eBay’s email for hot local bargains not quite all it seems

eBay is clearly trying to promote free postage items in buyers’ local areas. It’s a good idea, especially with Christmas coming up, to squeeze the last of the festive commerce out. And good to promote eBay wares and British sellers.

Personalised selling recommendations based on previous shopping behaviour and marketplace data are to be welcomed by me. But I’m not sure eBay has quite found the ‘Holy Grail’ yet.

The email I received was titled. “Free Postage on the hottest items in South East?!” If I’m honest, I didn’t open it until a seller got in touch. Here’s the email she sent me. It promises deals in and around your hometown.

East Midland Email eBay

(Her email was critical of the garment promoted on the left of the email. But I don’t propose to discuss whether that should be top of the shop in a promo email. However, speaking of my buying history of 17 years, eBay ought to know I have never bought women’s lingerie.)

Her email prompted me to look closer at the one I’d received. You can find a grab of that below. Notice anything?

South East eBay email

Although the items promoted in the rest of the email are different, it would seem the top two deals are identical and not all based on your locale. So that’s a disappointment and a little bit misleading.

But delve a bit deeper. Not only are the items not located in either the South East or the East Midlands but they’re both from sellers located in China. Both have delivery times that mean they’ll arrive in the New Year.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if eBay had made good on the rather good premise of the email? British items, perhaps last minute deals for Christmas, located down your way and maybe even available to collect?

Merry Christmas.