Changes to Terapeak’s eBay competitor analysis tools

Ecommerce analysis supplier Terapeak has emailed users explaining changes to their services and tools. The exact timings are unclear but it seems imminent. A lot of eBay sellers who rely on Terapeak will be interested in the changes which largely relate to competitor analysis.

Here’s the text of the email in full: “To safeguard privacy as e-commerce evolves, Terapeak and eBay have agreed that our users’ eBay seller IDs should no longer be exposed in Terapeak search results.

For this reason, you’ll soon see the following changes in your Terapeak account:

New uses for the Top Sellers view. Starting in January, you’ll research sales competition for any product using the Top Sellers view in our Product Research tool. This view will continue to provide detailed data about the competitive landscape for any product.
Hidden seller IDs in search results. While you’ll still be able to find the number of competing sellers for a product and see these sellers ranked by sales volume and other activity, actual seller IDs will no longer be revealed in search results.
The retirement of saved searches using seller IDs. Because seller IDs will no longer be available for search queries or in search results, saved searches that rely on them will automatically be retired.

Though these changes may impact some workflows, they will enable us to develop and release exciting new research tools in the coming year—without compromising your privacy and safety.”

Are you a Terapeak user? What do you think of the changes?