Amazon sellers woes for not shipping on Christmas bank holidays

We’ve had several readers get in contact to tell us that they have been suspended from selling on Amazon because Amazon has not taken into account some of the seasonal bank holidays when calculating a seller’s Late Dispatch Rate metric. The cases we’ve heard about have typically involved sellers shipping to the EU, specifically France and Germany. Have you had a similar experience?

One seller wrote to tell us that his Amazon France account was now marked as ‘At risk’ after he sold an item on the 23rd of December. This was supposed to have a shipped by date of the 26th/27th. Needless to say, both of these dates were UK bank holidays.

Another seller from Scotland says that over the New year period, because the country has an additional bank holiday for the day after New Year’s Day, that he was unable to ship with Royal Mail until Wednesday 4th of January.

He has subsequently been reinstated but Amazon have said they are reviewing his account and in the meantime he will not receive any disbursements until that is complete.

In both cases, the correspondents noted that their experience with Amazon seller support had been poor.

It shouldn’t be too hard to factor in the various bank holidays into the despatch metric calculations but it does seem quite a number of sellers have been impacted. Have you had a similar experience?