Never miss another delivery with Garçon Wines

In the UK we’re rapidly developed into a nation of wine lovers with many looking forward to getting home of an evening, kicking our shoes off and pouring a glass of red. Indeed it was only last night I was chatting with a friend and discussing if a standard bottle holds four glasses of wine or just three – we both agreed there’s no way there is a stipulated six glasses in a bottle.

Many will be closing the week off tonight with a cheeky glass or two and it’s a serious opportunity to make money as we quaff £6.7 billion worth of wine at home each year. The only difficulty is getting the wine home either without dropping it or waiting in for a delivery. Missed deliveries, from wine clubs using traditional couriers are a pain and the only other alternative to visiting the off licence is ordering from supermarkets with our weekly groceries.

garcon-winesNow a new company, Garçon Wines have come up with the solution. They started their business to address a problem that affects many ecommerce companies “How do we deliver as conveniently as possible for the customer?”

They’ve cracked the problem too, by redesigning the wine bottle to be made of plastic and flat so that it fits through a standard letter box. Instantly they’ve removed the delivery challenges and their bottles are still a standard size, that is they are 750ml and still hold three, maybe four (or supposedly six) glasses of wine.

garcon-wine-bottleIt’s worth pointing out that making stuff fit through a letterbox isn’t a new idea. Amaze Box have been delivering personalised letterbox shaped gift boxes for years, as have Graze with their snack subscription service. The only clever thing that Garçon Wines have done is apply other people’s ideas to wine and that really is a really clever idea. Do you really want to order some healthy snacks or would you much rather have a bottle of wine waiting on your door mat at the end of a long day?

The only one downside to Garçon Wines is that they’re not quite ready to launch and it’ll probably another couple of months before the first bottles start dropping through the UK’s letterboxes. If you sign up now however, you’ll also be entered into a draw to win a year’s free subscription of wine.