I hate when no one wins the Amazon Buy Box!

As Christmas approaches I’m finding it increasingly frustrating shopping on Amazon when no one wins the Buy Box.

Having paid for an Amazon Prime membership, I tend to instantly click the Amazon Prime option to limit my search to items that can be delivered for free, usually the next working day. This suits me as I can order when I know I’ll be at home the following day to accept delivery.

Generally Amazon will make a decision for me and either Amazon Retail, or a favoured seller will win the Buy Box and that’s almost certainly the seller I’ll purchase from. I’ve clicked the Prime only option in search so I’ve effectively told Amazon I’m only interested in products in Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) but they insist on forcing me to make a decision myself.


What’s frustrating is that when I click the “See all buying options” button, Amazon show me a full list of sellers I can purchase from. This includes FBA sellers and those shipping from their own warehouse. Amazon have made a decision and put the seller with the lowest cost to me at the top of the list so that’s the one I’d purchase.


Why are Amazon forcing me to make a decision? Amazon have obviously ranked sellers as the “See all buying options” list is ordered so why not give the Buy Box to the seller at the top of the list?

It’s Christmas, people are buying a lot. People are conditioned to expect Amazon to make shopping frictionless and take away the hassle of having to think or make any choices. Why is buying on Amazon suddenly so difficult?