamless process between Buyer-Delivery-Seller and a totally in-house integrated service and that day can’t come soon enough for me.


  62. Three ‘deliveries’ by Hermes. One never arrived & the two that did had no contents. I will be joining the Amazon Prime leaving party

  63. will not be ordering anything shipped by hermes
    really should be asking what customers think before signing a 2 year contract
    not keen on any delivery service but hermes has to be the worse I’ve herd from workers and what’s been said online
    prepare for lost items and wet an damaged boxes the standards there are awful

  64. Omg,are they mad. Hermes have had a parcel of mine since 13th December. Still waiting. I tracked it to being at a Hermes depot and sent an enquiry. They replied “we have your parcel it is new being investigated by Roma. This was ordered in october from.china costing iver £50 and was meant to be a Christmas present. Hermes are totally incompetent.

  65. I am Amazon prime member and many times I was returning orders using Amazon Hermes return service. Everything was great, parcels arrived too destination and refund fast from Amazon.

    I received parcels from other shops by Hermes and that delivers was late, boxes damaged.

    I think Hermes care only about corporate delivers.
    Amazon is best shop where as prime member I never have problem with refund when parcel damaged, not delivered or product stop working.
    My dash cam stop working after 7 months and I returned yesterday by free Hermes return prime service and today I have in pending refund on my bank account.

    I belive prime delivery will work the same good like prime return delivery by Hermes. All its because Amazon is big corporate and Hermes must work with Amazon standards.

  66. Hermes is the worse parcel delivery company. I’ve had items go missing. Fake photograph of delivery, just a man’s feet??? They have no real people to talk to just a shitty robotic messaging service. You have to wait days, weeks before anyone gets back to you. The telephone service is literally a joke, I had to tell really loudly in order for the computer to hear me or understand (I don’t have a strong accent). There is no real person to talk to. I will refuse to use this service. I will happily pay a little more for peace of mind and reliability.

  67. I will be canceling Prime too if this is happening as Hermes are the worst courier company that delivers in my area, Thugs and thieves and giving them the contract is going to hurt Amazon when all the claims start rolling in.
    Stay safe and protect your parcels and keep your distance from Hermes at least 2 miles.

  68. Hermes are THE worst courier ever.
    Amazon Prime are currently one of the best and will ruin their reputation through this partnership.
    It’s an extremely bad call on their behalf, can’t actually believe they’ve done it.

    I’ll certainly be checking with retailers how they will be sending items prior to purchase and will happily tell them that if its Hermes then it’s a no sale.

  69. As a Hermes courier I will say that all my lovely customers will be relieved to know it’s me bringing their items. Amazon logistics on the area I cover are forever leaving parcels on doorsteps on the roadside or out in the rain or dumping at the wrong address. I go round putting the parcels in customers safe place and I call them first to let them know. It’s good news for myself and my customers.

  70. We wonder how historic these complaints are
    We have had quite a few problems with my hermes in the past ourselves
    Though this last six months
    only one ,out of hundreds

  71. This is the first and last time I’m going to use Hermes. I had my 2 parcels ready for collection on Monday morning. Their tracking service was saying ” Our friendly courier will collect your parcel today” It’s now been 5 days and the friendly courier has still not turned up to collect my parcels. What a joke.
    And their customer service? What customer service? Can’t get through to them and they don’t reply to your emails. Naa not worth dealing with.
    People should stop using Hermes. Period.

  72. Hi, hermes are bad news in the last year I have had 5 package go missing or they to damage to diver it, they do not update and can’t ring them I am still waiting for a package last up date was 19,12 2,020 it is hard to talk to to them if some go missing, I do use hermes for thing I send you don’t if they are to get I now my diver it the hub where the package go they are very bad news I will dill with them,

  73. I sent an expensive computer graphics card by Hermes in Nov 2020, it was very well packaged and I paid extra for next day delivery with signature and delivery guarantee, all were extras. Within 24hrs of them having it, not only did they say they damage it, they then said they threw it away! This was despite me telling them that I wanted it returned to me anyway as I could have used it for spare parts.
    They have not provided a single photo or any proof my item was damaged and quite honestly, I believe it was stolen.
    Amazon partnering with Hermes is a terrible business decision. Hermes needs to improve customer service, get security at their depots, do background checks on the drivers and take responsibility for their mistakes before even thinking about taking on more volume of parcels.

