When (or if) will you shut down for Christmas?

With Christmas rapidly approaching it’s likely that you’ve already set the date you’re shutting the warehouse doors and calling it a wrap. It’s time to go home, do that last minute Christmas shopping and enjoy some well deserved down time with family and friends.

After this week, next week is the dodgiest week of the year for retailers as the stakes are so high for consumers. Will that present arrive on time. Should you risk shipping 2nd Class post on Monday or is it time to switch to 1st Class post. Do you want to trust the (admittedly generally superb) Royal Mail services in the last couple of pre-Christmas days, or are you going to up your delivery services to next day couriers or Royal Mail Special Delivery?

This year, with Christmas falling on a Sunday, final deliveries by most services will take place on the 23rd and there’ll be no last minute Christmas Eve deliveries unless your customer pays for a weekend delivery.

Of course those who use fulfilment services don’t have quite the same worries. If you use Amazon FBA you can happily carry on selling over Christmas and it’ll be Amazons problem. You can even fulfil eBay and website orders from FBA stock if you so wish.

When are you planning to shut down and will you be shutting up entirely for a long Christmas break or will you just take the bank holidays off work? Are you intending to remove stock from sale with holiday settings, or will you carry on selling as normal and deal with the backlog of shipping when you return to work.

It’s worth remembering that many people get bored on Christmas Day and the following bank holidays. This year, more than ever before, Christmas will be dominated by consumers with tablets and smartphones dual screening. When they see something interesting on the telly box or someone gets a gift they wish they’d received before, it’s literally a couple of seconds and an order can be placed.

Shutting up shop could result in a significant financial loss. Staying open will eat into your well deserved downtime. What will you be doing?