Is this the last year Amazon will shut for Christmas?

It’s Christmas day and the child who’s behaved like an angel, sent their begging letter to Santa, has been promised by you they’ll get that must have toy which they’ve just opened… and with a feeling of dread choking your through your throat you realise the hundred quid you spent is wasted for want of some batteries.

You’ll be rushing around trying to find a garage or corner shop that’s open and batteries in hand you’ll realise you’ve no custard to go with desert or that you’ve run out of vodka and before you know it a mini shop is on the go.

So why are so many retailers shut on Christmas day and will this be the last year everyone shuts down? Argos will be delivering same day on Christmas Eve evening and Amazon will do their best to get products delivered, but David Jinks of ParcelHero thinks they’ll soon do more saying: ‘We live in an era of increasingly instant gratification; and some consumers are prepared to pay handsomely for that convenience. Retailers need to wake up to changing demands; and there is little doubt that there is a considerable untapped market just waiting for the first retailer to deliver on the 25th. Our Christmas deadlines online tool, revealing Britain’s favourite stores’ last possible order dates, is more popular than ever this year; as we all learn we can leave ordering even later. Christmas Day deliveries will be the logical culmination of this trend.’

If any retailer is likely to break ranks, play Santa and start same day deliveries on Christmas Day, I’m guessing that it’ll be Amazon. Prime Now already offers same day or within the hour delivery to about 30% of the population. Amazon are starting to deliver food from restaurants (and the food and drink industry are one of the few types of businesses who do open on Christmas Day). Could 2017 be the year we see Amazon start offering same day delivery on Christmas Day?

Of course I feel for the couriers and warehouse workers who will inevitably have to work to feed our thirst for instant gratification. It might not be desirable for them to work, but as we’ve seen in the past it only takes one retailer to open on Bank Holidays or one supermarket to open 24 hours and the others soon follow.

Christmas Day (and the even more closely protected Easter Day) are the last two bastions in the stand against 365 day shopping. Would Amazon dare to break the custom of families enjoying Christmas Day without a trip to the shops or an instant delivery?

In lieu of a Christmas Day delivery, you’ll have to make do with ParcelHero’s last order dates for major retailers guide but 2016 may be the last year you need such a tool.