OnBuy working to offer 2.4m products to shoppers

Not much more than a month ago, OnBuy announced it was ready to help sellers upload their inventory to the site and available to buyers.

onbuy-hmOnBuy is a new marketplace that doesn’t charge selling fees but rather is funded by subscription model: £49 or £89 (ex VAT) a month. We wrote about the launch here. OnBuy operates in the UK, the European Union, the USA and Canada.

And they’re on track to have 2.4 million product lines available to shoppers, despite their relative youth. And their sights are firmly set on taking on Amazon and eBay.

OnBuy MD Cas Paton says: “We are off to a flying start and delighted with the response from sellers in the first two weeks. The feedback has been very, very good – sellers are telling us that they are fed up with paying the high seller fees on Amazon and eBay and welcome a British alternative that puts sellers first.

“We are giving them a credible alternative, working with our sellers and not against them or in competition with them, and helping them to grow.

“Our research tells us that customers and sellers don’t like some aspects of Amazon but so far they feel there has not been a credible alternative. Now there is one. “The question for sellers shouldn’t be ‘why would I sell through OnBuy?’ It’s ‘Why wouldn’t I?’

“There are key benefits to signing up now and not waiting, including getting early exposure and gaining market share. Sellers will be building a relationship with OnBuy and will be directly involved in the huge marketing push.

“The benefits are not just for sellers and customers, but for the economy as a whole. As a British company, OnBuy pays its taxes in the UK and is passionate about supporting the British economy.

“We’re very excited to be at this crucial stage in the development of a marketplace which we believe will shake up online shopping and offer both sellers and shoppers the deals they deserve.”