  74. amazon are certain to have done their homework
    they will have scrutinised the metrics
    amazon are not fools

  75. “would you believe it”
    our lost Hermes parcel has just turned up!
    it was delivered by the Bin man !
    who checks the bin before emptying it
    thats a 100%
    delivery by hermes of our packages
    with the help of the local council !?

  76. We used to use Amazon Shipping, and when they pulled out of our area in November (why ditch customers in Peak period?!) we had to quickly switch to Hermes as the only other low cost carrier, and the only carrier who would sign us up quickly, despite talking with several other carriers, all others were too busy.

    Hermes have been no worse in the number of issues as Amazon Shipping themselves. The only advantage with Amazon Shipping was that they quickly reimbursed the full value of every package deemed lost/damaged, whereas Hermes have not reimbursed anything at all since we started early November.

    We also use Hermes for ALL packages that used to be sent by Royal Mail Parcel as most get through in 2 days and are fully tracked, usually with a photo and GPS location showing where it was delivered, without having to wait several days for Royal Mail (or Parcelforce) to advise of the GPS location only.

    Over the last year Royal Mail have delayed thousands of our packages over many weeks, taking 2-5 weeks to deliver many sacks of post (especially following bank holidays or peak sales weeks), which resulted in us having to resend many packages due to slow Royal Mail delivery (with no tracking). I understand RM Tracked is unlikely to help much and actually costs more than a good courier too for a lesser service, and is not feasible for low value orders.

    So overall, while I still don’t like Hermes, they have provided us with a service that is cheaper than Royal Mail Small Parcels, provides better tracking, and most of the items get there faster than Royal Mail, and any that don’t get there I can easily see in the tracking unlike Royal Mail delivery confirmations where about 25% are never scanned as delivered. Nothing has been reimbursed, but then Royal Mail don’t reimburse either! At least I can see with the tracking if it has not been delivered then I can confidently send a replacement, whereas Royal Mail delivery confirmations cannot be trusted, and their delays mean they might still get there days or weeks later.

  77. i am an hermes courier.the vast majority of us are totally honest.we come to get to know our customers,and to were to leave would be suprised how many say put over gate,leave in bin etc…and on the whole i have very few claims of missing parcels.yes i make mistakes,and will try to put it right.i knock on the door,not just leave them on the doorstep like amazon drivers do in my area.that picture of an hermes courier leaving a parcel on a step,taking a picture of it and then stealing it made my blood tars us with the same brush.this industry is growing but is very competitive.the customer pays say a fiver,we get just over 10%of that.we have to make 3 delivery attempts.we only get paid if we get it the first 2 attempts are not paid.that is why we are under pressure to get it delivered first have to be able to deliver between 20 and 30 parcels an hour to make it pay for fuel and wear and tear of vehicle.i had a busy xmas delivering 10000 parcels in november and december,working 27 days on the trot in bad conditions,also with covid going on.i have just had to have a clutch put in my vehicle,360 pounds,due mainly to the job i do.the customer wants their parcel/collection doing prompt and without problems we know.i endeavour to do that,but i am not a robot either.because of my knowledge,parcels get delivered despite not having the full address on,but i get it done.

  78. Personally I have no problem with Hermes unlike a lot on here. I have been mainly using them as the recipient of parcels bought on ebay over the last 18 months+ and my local couriers are always very good and I live in a small town not a big city. I have also sent a few parcels with them and again never had any problems.
    But then again I always leave a note on my front door with instructions of where to leave it if I’m not in because I know they don’t get paid to come back I suspect a lot of people just order their stuff and then toddle off to work and forget all about the stuff they ordered online, leaving the courier to try and figure out where to leave it when no one is in and it won’t go through their letterbox.

  79. Never had an issue with Hermes having sent several hundred packages through them, royal mail however are still delivering Christmas items!

  80. I think the 2021 Tamebay Awards – Most Engaged Post of the Year – has been identified!!

    Hermes – The Marmite of the courier world!!

    Joining Amazon Customers & Hermes, what could possibly go wrong!!

