In praise of Royal Mail extended Delivery Office opening hours

Like many online shoppers, I’m no stranger to my local Royal Mail Delivery Office, the local sorting office, call it what you will. If I miss my postie then I end up strolling to the Hove depot with my card and ID to collect my missed delivery from Royal Mail.

It’s no particular hardship but I do often grumble that there’s only one day a week (Wednesday) when the Hove depot is open after 2:30pm. And often on a Saturday lunchtime there is a queue snaking out of the door as people come to collect their missed parcels for the week. (It’s even worse at the Brighton depot.)


So it was a joy, and novelty, to be able to collect my parcel last week on a Sunday. A SUNDAY! And there are greatly extended collection times available for Christmas during the week too.

Needless to say, I spoke to the lady behind the jump and asked how it was going and she cheerfully said the extended times were “extremely popular.” I asked a fellow shopper what he thought and he called it “very convenient.”

Obviously this is a Christmas trial aimed at relieving peak pressure, but hopefully we can see extended collection times at Royal Mail Delivery Offices throughout the year.

This is the age of Click & Collect, Sunday deliveries by couriers, defined 15 minute slots and even delivery within the hour. Greatly increased opening hours from Royal Mail shouldn’t be seen as a novelty but the norm. Bring it on!