hobbyDB has absorbed the Rareburg collectors’ community

Collecting online community database hobbyDB has now completely merged with acquisition Rareburg. We wrote about Rareburg in Autumn 2015.

As they say at hobbyDB: “We’re working hard to create a community where we can share our collecting successes, ask questions, and work together to document every collectible ever made. As a quick reminder, on hobbyDB you can do all of your favorite things – researching collectibles, managing your collection and buying & selling. You’ll also have access to exciting new features like the wish list, which you can use to keep track of what collectibles you want – and get an email alert when they come up for sale.” You can read a full statement on the hobbyDB website here.

The eagle-eyed of you will note that this comment comes from November last year. We should have written about it back then but it didn’t hit our radar so, it’s a useful reminder to please send us these tip offs. ;o)

Tamebay is convinced that the future is about smaller and honed marketplaces doing clever things for dedicated communities. When it comes to the likes of the giants, eBay and Amazon, one size might fit all but never in a snug, comfortable manner.

We expect to see, and welcome, more specialised marketplaces that shoppers can trust. That’s become easier with the rise of social and mobile. Enthusiastic shoppers really can build up a relationship with a myriad of shops rather than one single marketplace. Bring it on. Here’s looking forward to more news from hobbyDB.