    The unintended consequences of contactless returns, (Customer does not have to contact the seller at all) is creating a certain type of online customer.

    There have been some Amazon policies that a few, but enough customers are taking advantage of!!

    No return refunds is one.
    Yes, it might be cost effective to use this route, but any seller of low value items will probably have seen an increase of return requests, we did, but always insisted on the return, and as expected, not all items were returned.

    I get why Amazon put the customer first, as they should, I’m currently trying to sort out a INR with NFL Europe, that was delivered by Hermes, not to me of course, but at least the GPS data shows it was located in the next street along and the picture was so blurry, i couldn’t even make it if it was my parcel. If i purchased on Amazon, this would have been sorted well before now.

    This is a copy of a reply i put on the Amazon Forum:

    This is the type of customer Amazon is creating.

    We are SFP and all our UK shipping is bought through Amazon, so we are protected against INR claims when tracking shows delivered.

    This December, so far i have made 43 claims with Amazon shipping, with all but one being approved in full.

    Its about 50-50 between Lost in transit and delivered, but customer says not received.

    With our eBay sales, we have had no INR claims where tracking shows delivered, in fact we had one customer we refunded as delivery was not recorded, contact us to say that it had eventually arrived and wanted to pay. (It was a £3.95 item).

    Our eBay sales go via Royal Mail, so regular postie with regular delivery times etc, and if no safe place, then back to the delivery office.

    It would be interesting to know what the sanction is for the courier who shows a delivery as delivered but the customer claims non receipt!!

    If there is no sanction, then how will it improve, because at the moment, if this trend continues, the moral compass of the recipient might point towards, well everyone does it, its just the once!!

    I think it should be built into planning regs that new builds must include a post locker big enough for medium sized parcels!!

    I get everything delivered to my work, except parcels delivered by Hermes, doesn’t matter what address i give them, they will deliver it somewhere else, however i am looking at getting one of those post boxes from Costco for home!!

    Perhaps Amazon could supply and fit them to the addresses of serial INR claimants, it would actually be a saving for them in the long run.

    I know Amazon have a cull of serial returners every now and again, but what about serial INR claimants?

    I do know of one person who was let go from his job in an online retail business because he bragged about claiming INR for any order that was not directly delivered to his flat. If he found it at the entrance to the building or the entrance to his floor, he would claim!!

  81. Just to add, whilst there will probably be a minimum volume as part of the agreement, be under no elusion that Amazon use all these companies for their “overflow” until they get their system right or to areas that are not cost effective.

    FedEx in the US did not renew the their Amazon Contract in 2019 because they saw Amazon Logistics as a competitor and all they were doing by delivering Amazon parcels was hastening their demise.

    We are SFP with most of our parcels going Amazon Logistics, but there are some areas where they push us to Royal Mail and when it was busy, they asked us if if we wanted an am pickup to help out which we agreed to, and fairly early into it, once the am pick up had happened, we could only get RM 24 labels, plus a phone call at 2.30, this start of our pick up slot, asking if we had anything for them, which they knew we didn’t so they came!

    We cancelled the next days am pick up.

    The price difference between our Amazon Logistics next day price and RM24 is over £1 per parcel.

  82. I have worked for Hermes for a year have a customer satisfaction record of 98.8 percent over the last 6 months. It gets to me all courier’s being called thieves we are not!

  83. I have worked for Hermes for a year have a customer satisfaction record of 98.8 percent over the last 6 months. It gets to me all courier’s being called thieves we are not! We have all worked out butt off during this pandemic and Christmas on top am totally enraged with being associated with the criminal community

  84. Actually think the worst delivery drivers are the amazon drivers. Round where I live they leave parcels at peoples front doors everywhere . People with no front gardens , so their parcels are on the pavement. They knock and leave before you answer. Amazon driver left 2 electric scooters in plain sight that were stolen. Another time a huge box with a boxing punch bag in . Daily I see comments on social media about how bad amazon, royal mail and yodel are. But yet I read nothing but praise about hermes and dpd.
    I’m a courier myself for a private company, and have on two occasions spent some time doing extra work for hermes and for dpd and the vast majority of people I spoke to were clearly big hermes fans. I’m not with them now because lockdowns have given me such a big workload where I currently work that theres no time


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