A Shopify deal with Amazon could get interesting

Amazon has done a deal with Canadian based shopfront, webstore and eshop supplier Shopify. And the result will be greater opportunity between Shopify merchants and the Amazon Marketplace, although details are scant. That said, it sounds like a good thing in principle.

It is a big deal and Shopify says this: “This is our first integration with an online marketplace. Our work with Amazon is an important step in strengthening our robust multi­channel commerce strategy and the ability of our merchants to sell anywhere their customers buy. With an estimated 40% of Shopify merchants already selling in online marketplaces, Shopify has further simplified the processes to gain entry into Amazon.”

Tamebay has always encouraged any ecommerce seller to set up shop and start selling online as an independent concern. But we’ve never endorsed a specific supplier, because all have their advantages. And the market is packed.

It’s actually also rather tricky to profit outside of the marketplaces. You enjoy freedoms regarding how you display your wares and you also enjoy greater profits on sales. But it can be very hard to get traffic and a following. And often the total sales you make aren’t as sexy as those you make on the marketplaces. The marketplaces may be expensive but making sales is better than not making sales.

So that’s why this deal between Amazon and Shopify is of interest. It could mean that Amazon will start sharing its considerable traffic with stores owned by people who already Amazon. We will see.

What have you heard?