Posties could join Post Office strikers this week and disrupt Royal Mail deliveries

There are reports from Sunday evening that Royal Mail delivery staff will be joining Post Office workers on the picket line in a wildcat, unofficial strike this week.

It’s reported in The Telegraph that 1000 posties are threatening to bring greater disruption to the postal network in this vital, busy week of the year for deliveries.

CWU industrial action starting on Monday 19th (which we wrote about here) was expected to close most of the 300 Crown Post Office branches. Franchised branches were not expected to be greatly affected. Indeed, the Post Office were bullish that the strike wouldn’t have a massive impact on the services offered.

And, of course, there are a huge number of delivery staff too: more than 100k. And Royal Mail has hired thousands more for the festive deliveries. So it remains to be seen if 1000 wildcat strikers will cause much disruption.

But, as it stands, details are scant and it’s unconfirmed when and what action will be taken and what any possible impact might be on Christmas deliveries. We’ll keep you posted.