eBay give out brand new feedback stars

ebay-starsIn news which is definitely not of the earth shattering variety, have you noticed that eBay are using redesigned feedback stars on some pages of the site? The change isn’t particularly recent, but sometimes we don’t spot these things straight away.

You’ll still find the original version of the feedback stars sparkling across the site denoting the feedback level they equate to. The new stars lose the black border line and are a little less 3D to give a sharper more modern look.

ebay-old-feedback-starsIf you like the original feedback stars they’re currently appearing on the view item page and a seller’s feedback profile. You should be able to spot the new format stars on a seller’s new eBay shop.

So to the big question, do you like the newer feedback stars or do you prefer the old version? Regardless which version you like (and purely for my sense of consistency) it would be nice if eBay used one or the other instead of mixing up the new with the old.